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How To Raise Private Money For Your Real Estate Deals

Step-By-Step Course on Raising Money for Passive Income Growth!
Mitul Rana
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Students will gain the confidence on raising money without any feeling of hesitation or doubt.
Students will be able to confidently analyze a multifamily investment property and determine projected future cash flows and returns to ultimately buy their multifamily deal.
Students will achieve the art of the pitch and preparing professional presentations for investor meeting during the Money Raising process of their investment journey.
After taking this course, student will successfully raise more money than what they actually need to fund their deal.

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An Eye-Opening Course On RAISING PRIVATE MONEY For Your Real Estate Deals $$$ ! 


Are you looking to turbocharge your real estate investment strategies? I bet you’re sick and tired of the many godsend” real estate investing guides and courses that waste your time with a lot of fluff, but offer ZERO effects. 

Am I right? Of course, I am. I was once there where you are  now—trying to obtain investment advice from the so called “gurus” out  there.

The countless books and manuals currently flooding the market  promising you methods and investing secrets on how to create a  profitable commercial real estate investing business most definitely  fail to pave your way to financial independence. 

They are just too simplistic or imaginary. There is no true content in them.

Too generic descriptions, too lengthy presentations, and tiring  language make most multifamily investing courses beat around the bush,  leaving you with NO hands-on knowledge on HOW to make your life-changing  move.

You know what? Enough with false promises, enough with fluff-laden books and courses that limit your potential to just theory.

Embark On Your Passive Income Journey By Learning Proper Money Raising Skills Tailored Specifically for Real Estate!

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediary, it doesn’t matter. I  show you how the pros raise private money from private individuals.

This method has been proven  effective for many entrepreneurs out there trying to learn the money raising aspect of their real estate business.


By taking this course, I will teach you step-by-step on how to raise money with confidence. I’ll show you how  to master the PEOPLE game so you can radiate with self-confidence and raise more equity than you have deals. After you gain this knowledge, you  will skyrocket you cash-on-cash return!

In this course, I will be speaking to you like I’m sitting right next to you. We will be having a conversation! Just you and me! This is an easy-to-understand, yet detailed investing guide offering you an in-depth analysis of how the pros raise money to fund their deals.

I will show you how to read between the lines and translate the responses so you can make the most illuminated, confident, and unemotional property decisions. 

You will stop wasting your time double-guessing yourself and will  quickly learn to spot a great multifamily opportunity when you see it.

Whether You Are Into Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings, Single Family Houses,  Syndication, or Just Looking for Multifamily Property Management  Investment Advice, Learn To Raise Money Today!

Just have faith in yourself and I’ll show you how to invest safely and raise more money than you need in the real estate multifamily business.

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If YOU are not satisfied, neither am I. Simply request a refund and we will issue it right away. You have nothing to lose!

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Well, no worries, I totally understand. There is absolutely no pressure!   

But hey, before you go, email me to sign up for a FREE One-On-One Private Consultation that will literally open your eyes. I will conduct an audit of your progress and help you take your multifamily business to the next level.  No purchase necessary, nada! Well, there you have it – you have nothing to lose. Your’s free!      

Then, once you are comfortable with my style of lecturing, and work with me privately (for free that is) and realize the value in the content I put out for my students, come back to this course and join me and countless others of your fellow students on the inside to get actionable tasks to transform your business and get yourself on the right path to financial independence.    

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See you on the inside, my friend…..

Your Instructor, 

~ Mitul




Why You Should Raise Money to Buy Real Estate

Pros/Cons Of Raising Private Money
Section 2 Quiz

Top 3 Ways Seasoned Professionals Find Investors To Close On Large Deals

How To Talk to Everyone, including Strangers You've Just Met
How to Craft / Send Out The Perfect Email Designed to Capture Attention
The Perfect Number of Investors To Have
Section 3 Quiz

What Real Estate Investors Want and How To Give It To Them!

How To Minimize Risk /Downside Concerns
How To Convey Reasonable Returns To Your Investors
How To Explain Equity and Profit Splits To Your Investors
How To Answer The Age Old Investor Question: How Long Will My Money Be Tied Up?
What Is the Absolutle Minimum Investment You Should Take From An Investor?

The Secret To Raising Money

Sample Investor Presentation

How To Conduct Your First Meeting With A Potential Investor

Step # 1: Address their Biggest Fear: YOU. Here's how you do it perfectly...
Step # 2: Discuss your Sample Deal in General Terms. Here's how...
Step # 3: Take a Peak at the Sample Investor Presentation
Step # 4: Describe the Closing Logistics Perfectly. Say this exactly...
Step # 5: Take a Pulse of the Conversation. Here's what to look for...
Step # 6: Agree on Next Steps. Show them how easy it is on their end...
Section 6 Quiz

Course Conclusion

Start Practicing Your New Money Raising Skills TODAY!
5 Money Raising Questions To Ask At Your Next REIA MEETUP or Networking Event
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