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How To Reduce Stress Naturally : Stress Relief With Qi Gong

How To Reduce Stress Naturally : Reduce Stress with Qi Gong : How To Relax Naturally : How To Reduce Effects Of Stress
Sonia Bruce
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Stress Relief with the flow of energy throughout the body which is the basis of Qigong
Qigong Stress Relief by Increasing the centering and anchoring power of the whole body-mind
Activate the connection with the energy of the natural environment

How To Reduce Stress Naturally – Stress Relief and Management With Qi Gong – Qi gong For Beginners

Practising the 5 exercises will train and awaken your perception of the energy moving through space.

Stress Relief the Qigong Way will increase your centering and grounding power.

It will activate the connection between the energy moving inside you and in the outer space all around you. You will feel less separated, more at one.

The course is primarily made for beginners experiencing with the body energy field at large or with the Qi Gong practice itself. It will give them a strong ground to then go on studying other styles of Qi Gong.

The exercises can be performed together or separately, repeating them 3, 6 or 9 times according to your feelings and to your need at the moment.

Learning these movements is quick and possible to anybody who can stand for a while without too much difficulty. 2 or 3 practice sessions for a total of a few hours should be enough to be able to execute the movements without having to think about what they are about and how to do them.

Then the student will progressively get into the feeling. The general health condition of the  body-mind will be greatly improved with time and practice. Regularity  will enhance flexibility, inner strength and mental peace.

Mastering the way to conduct the energy in and out of the body takes of course a consistent practice over some longer time, but is a sure fire way to manage stress.

There is always more to discover and enjoy even when practicing such simple movements; but for maximum benefit, remember to let go of all expectations and to enjoy the present moment.

The course includes:

ONE video – 6mn general introduction + 5mn stepping into the practice.

FIVE videos – 3  to 5 mn each – demonstrating the 5 movements, including general information, detailed explanations to improve your practice and downloadable PDF documents to further deepen your overall understanding of the Qi Gong practice.

TWO videos – about 9mn each – presenting the full sequence with a different atmosphere: “Fire / Water” mode.

ONE 3mn video rounding off the course where I share with you a bit more of my experience and understanding.

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Qigong Beginners Stress Relief - Introduction to the course

All you need is Love!

The movements are very easy to learn at all ages and for all health conditions.

  • Keep in mind there is no such thing as a "good" or a "bad" practice. There is just Life itself, and your desire to fully live it whether you decide or not to let go of your control over it.
  • Do not try to be perfect: just enjoy, observe and welcome yourself in the practice. Be gentle and kind. Step back and smile!

The real value of it all will reveal itself, one thing at a time by practicing: be sincerely motivated and open. That is all you need to receive great gifts from the practice.

Don't try to imitate what you see me doing.

But let it just be a souce of inspiration for you to create your own inner experience.You are unique and ever changing from one day to the other. Flow into your practice without trying to control it too much.

But somedays it is just not possible to let go! Then be aware of it, no one is to be scolded for that!

I do experience very different ways of moving into the energy according to all kinds of factors:

  • my inner state (agitated or quiet, tired or fully alive...)
  • the day (sunny or not, warm or cold, windy...)
  • my deep desire of vibrating more on the Yin side or on its opposite at the moment
  • ...

As an example, check out the 2 videos "Experiencing Qi moving into space" right at the end of the course:

  • "Fire" mode
  • "Water" mode

You will easily perceive the difference. Both are Qi Gong. The key is to be true in what you are doing and to feel it being an expression of who you are at the moment.

Of course, before being free in your expression, you first need to stick to the basics:

  • learn really well the movements
  • become familiar enough with them, through countless repetitions
  • adjust by yourself your practice as a third party would do to help you improve its quality
  • keep close enough to the spirit of the tradition and at the same time bring into it your true personal experience.

That's how a traditional practice keeps alive through centuries or more.

But again, as a beginner studying Qi Gong basics, if you prefer to let yourself go into a free style of your own as soon as you start learning, please be responsible enough not to call whatever you are doing "Qi Gong", stand for your experience and name it as you would for an original creation of yours.

Welcoming everything that is, is the secret of a happy life.

And Qi Gong practice is a very privileged moment to be just that: welcoming!

Enjoy it! And share this beauty all around with everyone, all day long!

Qigong For Beginners - 1st movement: Sky-Earth Connexion

Balancing the Body-Mind Yin/Yang energy

With this simple arms movement coordinated to the breathing, our energy is completely refreshed as we:

  • Open ourself to the natural energy
  • Get free from the stress, the tiredness and/or all the negative feelings we might be experiencing
  • Renew our vitality at the end of the day


  • balance the Yin-Yang inside the body in tune with the Yin-Yang of the Sky-Earth system
  • feel the relation between the body and its environment


Be open to nature’s energy

  • Inbreath: collecting the Qi essence through Lao Gong - centre of the palms - while the arms rise up above the head
  • Outbreath: guiding the energy inside the body from the top of the head - Bai Hui - to the feet soles - Yong Quan - while the hands go back downwards in front of the body


While they are rising, the arms lead the Earth Qi towards the Sky.Then, natural Qi enters the body at Bai Hui:

  • cleansing it in depth
  • renewing its vitality from top of the head to feet soles
  • expelling downwards and into the earth, the old Qi - tiredness, mental or psycho-emotional stress


Try and avoid locking the joints and keep the neck and shoulders as relaxed as possible at each moment.

Being Human in a Natural Environment

2nd movement: Pulling the Qi in the lower Dan Tian

Awakening the perception of Qi

This movement activates a major energy center in the lower body, Dan Tian, which is used in all martial arts, as well as in sitting meditation and Qi Gong to:

  • connect and reinforce oneself's inner force
  • allow the whole body-mind to relax and feel at one with the whole of Life


  • to awaken the perception of Qi, from the Dan Tian center into the whole body
  • to center in Dan Tian and get it interlinked with the whole body in the space 6 directions: front/back, up/down, left/right


To open one self to nature’s energy

  • Inbreath: Qi is flowing from center towards hands and feet, and beyond into space and nature
  • Outbreath: natural Qi gather in Dan Tian


The body imagined as an energy sphere, is a part of the whole living universe

  • it is inflating and deflating at breathing rythmfrom its Dan Tian center
  • Dan Tian is interlinking all bodyparts together


  • top of the head sky-connected, feet earth-grounded
  • back gently stretched - neither too tense, nor too loose - between sky and earth
  • joints relaxed as much as possible at each moment - shoulders, hips, elbows, wrists
Dan Tian - Acupuncture Points

3rd movement: Balancing Fire with Water

Balancing the emotional system

In our modern way of living we take little or no time at all to upgrade our skills in terms of stress management or emotional cleansing. It then all ads together to create:

  • tensions and blockages in the upper body
  • weaknesses and stagnations in the lower body

The simple movement demonstrated here, helps balancing the upper and lower body by establishing a better communication between Heart/Fire and Kidneys/Water.


  • Yin and Yang
  • Kidneys and Heart energy
  • Water and Fire energy in the body

Water, Yin Principle, refers to the vital force embedded in the Kidneys.
Fire, Yang Principle, refers to the Light that fills the Heart with Life.

To open one self to nature’s energy

  • Inbreath: feel the energy - trust, force, quietness - rising up with the hands
  • Outbreath: tensions, stress and emotional excesses are expelled downwards while the hands
    go down and the body stands back up straight


  • balancing the emotions
  • expelling the stress
  • gaining self confidence


  • let the body suspend itself to the sky from Bai Hui - top of the head
  • relax the joints
  • perform the movements in a fluid and uninterrupted way, around the body central axis

4th movement: Yin-Yang Connexion

Nourishing and activating the body-mind

A very simple movement to:

  • Become more finely aware of the Yin-Yang, on going cycle inside and outside our bodies
  • Actively tune in the universal Oneness


  • to awaken the perception of Qi in the whole body
  • to interlink body Qi with the Yang-Qi of the Sky and with the Yin-Qi of the Earth

The Earth Yin-Qi nourishes the Sky Yang-Qi and is in return activated by it: this is a natural and on-
going movement inside the body as well as in the vast natural space.


  • Yin-Yang balance recovery in the whole body - left/right, up/down, depth/surface
  • Removal of stress, negative emotions and exhaustion
  • Deep internal relief


  • one hand rises up from earth to sky
  • the other brings down the Sky Qi into Earth
  • at their meeting point in front of the body, Yin and Yang forces level out

The dynamic balance of both opposite, complementary and indivisible polarities is occurring in the
body by the alternate hand movement.

The whole body - hips, back, lower limbs - appears to be still but inside, it is actually following through the simple
arm movement, stretching when the hands move apart, then compressing when they come back together.


  • suspend the top of the head - Bai Hui - to the sky
  • keep the shoulders, elbows and wrists as relaxed as possible
Energy - Qi Gong

5th movement: Pushing the Mountain

Moving the Dan Tian power

This simple movement will help:

  • anchor the lower Dan Tian
  • strengthen the legs and lower back


  • activate the lower Dan Tian power - Jing - interlinking the whole body from feet to hands
  • get the Yin-Yang Qi of the arms flowing, by loosening up the wrists

The hands thrust in front of the body embody the inner force that

  • results from grounding the legs
  • and then goes through the whole arms length to the hands to push a mountain.


  • reinforces the grounding and the legs strength
  • tones up the lumbar area and the kidneys


  • Inbreath : bring the hands back and gather the Qi inside the body
  • Outbreath : lead the energy in the hands to the finger tips


  • the hands thrust is equally spread between the legs, the lower back and the hands
  • the body stands up straight and centered - between front and back - all along

When you bring the hands back towards the shoulders:

  • let go of the shoulders
  • let go of the elbows
  • let the wrists hang from the sky
Energy - Body - Mind

Experiencing 5 movements: "Fire" mode

  • Fire makes things (emotions, feelings...) surface out and expand.
  • The movement can appear a bit exagerated and dancing.
  • It can throw one out of balance, by loosing contact with the center.

I remember one of my best Tai Chi teacher saying "the more external movement, the less energy movement inside".

Or something like that. With time and practice, I became more able to actually feel the truth he was sharing at the time.

But then I also studied Qi Gong for Women* , a form created by Mrs Liu Ya Fei, very ondulating and nonetheless... very powerful!

No truth ever is absolute...

* by the way, i benefit so much from practicing this form, i plan to get a course out pretty soon

Experiencing 5 movements: "Water" mode

  • Water brings you deep inside, towards the Source.
  • It can suggest stillness and silence.
  • Its centering effect is very strong, potentially leading to some kind of withdrawal from the outside world.

Deep and meditative approach.

I appreciate it very much when i need to ressource and regenerate, when i experience a bit too much agitation and/or confusion, for example.

Qigong for Stress Relief - Conclusion


Thank you and well done for completing my course!

If you download the PDF document found in this lecture's resources, you will find a complete list of my courses - some are free and the others are offered at big discounts for existing students.

This course is inspired by the work of Ke Wen, Qi gong teacher and founder of the center Les Temps du Corps, Paris.

To your health and well being, Sonia ;-)

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