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How To Run Effective Agile Scrum Meetings (in 5 Easy Steps)

Kickstart your productivity with awesome Scrum retrospective meetings and boost your agile team’s performance
Martin Wickman
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Create and run effective meetings with the goal of improving productivity and collaboration.
Use retrospective meetings to take your team to the next level
Handle problematic people in meetings, like dominators or people that change topics
Control yourself and keep calm and professional during meetings
Free ebook: Powerful meeting activities!
Make team decisions everyone can support and live with
Learn a powerful 5-step meeting framework for creating retrospectives
Create and run effective agile meetings with skill and confidence
Take the first steps to becoming a skilled meeting facilitator

Run awesome scrum meetings that boost team performance… and turn yourself into confident facilitator along the way!

Turn Your Meetings Into Valuable Time Savers

  • Stop wasting people’s time and energy with highly appreciated meetings
  • Fix your agile Scrum team: run retrospective meetings the way they were meant
  • Learn practical skills and tools to manage your group
  • Turn problems into valuable improvements
  • Learn a 5-step method to create super effective retrospective meetings
  • Add facilitation skills to your CV
  • Deal with problematic people and handle yourself when things heat up

Help Your Agile Team Become More Productive And Engaged With Collaborative Meetings

Running effective meetings is a crucial skill in any workplace today. It saves time, gives immediate results and is highly appreciated: People know you will make their time well spent. This is something you NEED TO KNOW. This course shows you how.

Knowing how to transform your group into a highly productive team is a dream come true for any organisation. It makes your work more fun and rewarding… and also gives you the upper hand in any meeting.

Bonus: Exclusive e-book available only for students!

Handpicked meeting activities with detailed instructions you can choose from based on what you want to achieve.

## Course Overview ##

1. Design: Learn how to design your meetings with ease using a powerful, proven five-step method. This method guides you, step by step with detailed instructions how to kick off the retrospective meeting all the way to wrapping it up.

2. Create: Next, you’ll focus on how to createyour meetings and how you can create effective agendas with a clear purpose and goal.

3. Run: Finally, how to run your meetings without wasting people’s time and energy. Practical tips to manage the group, make team decisions and use professional facilitation tools. Deal with people who dominate and how to get others to speak up. And, of course, how to keep yourself calm and focused during the meeting.


Excellent! This course gives deep insight into how an effective culture can be created and processed. Thumbs up for all practical tips, they will become very useful in my future projects.

A Collaboration Kickstarter! Martin is delivering a nice set of tools for anyone in need of collaboration improvements. The videos keep a high quality and they were easy to follow. The attached document is also a nice summarization. This will definitely boost my upcoming meetings!”

Great about fixing teams! I’m impressed with all the details about running meetings. I also liked the step by step section where the instructor talks about how to create the meetings, it’s clear he knows his stuff. I’m a Scrum master and yes this is really useful. Highly recommended!”


Bonus: Cheat sheet for each section! A nice and compact summary with all important points from the course — useful when preparing and running your meetings!

Everything in here is tried and tested, proven by professional facilitators throughout the world. Not many people know about these things, so this is a chance to learn what most people don’t have a clue about! I have yet to meet a team leader, project manager or Scrummaster who uses anything you’re about to learn here.

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At the end of this course, you’ll have the skills to create your own awesome meetings that will help you and your team to more productivity and get you started on your journey to becoming an even better meeting facilitator!

So JOIN NOW and Start Fixing Your Agile Meetings Tomorrow!


Welcome to This Course!

Welcome to the course! This lecture gives you some background and outlines the parts in this course.

  • The first part contains everything there is to know about the retrospective meeting and the five step method
  • The next part is all about planning your meetings and creating the agenda.
  • The final section focuses on running your meetings and contains lots and lots of useful tips and tools

I recommend you take the sections in that order, but if you're mostly interested in running meetings effectively, start with the last section ("Running your meetings") and then go back and watch the other sections if you feel like it.

Again, thanks and I hope you enjoy this course!

How To Design Your Meeting Using Five Simple Steps

The Retrospective Meeting: What's it For?

This lecture gives you some background on the meeting before you dive into the 5-step framework. It gives you some background like what it is for, who you should invite etc.

The 5-Step Framework: How it Works!

This gives you an quick intro of the five steps in the meeting framework. This lecture gets you set up so you're properly prepared for the rest of this section.

Step 1: Set the Stage

Welcome to the first step of the the meeting! Set The Stage. Here you introduce the agenda and get them to start talking. This lesson shows you what to do in this part of the meeting.

Step 2: Gather Data

You guessed it! This is the second step of the meeting: Gather Data. We'll cover what this step is about in this lesson. In short, it's about finding out WHAT happened since last time and to find as much data about that as possible.

Step 3: Generate Insights

So for the third part, It's time to analyze the data the group found. You'll learn how to look deeper into problems to find root causes and turning problems into solutions.

Step 4: Actions!

Part four of the meeting: The Actions step. Here you'll learn how to get the group to pick the most important insights from the previous step and then turn them into useful and valuable Action goals and then how to use them.

Step 5: Wrap up

Finally, the last part of the meeting! You're almost done learning about the framework! Here you'll look at how to best wrap up the meeting and run a quick feedback session.

Pop-quiz About the Meeting!

Let's do a quick review of the framework before moving on to the next section in this course. See if you can answer the questions correctly!

Cheat Sheet

A nice and short summary how to design your meetings.

How Do You Best Create Your Upcoming Meeting?

Introduction to Creating Your Agenda

Let's look at creating your meeting. This lecture gives you an overview of this section of the course and talks about why you should spend some time to prepare it properly.

How to get Input From the Team and Their Work

In this lesson, you'll learn what you should focus on when planning your meeting, specifically the groups day-to-day work. You'll learn techniques for finding input to your meeting based on that!

Shape Your Meeting Based on the Group

Another important part when creating your meeting is to look into the personalities of the team itself. The reason for that is so you can tailor the meeting based on that. This lesson gives you lots of ideas for how to do that.

Learn To Create The Meeting Purpose

Learn what makes a great meeting purpose great + examples of both good and bad purposes.

Look at a Real Meeting Agenda

Let's look an an actual agenda! This is a case study of an agenda used by a developer team (Scrum/Agile) and shows you each agenda item in details, step by step.

The Secrets to Creating Your Agenda

Armed with input from the previous steps (the team, their work and so on...). It's time to create the agenda! Here you'll learn how create your own awesome agenda, based on the framework.

Use This Template Agenda

This is an agenda template you can use to start out with when you create your own agenda.

Quiz For Creating your Meeting
Cheat Sheet

A short and sweet summary how to prepare your meeting.

Running Meetings Effectively

Intro to Running Meetings

Welcome back! Let's kick off this section with a message about switching your style and some helpful hints what this part of this part is about

How To Keep the Meeting on Track

The agenda is key to running you meeting. This part shows you how and when you should use it to make you meeting a success

How You Deal With Problematic People

Some people are prone to dominate, ramble or take over the meeting. Some people are just shy or quiet. This part shows you how to handle personalities and behavior that drags the meeting down. Like the famous rock star or the naysayer

Minimize Distractions With These Rules

What are the Ground Rules, how do you create them and how should you use them when running the meeting?

The Best Way to Set Up And Use The Meeting Room

This lecture walks you through how to prepare the room. You'll know how to arrange the seating (and how not to!) and what tools you must have available!

Handle the Group Using Professional Facilitation Skills

In this part, you'll know what meeting facilitation is and then shows you some facilitation methods you can use to manage the group and to help people get a chance to speak

Use This Super Effective Method To Make Decisions

Most meetings are about making decisions, so it's important to know how you can help the group reach decisions quickly and without any reservations. Here you'll learn some really great methods how to do that!

Use This Tool To Handle Off Topic Discussions

This useful tool is crucial to keeping the meeting focused on the current topic. Here is how you use it effectively.

Identify Your Team Level And Use That to Your Advantage

After this lecture, you'll know how to pinpoint where your team are in terms of performance. This gives you lots of input how you should use that to adapt your style based on that. Not many people know about this, so this is a treat!

Ask Great Questions that Lead to Great Answers

Asking the right questions gives your valuable insights and digs deeper. This lecture shows you how you how to do that and also examples of awesome questions you can use right away

Practical Tips For Controlling Yourself - Don't Miss This!

At this time in the course, you have studied pretty much everything there is to know about this and it's time to look at how you can handle yourself. You'll first learn how to control yourself and your emotions in the meeting. Then we'll cover how you should interact with the team. Great stuff!

Quiz For Running Your Meeting
Cheat Sheet For This Section

A quick and easy summary of how to run your meetings.

Bonus Lecture: eBook - Using Activities Effectively!

This book is exclusive to students who have taken this course! 

It's a 20-page eBook with handpicked meeting activities and how you use them. Feel free to use this in your meetings and good luck!

Bonus Lecture: Course Cheat Sheet

Here is the cheat sheet for the entire course. Extremely helpful in your meetings. Download it now.

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