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Improve Your Child’s Handwriting and Learn Fun Circus Skills

Achieve better hand writing in 6 weeks by learning new skills making your child stronger, happier and more confident.
Peter Tomley
112 students enrolled
Produce neater handwriting
Stand and sit with better posture
Show off new skills that others cannot perform
Enjoy a better relationship with your children

You must follow this exciting, practical course if you want to help improve your child’s handwriting and also improve your own physical fitness, especially your strength in your back and stomach. It will result in you feeling good about the way you look and proud of skills that you have learnt.

It is about improving your posture, your strength in your arms, your coordination skills that produce neat handwriting. Along the way you will become more confident as you learn new skills, you will interact with your children better and have fun challenging each other.

The course consists of a series of short videos which demonstrate expertly and simply how the skills are to be performed. The tutor gives clear, simple step by step instructions on how to learn and perfect the exercises.

The course will run over 3 separate 30 minute sessions a week. However you will find that the skills become addictive and you will want to keep practicing them. The course is designed to show improvement very quickly, but it is best done for 6 weeks. The program identifies a session by session and week by week guide for you to follow.

Initial hand writing test and explanation of how the course works

Initial hand writing reference test and summary of how the course works

Please download and print out the pdf file so that you can do the initial hand writing sample test before you start watching the lectures and doing the activities

Core Strength Exercises

Introduction 2

The introductory lecture describes how the course works. Please download all the attached pdf files and print them out so that you have written instructions of what to do over the whole 6 weeks

Core strength 1 - Back Roll Down Exercise

After this video, your back will have been warmed up.

Core strength 2 - Cat arch exercise

You will stretch your back and improve flexibility.

Core strength 3 - Superman stretch

You will improve the strength of your lower back muscles

Core Strength 4 - Back push downs

You will strengthen your deep core muscles in the stomach.

Core strength 5 - Sit and hold

You will strengthen your lower abdominal muscles.

Core strength 6 - Side-to-side legs

You will strengthen your core muscles by controlling your legs.

Core Strength 7 - The Cobra

This will stretch and strengthen your lower back muscles.

Core Strength 8 - Stomach pull ups

This will strengthen your deep abdominal muscles.

Core strength 9 - Hands behind pockets

This will stretch your shoulders and open up your chest.

Summary of Core Strength Exercises - The Complete Routine

The whole routine from start to finish.

Coordination Exercises - Learning New Skills

Learn Juggling part 1

After this video, you will know how to juggle with one ball.

Learn Juggling part 2
After this video, you will know how to juggle with two balls.
Learn Juggling part 3
After this video, you will know how to juggle with three balls.
Learn Plate Spinning part 1

After this video, you will be able to spin a plate. You will feel proud!

Learn Plate Spinning part 2

You will be able to show off some skills!

Beginners Diablo techniques

After this video, you will have the basic knowledge how to use a diablo.

Ball in Bucket Exercise

After this video, you will have more control and precision with movement.

Bean Bag in Bucket Exercise
After this video, you will have more control and precision with movement.
Racket and Bean Bag Exercise
After this video, you will have more control and precision with movement with a tennis racket in your hand.
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