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How To Start & Grow Your Online Hair Extensions Business!

The Beginners Guide To Selling Hair Extensions Online!
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This hair extension business course will teach you how to incorporate your business, create your branding and marketing strategies, find the best hair suppliers, create your online e-commerce website and so much more!

This course if for hair enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who would love to be apart of this multi billion dollar hair industry! This course will teach you all the necessary steps you need to take to get your hair business started as well as making it a success online! We will discuss a plethora of topics ranging from incorporating your business, finding hair suppliers, branding & marketing, advertising your hair with social media influencers, growing your own social media accounts as well as how to successfully run your hair business! The only thing holding you back from purchasing the course is you and this may be your only chance because there is no garuntee that this course will be available in the future. Let me show you step by step how to grow an online hair business especially if you are a beginner and have never had a business before, you are going to learn so much in this course! See you soon!

Incorporating Your Business


This is a legal disclaimer that states that I am not offering legal advice or advising you on any legal matters. This in an informative course teaching your how to start and grow your online hair business.

Introduction: Incorporating Your Business

Without incorporating your business, you are exposing yourself to potential legal implications. This video will teach you how simple it is to incorporate your business in person or online through your state's official website.

Business Entity Incorporations

In this lecture, I will explain the difference between the most commonly used entity corporations and what this means for your hair business. I will briefly cover the tip 5 business entities which are Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, S-Corp and C-Corp

What is a Sole Proprietor?

A Sole Proprietor is someone who is doing business as themselves so if this is the business structure you will use, watch this video to learn about the pros and cons operating within this entity.

What is a Partnership?

A Partnership is someone who is doing business with one or more business partners. If you and your best friend decide to go into business together without incorporating your business, you are operating your business as a Partnership. If this is the business structure you will use, watch this video to learn about the pros and cons operating within this entity.

What is a LLC?

An L.L.C. stands for Limited Liability Company and this is the business entity I prefer for your hair extension business but depending on how you plan on running your business, this may or may not be for you! If this is the business structure you will use, watch this video to learn about the pros and cons operating within this entity.

What is an S-Corp?

An S Corp stands for Subchapter S Corporation and this is the business entity is great for your hair business only if your CPA or Tax Accountant recommends. If this is the business structure you will use, watch this video to learn about the pros and cons operating within this entity.

What is a C-Corp?

An C Corp stands for Chapter Corporation and this is the business entity for high performing business with multiple business partners/investors. If this is the business structure you will use, watch this video to learn about the pros and cons operating within this entity.

Saving Money Tax Deductions

You will learn how to use the IRS tax code to your advantage to lower your taxable income. If your hair business doesn't make a profit consecutively for to long, you will owe back taxes to the government for expenses your wrote off previously.

Business Banking & Bookkeeping

You will learn how to establish your business banking account with your preferred banking company. I will also help you to understand how to manage your business by teaching you a simple way to manage your incoming and outgoing business expenses through QuickBooks Online or with a Word Doc.

Designing Your Business

Introduction: Designing Your Business

Designing your business to appeal to your target customers is a necessity if you want to grow a successful online hair extension business!

What Is Your Brand?

Your brand will attract or deter certain types of customers away from your products. You will understand how powerful your brand is in propelling you above your direct competitors!

Designing Your Logo

Your logo is a representation of your business. Your logo will be a photo of you, a model or a combination of text imaging. Your customers will snap judge your hair company, based on your logo, so that they can determine if you match their interests and needs or if you don't.

Packaging, Business Cards & Promotional Material

I will teach you how to source your packaging to help your brand look cohesive from your logo to your packaging because every little thing matters to the customer's experience. Promotional material is also important as well because it reminds your customers to purchase from you again when they are ready to reorder hair extensions.

Finding The Best Hair Suppliers

Introduction: Finding The Best Hair Supplier

Choosing the best hair supplier for your hair extension business is not the hard part, in fact, deciding on what types of hair extensions and how much you will sell depends on your customers hair needs and lifestyle.

Hair Pieces, Textures & Lengths

You will learn the difference between different types of hair pieces and textures you can offer your customers. Its important to first determine what your ideal customer needs are because if you try to sell everything to everyone,no one will feel like your hair company is truly fit for them.

Researching Hair Suppliers

I will discuss the importance of researching the best hair suppliers that fits your company needs. Researching their reviews and reputation within the wholesale marketplace is crucial to deciding whether or not you want a relationship with that supplier.

Pricing Your Products & Shipping Costs

I will teach you the appropriate way to price your products and the best way to ship them. The versatility your product offers and its quality determines how high or low you should price your products. I will also teach you how to factor in your shipping cost so that with every customer order, you are profitable!

Building Your eCommerce Website

Introduction: Building Your eCommerce Website

Building your website is easily the most expensive part of getting your business up and running! I will advise you on going the route of building your website yourself or the other option of using a website developer.

Domain Name & eCommerce Website Hosting

Reserving your domain name is very important because someone may swipe your domain name if you are getting traction online but haven't purchased your domain yet. I will teach you how to protect your domain and also the easiest way to get your domain live with your eCommerce website.

Fulfilling Customer Orders

Introduction: Fulfilling Customer Orders

There are a couple of key steps that goes into successfully fulfilling a customer order because its not as easy as packaging their hair and sending it out in the mail. You need to track your inventory, research shipping carriers, create your order policy and ensure that you are able to get returning customers and not just one time orders!

Hair Inventory Management

I will share with you the tools you need to use to manage your hair inventory in the simplest way possible. Managing inventory is one of the most important parts of your hair business because this prevent your store from always being sold out and by managing your inventory properly, this helps you to accurately deduct business expenses at the end of your tax year.

Choosing Your Shipping Carrier

Your shipping carrier has the power to deliver a bad or good experience to your customer because the shipping experience will be attributed to the company experience in the customer's eyes. Your customer's expect to get their product when you say it will will get to them as well as not having any damages done to the items they ordered from you that can happen during shipping. I will teach you how to choose the best shipping carrier.

Your Company Policy & Scammers

Every company needs a policy and every business has scammers. Depending on how desperate customers are for your product, it comes with a higher chance of scammers trying to scam you out of your hair extensions. I will equip you with the tools and strategies you have to implement to protect your business from scammers and their tactics.

Getting Returning Customers

Without returning customers, you have no business. To avoid a grand opening and grand closing, I will teach you how to keep your customers coming back for more to purchase hair extensions from your business over and over again!

Marketing & Advertising

Introduction: Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and advertising is the heartbeat to your hair extensions business and without it, your company will look dead and washed up to customers. I will teach you the principles of marketing and advertising your hair extension business.

Which Social Platforms Are Best?

Every social media platform is not for you so don't use all of them! I will discuss which platforms make the most sense for promoting a visual product as well as how often you should be strategically promoting your company as well.

Working With Influencers

Working with influencers is every business' dream but it may or may not be right for your company. I will explain the powers of small vs large influencers as well as the best way to work with them to maximize ROI.

Should You Run Sales?

Sales are a double edge sword because if done right, customers will love you even more and spread the word but if done bad, they may devalue your products and hair company. I will discuss how to strategically run sales and how it actually helps the growth of your business if done correctly!

Shooting & Editing Videos

Introduction: Shooting & Editing Videos

Shooting and editing your own hair videos is scary and sounds overwhelming but with a little practice with free video editing software, you would be surprised to know that you can do a lot on your own when you give it a try!

DIY Video Set Up Advice

I will teach you how you can make your own DIY video set up while utilizing the space you already have access to. I will also talk about the dangers of spending more money than you actually need on equipment and space and how this can hurt the growth of your business!

DIY Video Editing Advice

I will teach you how to start editing your own videos as well as what free and paid editing programs you can use. I will also explain all of the necessary equipment you will need to use to create beautiful videos!

Highly Recommended Resources

BONUS: Watch This Before You Go!

I wanted to address additional topics that weren't discovered in this course, share some motivation as well as tell you about more goodies in the works that I want you to look forward to in the coming future!


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