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Human hair wefting course

Learn sewing the natural human hair into weft hair extension
Ilhom Huja
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learn wefting the hair
technology of sewing hair with a sewing machine

This course provides all the important steps of sewing the natural human hair into wefted hair extension. The technology is greatly used in hair industry by hair stylists, hair resellers, hair wig makers.

The course is made easy for you to learn, all the steps and all the lectures are clearly showing important process of the wefting the hair. Sewing the hair is not as easy as it may look, however please practice and keep practicing. Watch the video over and over, please take notes.

The whole sewing wefting process in life usually takes up to two hours per weft if you have enough experience, however for beginners that might take up to five hours, please do not rush, take your time, as I always tell to my students and workers, never ever rush while sewing the hair, as afterwards if you find unevenly sewn parts on your weft, that could cost you another day of your time in order to fix that portion on the weft, so its better to sew the hair slowly at the beginning, surely and evenly spreading the hairs under the needle.

Coarse natural dark color hairs and light blonde hairs might be slightly different in the hair strands thickness and texture, as coarse dark color hair is thicker than light blonde hair most times, however wefting technique is very similar, I have also added wefting  light blondes videos as you can see it there, it is very similar job, even thou hairs are different by their textures and colors.

Weft hair is always in demand, different wefters use different techniques for sewing their hairs, however me and my team, been in hair industry now 11+ years, and I dlove to share our knowledge with you.

This course will benefit you for sure if you are in hair industry, all you would need is a sewing machine and a hair ponytail to start.


Cleaning Hair

If you find your  hair ponytail is oily, dirty or smelly, please wash it before starting sewing it. Its always better to wash it now at the beginning, so  while you are sewing it, you will not face any difficulties with sticky oily hairs, the dirt on hair may cause you long delays and bad damages on your weft hair, so its always better to wash the hair before starting sewing hair.

Hair preparation

Please get 6oz of hair ponytails and start removing the very tiny short hairs  by combing them out. Once you remove the tiny hairs out, please hackle or simply comb the hair ponytail all the way to bottom, so tanlged portions of the hair bundle are detangled. Please align top portion as much as possible.

Blending Hair

Very often you might wanna weft two or three hairs together, Id like to show you very important and easy way of blending different hair ponytails from different persons. Please spread the hair on table, please spread another one right on top of each other and start rolling them as tight as possible. This was you mixed and blended hairs nicely and start slowly combing them as much as possible, so two different hair ponytails get mixed and blended with each other. Make sure thou, hair ponytails must be very close to each other in their textures, lengths, colors, shapes, and strand qualities. Never ever mix wavy hair with straight har, nor long hair with short, nor coarse hair with soft fine hair.

Hair sewing

Start sewing the hair. We slowly pushing the hair under needle of machine and firmly starting sewing the hair. Hair being sewn to a thinner layer lik a silk fabric. Keep pushing the hair into needle while often detangling the root portion of hair.

Keep Sewing ten more times

Once you sewed, then please repeat the same process of sewing 10 more times, each sewing thread line should be very close to each other, as close as possible. You could leave the width between thread lines as small as 2millimeters.

Cut off beards and Fold the Hair

So now you have 10 times sewn hair, Please cut the top of hair portion, please leave about 1 inche hair to the threads. Most call this hair portions as hair beards, which is itchy and unpleasant for the head, so most people do get rid of that portion while wefting the hair. And Now Fold the hair firmly and start sewing it at least 6 times

Folding Hair last time

Firmly please fold the hair last time and sew it thru 4 times

Removing stitches

After sewing process is done, you will find some strings all over the hair, you will see them flying or simply hanging on the hair weft, which is not nice looking also can be itchy on the client’s head. So please remove all flying stitches, threads, strings from the Hair weft.


Finally we are done with hard part, now please use our liquid gold glue or any other white glue for leather units and simply go thru the thread portion couple times from on both sides. Please leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes.


Please try to comb the hair few times, so you remove all hanging hair strands from the weft. Sometimes unwefted unsewn hairs are hanging all over the weft which needs to be combed out before hair is given to a client. Then you are done. Congratulaitons.

Wefting Light Blondes

Wefting light blondes is very similar to a darker hairs, however please make sure you use lighter color thread matching your hair color, also please note, in most case light blondes might be slightly thinner than darker color hair.

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