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How To Start a Business The Smart Way: A Mindset of Success

Get Unstuck + Take Action Sooner On Starting Your Business Faster: A Step-By-Step System To More Confidence + Motivation
James J Forno
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Set goals that can be easily achieved using a simple 8 step system
Become your own life coach and build more confidence and motivation
Use life coaching methods to program yourself to be the best version of you possible
Discover how to program your subconscious mind using a very fast version of meditation and visualization

Life Coach: Program Yourself For Confidence and Motivation So That You Can Start Your Own Dream Business Smarter and Faster!

Get Unstuck + Start Taking Action Using Life Coaching On Yourself: A Step-By-Step System To More Confidence + Motivation

Learn to become your own life coach and create the right mindset to start your business easier and faster. Use life coaching to become the best version of yourself, so that you can create the best version of your ideal business!



Get Unstuck | Take Consistent Action | Create More Profit


  • Most entrepreneurs get stuck doing mostly learning and research actions and they’re not doing result actions like building online courses, membership sites, and other products to sell. And they’re definitely not taking other result actions like creating youtube videos, instagram posts, blog posts, social media posts, facebook ads, webinars etc… actions that actually sell their products

  • The reason they’re not taking these result actions and putting themselves out there is because they have fears of not feeling good enough, of being judged, of looking foolish, and of failing. And so they stay in the comfort zone of passive learning and research action, where there’s no way to fail, you just keep gathering more information and staying safe…

  • You feel like you’re being productive, but it’s not leading to actually selling things and making money… there’s no direct results from these passive actions. And if they keep not putting themselves out there by not doing result actions, they’ll never succeed or make money… This is a HUGE problem and it’s why most entrepreneurs fail, or never get started in the first place!


  • Program your mind to get unstuck and out of passive learning and research mode and into taking result creating actions every single day, automatically and subconsciously. You’ll build confidence and courage at your identity level, so that you can easily overcome your fears and put yourself out there anytime to sell your products and start making money!… I’ll show you exactly how to do this inside my Rapid Success Mindset Online Course and in our live coaching videos

  • Build automated, identity based, success habit routines, so that you’re highly motivated subconsciously from the inside out to do specific, result creating, success habit routines every day, effortlessly and automatically. You’ll build the belief, confidence, and identity in yourself that you can easily build and perform these success habit routines any time. I’ll show you exactly how to do this inside my Rapid Success Mindset Online Course and in our live coaching videos

  • Model and optimize current profitable business systems from successful entrepreneurs in your niche. This will build confidence and certainty into your subconscious identity and into your actual day to day process. This allows you to quickly set up your business and start making money by following a path that’s already laid out and programmed into your subconscious mind. Don’t reinvent the wheel! I’ll show you exactly how to do this inside my Rapid Success Mindset Online Course in week one with our first live coaching video

This course shows you, step-by-step, how to Program Your Mind for success so that you can get what you want in life faster!

This Course Is YOUR Solution, showing you how to create an automatic, goal focusing, Rapid Success Mindset, so you can get more out of life, like:

  • More income + abundance… By modeling other successful businesses at the subconscious level

  • More time to spend with those you care about… By getting out of being stuck and overwhelmed

  • More freedom to live and work like you want, when you want… By creating automated habits

  • More energy, confidence, self esteem, relaxation, and fun… By building your mindset of success!

What’s included in the Rapid Success Mindset Course?

  • 12 Easy to follow step-by-step modules

  • 4 “Over the top” results focused bonuses

  • Mindset Training: you’ll learn how to program yourself to effortlessly take action every day towards the results you want

  • Habits: You don’t just follow this plan, you BECOME the type of person who automatically succeeds with this plan using automated habit routines

  • And much, much more… Entire list below…

Once You Become Master of Your Mind, You Become Master of Your Life!

If you want more in life… to feel motivated and energized each day… to have more time, money and freedom…

You must BE and FEEL different as you DO something different by creating a new identity, new character traits, and new habits of success…

You need to build your Rapid Success Mindset… And I’ll show you how to build one inside my online course…

Hello! I’m Jay Forno and I’ve used all of the principles inside this Rapid Success Mindset course for over 25 years to achieve millions of dollars in sales volume across all my business ventures.

I’m also proud to have transformed the lives of almost 7,000 students across all of my online courses… and now I look forward to showing you inside this course how to transform your life by creating your own Rapid Success Mindset!

This Course is an 8 step system showing you how to program your mind to create a rapid success mindset!

In this course, you’ll:

Discover How to Stop Being Overwhelmed

Learn a Simple Way to End Procrastination

Find a Fast Way To Overcome Perfectionism and Start Taking Action Faster

Learn to Take Massive and Productive Action On A Daily Basis No Matter What Else Is Going On Around You

Easily Create and Achieve Your Goals Faster

Leverage Your Mindset To Create More Money, Time, and Freedom

Celebrities Who Optimize Their Lives Daily By Programming Their Mindset Following The Same Type of System You’ll Learn In This Course:  

Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Lady Gaga

Katy Perry

Denzel Washington

Michael Phelps

Will Smith

Jim Carrey

Oprah Winfrey

Introduction: Make Success Your Starting Point

Create Your Successful Outcomes In Advance

Decide What You Want

Create Your Most Important Goals
Imagine Your Optimized Life
Inside Out Emotions
Happiness + Fulfillment

Build Your Projects + Tasks

Brainstorm Your Projects
Listing Out Our Tasks
How Structure Will Give You Freedom

Optimize Your Character of Success

Success is a Matter of Character
Optimize Your Character
Character Traits of Success

Take Action Sooner

Create Momentum
Change Limiting Beliefs
Love The Journey...
Get To Flow State

Track + Update Weekly

Weekly Adjustments
Measure Progress From Start To Now

Refresh Your Motivation Daily

Movie of Your New Life
Attraction + Motivation

Life Challenges = Your Success

Problem Solving Machines
Better Problems
Attitude is Everything!

Getting To Done Faster

Getting To Done Faster
Step-By-Step Action Plan: Long Version

How To Get Unstuck + Take Massive Action

Introduction: Why We Get Stuck
Step 1: Get Unstuck + Create a Massive Action Mindset
Step 2: Find The Right Plan + Strategy
Step 3: Take Massive Action + Review + Update Weekly
Step 4: Celebrate Wins To Create Success Habits

How To Create Good Habits and Get Rid Of Bad Ones

How To Create Good Habits and Get Rid Of Bad Ones
How To Create Successful Habits

The Law of Attraction: How To Automatically Attract What You Want Into Your Life

The Law of Attraction: How To Automatically Attract What You Want Into Your Life

Bonuses + Resources

Course Workbook: Print Out And Use To Take Notes As You Study This Course
Step-By-Step Action Plan: Short Version
Books + Software Resources To Help With The Course + Take Your Learning Further
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