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How to Relax and Destress Without Drinking Alcohol

Over 80 Ways to Hang Loose Without Booze
Kevin O'Hara
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find alternative ways of relaxing and destressing without using alcohol or other drugs

Do you use alcohol as a way to unwind and relax?
Does your social life revolve around alcohol?
Do you want to quit drinking alcohol but you’re at a loss for what to do next, how to replace the alcohol in your life?
Do you find yourself irresistibly drawn back to your old way of life?

Successfully quitting drinking alcohol is something you do in a moment. What takes time is dealing with the alcohol lifestyle that you’ve built up around your alcohol drinking  over many years.

Take alcohol out but follow the same lifestyle and you’ll fail to stop because you fail to eliminate the drinking triggers.

Hang Loose Without Booze is about finding that preferred lifestyle.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to relax, have fun, and manage your stress levels.
  • How to alter your nutrition to positively affect your moods.
  • How to quickly loosen-up your body and mind.
  • How to radically alter your thinking about stress and relaxation.
  • How to easily lift your moods and keep them naturally elevated.
  • How to do all this without poisoning your body with drugs.

Challenging Yourself

The Challenge of Quitting Drinking

There are far better ways of relaxing, dealing with stress, or getting to sleep at night other than contaminating your body with the toxins contained in alcohol or other drugs.

Nutrition - Eat Your Way to Relaxation and Less Stress

Food Stress Builders and Busters

What you eat or drink has a direct influence on how you feel in your mind and your body. There’s a lot of truth in the statement ‘you are what you eat’! If you want to feel good, eat good food. If you want to feel like crap, eat crappy food.

Emotional Eating - Food is Fuel NOT Therapy!

Before we start looking at the types of foods you should be eating for a healthy and full life, I want to highlight a few things you need to be aware of.

Eat More Frequently with Smaller Portions

Eating more frequently and taking smaller portions is a way of maintaining your energy levels and core stability. Grazing is the way our bodies are designed to eat.

Skip Ropes, Not Breakfast

We’ve all heard versions of the saying, ‘you should always get a good breakfast inside you before you start the day’ or ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. Why is that?

Eating With Intention While Paying Attention

What is Mindfulness and Why Should You Be Mindful When You Eat?

Meals and Memories are Made Here - Sitting To Eat

Why is it important to sit when you eat?

Don't Stress About Eating Perfectly
We live in a world which is swamped with information about food, nutrition, and dieting. But what exactly makes a perfect meal?
Listen to What Your Body is Telling you

Being food mindful is about being in the moment, relaxing and enjoying your meals. It’s also about understanding how your body and mind are reacting to the food you’ve just eaten.

Keeping Some Emergency Foods Handy

We all have those days when we just don’t feel like cooking. Maybe you’ve had a hard day with the kids or at work, you’ve just received a hefty bill in the post, or you’ve had some bad news that you’d rather forget. The end result is the same - you can’t be bothered with all that preparing and cooking. How do you make sure you're getting good nutrition even when you can't be arsed to cook?

Food To Avoid - Introduction

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

Simple or Complex Carbs - What’s the Deal?

Just as all calories are not made equal, not every carb is good for you, not every carb is bad for you. What's going on here?

Hiding the Poison with Sugar’d Words

The number one food to avoid, if you want to boost your chances of having a stress-free life, is processed-sugar.

Crisps, Pretzels, and the Trans Fat De-Railway

Trans fats give processed foods taste and texture, while extending their shelf life. Unfortunately, the price for this indulgence is often paid with your health.

Beware the ‘Health Food’ Labels!

Most of our food industry pays no attention to the health of its customers. And unfortunately, we are treated by a health care industry that pays no attention to the food that we eat. We spend way too much time in counting calories when we should really be concentrating our maths skills on counting chemicals.

Processed and Fast Food

This tutorial is the last in the series that looks at which foods you should avoid. We look at the removing products that only pretended to be food. Junk the food, not your health.

Food Stress-Busters
Eating plays a large part in helping you to feel your best. It’s the primary way of fueling your body and mind, but too often we treat food as just another form of entertainment.
No Such Thing as a Little Garlic

The healing power and other benefits of garlic.

I Love You, Honey

The healing properties of honey.

Has Everyone Gone Bananas?
Bananas are one of Mother Nature’s most complete foods.
Dark Chocolate is the Answer! What was the Question?

In this tutorial we look at dark chocolate, why it’s a better choice of chocolate, and how it can help you to function more efficiently.

Love Nuts. Be Nuts

The benefits of nuts.

Celery Stick Anyone?

The benefits of celery.

It’s Not the Horse That Draws the Cart, but the Oats

The benefits of oats.

Magnesium - The Missing Link to Better Health

The benefits of eating magnesium rich foods.

Fruit - The Healthy Fast Food

Fruit is just fantastic for your health and makes the perfect fast food.

Eat Your Veggies, Don’t Become One!

Root veggies are relatively inexpensive, available throughout the year, and are the most under-appreciated form of great nutrition.

No Water, No Life

Our bodies and brains are made of 75% water. Even your bones are about 22% water. Your blood has a higher concentration, at 83% with your liver clocking in at a huge 96%. It’s no wonder the liver is capable of regenerating itself.

Fluid, Fruity, and Refreshing
Fresh juice will keep you hydrated, but there’s way more to it than that.
Alcohol: the Destructor

Alcohol has no beneficial effects for your body, mood, emotions, or life. Alcohol is a toxic chemical which you force onto your body for the sake of the illusion of comfort.

Caffeine. The Gateway Drug?

Is coffee good or bad for you?

Soda Pressing!

Truth is, regardless of which type of soda you choose to drink, it’s not good for you.

Your Inner World Creating Your Outer World

The Solitary Oak Grows the Strongest - The Practice of Solitude
Choosing to be on your own, I don’t mean being lonely, but engineering your own deliberate solitude, taking yourself off to a temporary personal retreat, either in reality or in your mind, will help you in so many ways in your life.
Finding Your Zen Zone
Your personal Zen Zone is somewhere you can take yourself to when things are getting on top.
Meditating Naked

Being comfortable in your own skin, getting down to the fundamental you, stripping off the outer layers and meditating in the nude. It’s not for everyone, but it’s something everyone should try at least once.

The Ten Tigers of Breathing

A breathing exercise that will help you to stay relaxed and stress free.

Blow Up Some Balloons

Using a balloon to calm your breathing.

Yoga - The Science of the Here and Now
Some of the benefits of practicing regular yoga, some tips on how to get started and get the most out of your yoga, and my favourite pose.
Happiness is an Inside Job - The Magic of a Smile

The magic of smiling, even if you have to force it out.

The Serious Benefits of Laughter Yoga

The benefits of laughter yoga from Dr Madan Kataria. It’s another suggestion which is a bit ‘out there’, but I think if you open your mind to these types of weirdness, even if you don’t practice laughter yoga all the time, you’ll get something out of it.

Explore Deep Inside and Discover What Your True Voice is Shouting

Journaling and garbage writing, two forms of expressive and explorative digging into your thoughts.

Creating Your Arsenal of Positivity Weapons

Creating your list of personal success stories.

Up, Up, and Away

Balloon breathing which involves taking in as much air into your lungs as you can and holding it for a few seconds.

La Hora de la Siesta

The benefits of the siesta.

The Best Meditation - Sleep

Your need for a good sleep.

Taking a Glimpse into Infinity

Looking at art is not something I have great patience with, but I’m fascinated with patterns in nature. Here's a look at some natural art that can deepen your relaxation and reduce stress.

To Change Your Life, First Change Your Mind

Mental imagery to take yourself away from a stressful environment and into one of your own choosing.

Instant Gratification Quote Therapy

How quotes can deliver a quick pick-me-up.

Tell Your Worries to Get Lost

Worrying does nothing for you unless it’s backed up by action and that there can be no action in front of certain types of worry.

Your Outer World Influencing Your Inner World

Appreciating The Good People
People watching, what it does for you and what you can learn about yourself by doing it
The Magic of Tidying Up

Let's take a look at your junk. What do you own? What gives you a good feeling and what doesn't?

7 Reasons You Should Turn off Your TV

The average person watches 5000+ hours of TV in the average life…That’s about 14 years, day and night. It’s mostly negative mind poison that is affecting your life long after you’ve turned it off.

Two Acorns and a Hammock
The iconic image of a hammock swinging between two palm trees. Hammocks are reasonably cheap, can be put up almost anywhere, and give you a unique form of comforting relaxation.
Learning to Handle Discomfort - Cold Shower Therapy

The benefits of taking a cold shower including teaching yourself how to handle and overcome your fear of getting outside your comfort zone.

Everyone Shines Given the Right Lighting
Changing the ambience of any room by changing the color of the lighting.
It's All in Your Hands

A simple technique of hand massage that you can apply anywhere.

The Best of Three Sets - Tennis Ball Massage
Three massage techniques using a tennis ball, across the foot, and two for the back.
If Your Feet are Happy You are Happy!

Foot massage is a great way of pushing some life back into your tired feet. But you also have to look at this, or any other relaxation experience, as a way of retraining your brain to relax.

Let it Come, Let it Go, Let it Flow - DIY Accupressure

Acupressure is often seen as a fringe practice, frowned upon by the normal medical heirarchy, if you look at some of the techniques presented in this video, you’ll see that they are some things we already do naturally anyway.

Wash Away Your Troubles With a Bath Full of Bubbles

The benefits of taking a bath, of engineering the whole experience so you get the best from it, and putting the whole manly excuse not to treat yourself in this way into perspective.

Snap Yourself Out of It!

This little trick of snapping a rubber band against your wrist while repeating a sentence is very simple and very useful no matter what type of moaning thinking you’re doing.

Here Comes The Sun

Get some sun onto your back.

Exercise - The Best Stress Reliever and Relaxation Booster

Motion Affects Emotion

Just getting up a doing something can alter your brain chemistry, change your mood, help you to think clearer, and lift your spirits.

A Pebble Affecting the Ocean - Moving-on-the-spot

Here's some simple forms of moving on the spot from just lifting yourself up and down onto your heels to jogging on the spot and stationary lunges.

No One Can Walk Your Road For You
My favourite form of moving, walking. For anyone who’s been to the Alcohol Mastery website and seen some of my earlier videos, they know that walking was a big part of my movement away from alcohol as well. I’ve clocked up more than five thousand kilometers since I first started out on my new life… that’s a long way from where I started.
Log Off, Shut Down, Go Run

Running is another form of motion where you don’t need a lot of gear or experience. You just need to persevere and follow a good plan.

The 7 Minute Workout for Immediate Benefits

How can you pack a healthy exercise routine into just 7 minutes.

Would You Like One Can of Whoop Ass or Two?

The benefits of using a punching bag.

Adventure - Collect Moments Not Things

Vacation Equation: Eat, Relax, Sleep, Repeat

Get away from the stresses, temptations, and triggers that clutter your everyday life.

May the Forest be With You - The Magic of Shinrin-Yoku

Shinrin-Yoku or forest bathing. Just get away from it all into the natural sounds and smells of nature.

Buzz Your Mind With New Adventures

Look for new adventures, look for new places, people, experiences, or find new ways to look at your old experiences. Once you look at life through this lens, everything can offer something new.

The Time You Enjoy Wasting is Never Wasted Time

Getting into the Flow: Crafting and DIY

Finding flow in your life through crafting and DIY.

Puzzling Out Your Ravenous Brain
The benefits of puzzles and games in your life. Puzzles can strengthen your mind, your determination, and your thinking across many facets.
The Ultimate Relaxation

Reading is the ultimate form of relaxation, at least for me. It never takes me very long to relax once I have opened the cover of a book. Even the smell of a book relaxes me. My only trouble is knowing when to put it down.

The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World

Watching movies, going to the movies, taking the movies home with you.

Patience is the Gold of Time - Growing a Bonsai
Tending to a bonsai tree, the art of carefully persuading the branches to grow in the direction you want and then nurturing it into a long life. As John Naka says, “Bonsai is not the result: that comes after. Your enjoyment is what is important”.
A Different Vision of Life - Learning a New Language

Learning a new language can improve your brain performance in so many ways including your memory, communication, and understanding. When you learn to speak a new language, it opens your mind to a different way of thinking and a different culture.

Swear Like a Pirate
Swearing can be good for you. But only if you don’t aim your emotional discharge at someone else. We don’t need any more of that in the world. Take yourself to a quiet spot and hurl all the four letter words you want.
Wacky Works and Smile File
A Wacky Works or Smile File are just a way of taking control of your moods. They are filled with the things that bring you joy in life. They include music, movies, photos, notes, stories, your positivity list, quotes, whatever you can do to lift your mood.
On Your Own for the Night? Why Not Masturdate!

There’s nothing inherently wrong in taking yourself to a restaurant or theatre. Solitude is good for you and it’s good for your family and friends. Solitude doesn’t mean you have to be on your own. If it’s alright to sit outside a coffee shop on your own, watching the world going by, it’s also alright to take yourself to a nice restaurant and enjoy a meal in your own company.

Take a Loopy Leaf from the Japanese Book of Relaxation

Take a look outside the box… way, way outside the box. I’m not sure if anyone will follow these suggestions, but it just goes to show that there are always alternative ways of relaxing or dealing with your stress.

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks
Your mood is in your control. If you want to be miserable, you will be. If you want to be happy, do it, do anything you can to change your environment to alter your mind to bring about your happiness.
Sing Like No One’s Listening!

Singing not only has the power to make you happy, it can help you have a healthy heart and lungs. As Placedo Domingo says, singing is a great form of therapy, it’s just another tool you have in your arsenal to lift your mood and deal with stress.

Thanks for Taking the Course - What Now?

That's It... the final vid is done
Whether you use any of the suggestion in Hang Loose Without Booze is up to you. I hope at the very least you get some ideas for your own simple, easy-to-implement, relaxation builders and stress busters.
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