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How to Throw Events and Attract Corporate Sponsors

48 Industry Secrets that Make You More Money and Get More People to Your Events
Lloyd Ball
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You'll learn how to get sponsors for everything
You'll learn how to host an amazing event on a shoestring budget
You'll learn how to get celebrities and influencers to show up
You'll learn how to get media to write stories about you
You'll learn how to impress clients and grow your network
You'll learn how to create a virtual after-after party that gets people talking about you, your business, and your event.

By Sasha O'Leary and Lloyd Ball

Learn How to Plan Events and Attract Corporate Sponsors. Included: "Done for you" proposals, tools, and scripts so you can start an event planning business from scratch.

Do you have a great product, an amazing talent or a business that would totally explode if more people knew about it?

By the end of this course, you'll be able to host a professional event that will sell out and attract influential people. The cool part is, you'll learn how to do this without using any of your own money! The byproduct of throwing successful events is your business will become well known and your influence will grow. This course is perfect for startups. That's the bottom line. Don't take our word for it, read the reviews from our students.

For now, let's look at this purely from a financial perspective… You'll learn:

  • How to host phenomenal events using NONE of your own money.
  • How to get cash sponsors. Worth $20,000.
  • How to get your venue for free. Worth $10,000.
  • How to get free food. Worth $10,000.
  • How to get free alcohol and other beverages. Worth $5,000
  • How to create awesome SWAG bags for all your guests.

You might be thinking that this course is so cheap that it's too good to be true… The truth is, average event planning consultants charge $3000 per month, per event, for just a few of these tactics. Our goal is to inspire business people all over the world and we simply can't do this at a $3,000 price point. We decided to put the mission first and charge a fraction of that price. If you apply just one of our sponsorship tactics, you'll recoup your investment 50 times over.

Now, lets look at this from a branding perspective. You'll learn:

  • How to get big brands and your favorite companies to sponsor your events.
  • How to get influential people and local celebrities to show up.
  • How to get the press to write articles about you and your event.
  • How to leverage the celebrity and credibility of established brands to build your brand.

If you had to pay a PR/Marketing company for these things, the costs would be in the tens of thousands. It would also take you years of hard work. We know first hand. It's constant a grind.

To make things easy and to give you a big head start, we've created these powerful tools for you to use:

  • 4 Versions of our "Ultimate Sponsorship Package". These are the exact ones we've used to get hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and free stuff. You'll be surprised at the simplicity.
  • Our budget worksheet to keep you on track with expenses. Along with this comes an actual case study of one of our events. Check out this free video: "How We Hosted a $31,000 Party for $0 and Raised $10,493 for nonprofits". This will show you exactly what you'll learn how to do.
  • Our day of event sheet so everyone/everything is organized, prepared and accountable.
  • Our scripts to land sponsors, media and celebrities. You'll have the exact language we use.
  • The brainstorming sheet we use to come up with a massive list of sponsors.

This course is NOT for everyone. To qualify, you should:

  • Have a business, idea or cause. (An Event Business is perfect as well)
  • Have some experience with social media.
  • Have room in your life for more relationships.
  • An open mind toward networking.
  • You could use more excitement in your life.


4 years ago we took a serious look at our real estate business and knew something had to change. Our products and services were amazing but we needed to get the word out. Our growth was stagnant. The conventional ways of getting business became less effective. We needed to light a fire. We had to do something fast!

When we hosted our first big event, we had no idea what was in store. Our goal was really just to market our business and do some networking. We knew if we could get a bunch of people in a room together, good things would happen. What really happened was not what we expected! It completely blew us away…

We were not celebrities or rich kids so we didn't have huge financial backing or anything like that. All the money we made during the real estate boom had been destroyed by the economic bust. We were forced to learn how to create something out of nothing. We sold a story… and as it grew, it became legend.

"Who are these kids?" We heard it over and over. It was like God dropped us out of heaven. We appeared on the scene as if we were Seattle's best kept secret. News articles and press coverage followed. Opportunities and referrals showered upon us. Awards and perks came from every direction. Yes, our business exploded.

It can happen to you.

What we've learned is that most event planners focus on the wrong things. They claim that hosting events is difficult. It's not. It's actually pretty easy.

The hardest part is getting sponsors and getting great people to show up. That is the exact focus of this course and we make that simple for you.


1.) How We Hosted a $31,000 Party for $0 and Raised $10,493 for nonprofits. This includes a downloadable budget worksheet with an actual case study of one of our events.

2.) Red Carpet Tips. In part one, we explore how you can leverage the red carpet to get business prospects as well as attract influential people to your events.

3.) Intro to Sponsors. This video dives into everything you'll learn in our sponsorship section.

4.) Creating a Content Explosion.

***NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS are eligible for a scholarship.*** We have a heart for community workers and people who are making this world a better place. This is our way of showing our appreciation. Please contact us through Udemy for details!

Mindset and the 50,000 Foot View

How We Hosted a $31,000 Event for $0 and Raised $10,498 for Nonprofits

This video sums up exactly what you'll learn how to do. You'll see what costs are associated with hosting a launch party for 450 people (when done right). You'll see the huge effect sponsors can have to your bottom line as well as what kind of sponsors your events will attract. Without sponsorship, we would have lost over $12,000 on this event! But, with their help, we made $10,493 for Non-Profits! We hope this inspires you! YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!

Please find the downloadable budget worksheet (excel) with our actual case study and notes.

Our Story

This video is about our story. We never intended to get involved with events. When we discovered how powerful they were to our business we decided to be experts! We talk about all the opportunities they brought us and other fun things.


This video is about investing in people, being a connector, and adding value to your community/industry. We share a powerful philosophy that has shaped our image in the business world.

Mindset Part 2

This video is all about facing your fears and getting started! Start small... Just get started!

Building Momentum

This video is about building momentum. We talk about the first few things you need to do to get your event rolling!

Event "Planning" Strategies

The People That Matter to Your Event and Who They Are

This is an audio recording about all of the people that matter to your event and what their roles are.

Venue and Day of Tips

You'll learn some tactics about picking the perfect venue and how to lay it out.

Strategically Picking your Date

Picking the perfect date is important. We talk about a few things you should think about when picking a date.

Red Carpet Tips

Why have a red carpet when you're not trying to be so fancy??? We've got a compelling answer for that. We'll show you how to use the red carpet as a powerful tool to get people to attend your event.

Red Carpet Tactics and Getting Influencers to Show Up!

More red carpet tactics that ensure celebrities and influencers show up. This part is brilliant so watch all the way through. We've got a great script for you to use as well!

The Budget Worksheet Tutorial

Financial planning is crucial. You've got to plan for every expense and forecast your income. It shows you exactly what it will take to make your vision a reality. This is our budget worksheet. The audio includes some tips about how to use it. Take a look at the excel spreadsheet. There are 2 tabs. Tab #1: Actual budget for one of our events (we went over this in "How We Hosted a $31,000 party for $8,751..."). Tab #2: We made a list of as many potential expense items we could think of.

The Day of Event Sheet

This is the actual Day of Event Sheet that we use to orchestrate everything that happens at our event. The audio contains a few tips on how to use it.

Sponsorships and Getting Free Stuff

Intro to Sponsorships

This is the exciting part! This video is an overview of what we'll talk about in the sponsorship section. As you can see, it's the most robust part. It's something that we're passionate about and it's definitely THE SINGLE MOST POWERFUL THING YOU CAN LEARN! After watching this section, refer back to the case study: "How We Hosted a $31,000 Event for $8,700..." to see exactly what we mean. Your eyes will be opened after you complete this section. *** Included are the scripts we use to talk to sponsors. This is the exact language we use to talk to sponsors and influencers.

Identifying Potential Sponsors

Tactics for finding potential sponsors. What makes a good fit? We have also attached our brainstorming sheet that you can use to come up with ideas. Get creative! It doesn't matter how big or how small they are. Just start writing.

Tips on Building Your Sponsorship List

This video will give you ideas for building depth to your sponsorship list, how to create urgency and we talk about a huge sponsorship NO NO!

In Kind Sponsorships and Huge Money Saving Tactics

In kind sponsors represent the most effective way to take care of your big budget items. The savings you get from this is MIND BLOWING!

Before You Pitch... Do Homework!

Don't pitch any sponsor before you do your homework. Matter of fact, never pitch anyone without doing your homework. This video explains the importance of talking to the sponsor first and asking key questions that improve your odds of success. THIS IS CRUCIAL!

The Art of Landing a Headline Sponsor

When you land a headline sponsor that has a huge brand, everything gets easier. Your momentum increases exponentially and their celebrity will rub off on you. There is something magical about this concept. When you understand this, you'll be unstoppable.

Getting a $30,000 Venue for Free

It's no secret that venues can be pricey! We hosted an event where the venue was over $30,000 for 300 people. Don't make this mistake! We learned a few secrets that show you how to get venues for FREE!

Getting $10,000 of Food for Free

Nothing brings people together like good food. You'd expect to pay $20-$50 per person for a decent caterer. How about getting that all delicious food for free!? Restaurants will jump at the opportunity when presented the right way. That's what we'll show you here.

Getting $10,000 of Drinks for Free

It's been said that drinks are "the social lubricant for events". They are also a very costly budget item if you have to pay for them out of pocket.

We'll cover how to get all of these thing sponsored:

-Hard Alcohol



-Non Alcoholic Drinks

More On Drink Sponsors

It's been said that drinks are "the social lubricant for events". They are also a very costly budget item if you have to pay for them out of pocket.

We'll cover how to get all of these thing sponsored:

-Hard Alcohol



-Non Alcoholic Drinks

The Power of Paying it Forward and Being Organized

The Golden Rule: "Do on to others as you would have them do on to you". There is a way to employ this rule that will attract you more sponsors and more promotion. We also talk about building a reputation of being organized and what that does for you.

Getting Your Staff for Free

When hosting events for hundreds of people, you'll need a sizable staff. Some of our events have been staffed by upwards of 40 people. You could pay tons of money for staff but you could also get that for free. In this video we'll show you how to get volunteers and staff sponsorship.

Getting Media Coverage for Your Event and Your Business

When the media gets involved, your event and your business can make a huge splash. Every great organization needs media attention. This is part of your overall strategy! We'll show you how to get coverage for your event and most importantly, your brand!

More Media Tips!

More media tactics!

Creating Spectacular SWAG Bags

People love taking home free stuff after events. This video shares a few tips on how to create an awesome SWAG bag that everyone will be talking about.

Working with Charities and the Strategy Behind it

This is a short video about why we work with charities/nonprofits and the benefits of it.

The Power of Being Thankful

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! An attitude of gratitude goes a long way in any business and that is no different when it comes to event planning.

Sponsorship Package Tutorial

This includes a 4 versions of our ULTIMATE SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE! We've gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and InKind sponsorship from these exact packages. They are super ugly, but they work! Use them as a template for making yours. They are not fancy and there is a reason for it! Listen to the audio instructions for tips on how to create a winning sponsorship package/proposal! If you want us to send you the Publisher files, we can email them to you. Udmy doesn't support .Pub files.

Explosive Event Marketing Tactics

Creating a Mind-Blowing Invite

The invite is the first thing people see. It's often the reason why people decide to attend or not. We use social media and email to sell out all of our events. WE HAVE NEVER EVER printed one flyer or invitation.

The Art of Launching

You're ready to tell the world about your event! This is where the ticket sales, RSVPs, media and additional sponsors come rolling in. We'll show you how to launch your email and social media campaign. If you do this right, everyone will want to get involved!

Creating a Content Explosion!

BOOM! This how you get your event to go viral! You can create an after-after party on the internet that people can interact with. If you do this right, tens of thousands of people that didn't come will get a taste of what your event was all about! It's how you get people talking online. THIS IS MASSIVELY IMPORTANT to the success of your business and branding goals.

Random but Powerful Tactics!

Mashup of Tips

This video contains tips that will keep your sponsors and your guests happy.

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