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How To Stop Procrastinating & Skyrocket Your Motivation NOW!

Learn how to stop procrastination and skyrocket your motivation while actually having fun learning.
Benjamin Hero
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The underground method of negative motivation to beat procrastination.
The most important motivation principles that help with beating procrastination.
The off-the record ways to motivate yourself when you are short on time.
A revolutionary approach to motivating yourself using something called the Motivational Bazooka.
What no one tells you about stopping the cycle of up and down motivation.
How to summon the urge to get work done on command by using cognitive biases.
The great cover-up about why you never heard about negative motivation.
The most highly effective and scientifically proven ways to beat procrastination and sustain motivation.

This is the most COMPLETE motivation course on Udemy!

Here is what others have said about Benjamin Hero:

“If you are looking to be motivated then look no further as Benjamin Hero is literally the best motivator I have ever come across. He is a master of his craft and no matter the circumstance he is guaranteed to motivate you.” – Bob G  

“Benjamin’s biggest strength is being able to highlight your strong points and helping you use those to achieve your goals.” – Dora S 

“Ben’s determination to evolve his level of consciousness whilst at the same time spreading joy and integrity is a source of great inspiration.” – Jay P 

“Ben is a highly motivated being. He has inspired me to move on with my life with the best of my ability. I owe my success to his motivation and encouragement given.” – Sabrina L 

“The best way I can describe Ben is energy, drive and ridiculous amount of passion. His energy is truly infectious and his positivity will make you believe that you can do anything.” – Lewis M 

Why I want to change your life
For as long as I can
remember I have been in love with motivation. Whether it is motivating people
on stage or on a more personal level. I have no shame in saying that I
absolutely love motivation in all of its forms. I have spoken internationally
in countries such as Malaysia and even on the Tedx stage and the thing I just
love to do is motivate people.

People have often
joked that they would love for me to follow them around and narrate their
everyday activity so that they can feel my motivation wherever they may be.
Well this online course is the closest I can get to doing such a thing in a
practical sense.

Ladies and
gentlemen, I have literally poured everything I have into this course and I
just know that it will change your life.

This course has been specifically designed for people that:

  • Feel trapped in constant procrastination.

  • Want to eliminate the up and down cycle of motivation.

  • Want to have fun while learning – let’s be honest, there are a lot of boring courses out there.

  • Have been disillusioned with other motivational techniques in the past.

  • Are tired of having procrastination controlling them.

  • Are confused about how to keep motivation and make it more sustainable.

I wanted this course to be as action focused and practical as possible. In addition, I wanted to make it as fun and engaging. I have taken many, many boring courses in my life time and I can assure you that this course WILL hold your interest. There is more than 10 hours of content and here is a list of everything that you will be getting in this course.

You will receive:

1.) How To Beat Procrastination & Get Work Done
Video Series
This video series is
focused on breaking down exactly how you can beat procrastination consistently
and get work done while being able to maintain the that level of motivation. This video series comes with 21 practical exercises to
make sure that you actually implement the techniques.

2.) The Hero Motivation Companion PDF Guide
This is a 15 page
plus companion guide that goes with the “How To Beat Procrastination &
Get Work Done” video series “. This guide contains extended
information and all 21 of the Hero Missions which are the practical exercises. 

3.) 100 Udemy Exclusive Benjamin Hero Motivational
Videos (Yes, 100!)
If you know anything
about me you know that I absolutely love making motivational video and for this
course I have included 100 Udemy exclusive motivational videos which have been
shoot and recorded just for Udemy. Just this alone will make buying this course
worth it.

4.) Direct Access & Contact To Me
By enrolling in this
course you get a direct line to me so that you can have answers to any
questions or queries that you may have. Unlike other instructors, I actually
like to speak to my students.

5.) An Invitation To Join The Benjamin Hero Inner
Connect with other
like-minded people who can help and support you when you need that extra push.

6.) Receive all Future Course Updates &
Improvements For Free!
This is just the
2017 version of this course. This course is being continually updated and
improved upon and you will receive all future course updates and improvements
for complete free. This is the course that just keep on giving

It is time to make lasting change

By the end of the
course you will know how summon the urge to get work done on command by using
cognitive biases. Be able to give yourself that instant jolt of motivation by
using the motivational bazooka and you will finally be able to stop this
annoying up and down cycle of motivation and finally be able to beat
procrastination way more consistently.

Ladies and
gentlemen, this course will change your life. You have a 30 days no questions
asked refund period in case this course is not for you. With that assurance
there is no reason for you to at least not try this course. It is finally time
to get some lasting motivation!


The Journey Begins: The Destruction Of Procrastination!

Welcome To Madness!

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you all to perhaps the most action packing and fun filled course on the whole of Udemy. I welcome you all to madness! It is time time to finally put an end to procrastination! 

The Madness Test

Are you ready to commit?

Must Watch! The Companion Guide & The Inner Circle

Learn about the power of your Hero Motivation Companion Guide and how you can get your own copy.

The Hero Motivation Companion Guide - Your Toolbox Of Motivation

Download your Hero Motivation Companion Guide here.

Join The Inner Circle! Take Your Motivation To The Next Level!

Learn about the best way we can keep in touch with each other. 

The Motivational Bazooka - How To Motivate Yourself Instantly!

Introducing The Motivational Bazooka

Find out how you can really EXPLODE your motivation!

The Arousal Theory Of Motivation - Your Source Of Motivational Energy!

The arousal theory of motivation is the key to activating the motivational bazooka. Find out how in this lecture how it actually works.

Desire, Motivators & State: The 3 Components Of The Motivational Bazooka

When broken down there are 3 steps to the motivational bazooka. Desire, Motivators and State.

Desire - Part (1/3) - The Fuel Of The Motivational Bazooka!

Learn about the Desire aspect of the motivational bazooka. 

Motivators - Part (2/3) - The Modifications Of The Motivational Bazooka!

Learn about the Motivator aspect of the motivational bazooka. 

State - Part (3/3) - The EXPLOSION Of The Motivational Bazooka!

Learn about the State aspect of the motivational bazooka. 

#1) Hero Mission - An EXPLOSIVE Start!

Implement The Motivational Bazooka!

It is time for you to begin you very first Hero Mission! Prepare your bodies people!

The Motivational Bazooka

Yes, this is an interactive course.

Waking Up With Objects Of Madness!

The Madman Wake Up - How To Actually Wake Up Motivated

Here is how you can make the mornings awesome! 

Download - The Benjamin Hero Wake Up MP3's

Download the 3 wake up mornings alarms here!

The Object Of Desire - How To Get Motivated Be The Thing You Love

Learn about the power of the object of desire!

#2) Hero Mission - Waking Up To Desire!

Implement The Wake Up Alarm & Object Of Desire!

It is time to begin to implement the wake up alarm and the object of desire!

The Test Of Desire

Please read this.

Can you at least implement the wake up alarm and decide which object of desire you want before you continue with this course? I know it seems like a long task but trust me, this course is a whole lot more fun once you actively participate in it. 

As always I am at your side, I believe in your potential. Now go smash it! :D

The Absolute Power Of Dedication!

Inscription Of Dedication - How To Generate Dedication Just By Sight

Learn about the inscription of dedication!

#3) Hero Mission - Inscription Of Dedication

Inscribe Yourself!

Inscribe yourself! It is time to get some drawings done.

The Test Of Dedication!

The Heroes You Need - Real Role Models

Why People Get Role Models So Incredibly Wrong

Learn the truth about role models!

Failure Or Success - Pick One!

You are either motivated by success or failure. It is time to choose.

How Your Heroes Can Fail You

How your role models can fail you.

How Your Heroes Can Save You

How your role models can save you!

Review Of Real Role Models

A review of the role model section.

#4) Hero Mission - The Proper Use Of Role Models

Do Role Models

Time to get active and choose your role models!

The Test Of People

Time to commit to doing role models proper!

The Classic Procrastination Busters

The Embodiment Of Motivation - Motivational Clothing!

Let's talk about motivational clothing!

The One That Never Fails - Motivational Videos!

The classics always work.

Fight The Fatigue! #1

Embrace the hardship and push through!

Become The Hope Of This Generation! #2

Hope shall always be victorious! 

Give No Heed To Mediocrity! #3

Never settle for the mediocre or the average. Push yourself further and just see how far you can go. 

The One That Never Fails - Motivational MP3's

Let's talk about motivational audio!

Download - Motivational MP3's

Download the mp3's here.

#5) Hero Mission - Motivation, Motivation, Motivation!

Always Remember The Fundamentals
The Test Of Fundamentals

How good are you with the fundamentals. 

Why Crazy Is Best

Choose The Crazy Option!
Example Of Madness
Always Go Crazy

Effective Affirmations To Beat Procrastination

Here Is What Useful Affirmations Look Like
The Power Of The Single Affirmation!
The Affirmations Of A Hero
Download - Affirmations

Example affirmations that you can use yourself. 

#6) Hero Mission - The Heroes Of Affirmation

Time To Affirm Yourself!

Time to do affirmations for real!

The Test Of Affirmations

It is time to affirm yourself! 

Motivating And The Body - Time To Make The Body Even More Amazing!

The Power Of The Motivation Workout!

Learn about how to use exercise to beat procrastination. 

The M-60 Explained

The M60! The procrastination busting workout!

M-60 Full Workout

Download the M60 guide here.

Supplements And Motivation - It's Damn Simple When You Think About It

Supplements are amazing when it comes to beating procrastination. Let me explain why. 

Fish Oils - Real Brain Food

The fuel of the brain!

Vitamin D3 - It Literally Does Everything

It literally does everything.

Review Of Supplements

A summary of the power of supplementation.

Download - Supplements

Download the supplementation guide here.

#7) Hero Mission - Get Supplements

Get Supplements!

It is time to get those supplements!

The Test Of Supplements

How committed are you to feeding your brain?

Hero Accountability - Like Taking A Gun To A Knife Fight

People Do Accountability Wrong
The Everyday Method
The Weekly Talk Method

Time to learn about the Weekly Talk method!

Review - Account The Right Way

Eliminate Waste - Less Waste, More Motivation!

Too Many Distractions Are Toxic!

Clean out the poison to speed up recovery. 

The Power Of Letting Go!

Why letting go is actually more useful than you think.

FB Purity - Facebook Supercharged!

Learn about the awesome Facebook purity application!

Cognitive Biases - The Invisible Forces That Controls Your Procrastination

What Are These Invisible Forces?

Learn about the invisible forces!

The 3 Cognitive Biases Responsible For Procrastination

There are 3 main cognitive biases responsible for procrastination. 

The Power Of The 3 Cognitive Biases!

Here is how the invisible forces can screw you around.

How To Combat The Cognitive 3 Biases!

It is time to fight back! 

Review - The Invisible Forces

A summary of the invisible forces.

#8) Hero Mission - Eliminate Waste!

Get Rid Of Waste

No more talking, it is time for you to throw some stuff away!

The Test Of Elimination

Time to eliminate the distractions and the waste. 

Sensational Speaking And Inspiring Visions

The Unexpected Power Of The Repeatable Slogan

I love this technique, lean about the power of the repeatable slogan!

The Intel On The Proven Ways Of Using A Vision Board

You have never heard vision boards like this before!

#9) Hero Mission - Your Favorite Board Slogan!

Time To Speak And Create!

Your creativity is certainly required here. 

The Test Of Slogans

Are you ready to commit?

Eating Away The Procrastination With A Mental Activity

You Already Know This But I Will Tell You Anyway

I will keep on saying this until you get into your head.

Why Clean Food Is Super Over-Powered!

Nothing can beat a lean mind and body.

Brain Mental Activity - The Correct Way To Procrastinate

If you are going to procrastinate, do this. 

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