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Improve Your Eye Health By Enhancing Peripheral Awareness

Learn how to expand your peripheral vision to enhance your health, safety, comfort and coordination.
Dr. Glen Swartwout
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Increase awareness of peripheral vision, and the processes that increase and sustain it, as well as the interferences and how we can self-correct for accelerated self-healing and personal growth.
Increase awareness, acceptance and ownership of the integrated, coherent sensorium as an integral ground of the self
Practice appreciation and gratitude for the unified field of vision in every type of circumstance
Boost awareness, motor coordination, sensory integration, memory, cognition and relaxation

We have a fundamental problem with our eyes and vision…

It’s a problem that your eye doctor will probably never talk about…

That’s because it’s a problem that eyeglasses, contact lenses and even surgery can never correct.

Only that rare breed of Doctors of Optometry with a special affinity for Functional (Behavioral, Developmental, or Holistic) Vision Care are even interested to take the time to consider the basic principles I am about to share with you here…

By the way, I was named “Holistic Optometrist of the Year” by the International Society for Holistic Optometry…

Here’s the problem:

Visual stress and even visually related stress tightens your eye muscles…

This subtle strain on your 12 extraocular muscles restricts circulation in your peripheral retina because it drains through the vortex veins which go through those very muscles…

It’s a catch 22…

The more stressed you are, the less you are aware of…

The lower the quality of your visual input, the harder it is to see…

The harder it is to see, the harder we tend to look..

But the harder we look, the more we tighten our extraocular muscles…

The more those muscles tighten, the less blood flow we allow to carry essential oxygen and nutrients to our peripheral retina…

We absolutely have to break this cycle to restore both better vision and eye health.

In addition to being foundational for maintaining or restoring our eye health as we mature, this process is also critical  to breaking the rampant cycle of attention deficit and underachievement in our younger generation…

I began learning about all this as a C student in 2nd grade, who shot up to straight A’s when my father put me through his world renowned Visual Training program that summer…

Just for the record, my father, J. Baxter Swartwout, O.D., F.A.A.O., F.C.O.V.D. was named to replace A.M. Skeffington, the father of Functional Optometry, as president of the Optometric Extension Program Foundation, the largest post-graduate continuing education organization in the eye care field…

Now, experience the real solution: 

To help you clear up your eye health issues, your eyes need their full circulation, because your retina is the most oxygen demanding tissue in your whole body…

To clear up your vision problems, you also need to open up that peripheral vision, which means learning how to see more and see easier, by looking less hard and focusing less intensely…

Is it possible that you could effortlessly and instantaneously see more by simply looking less?

Try it right now.

Without doing anything differently with your eyes or body, shift your mind to thinking about what you are seeing out of the corners of your eyes.

Does that feel like a whole new way of seeing?

If you notice a difference, it means that you have not been using your full peripheral vision.

You just accomplished your first peripheral vision exercise.

Now stop being extra aware of your peripheral vision…

You can’t, can you?

That is the reason this program works so well, and so effortlessly.

Once you bring your consciousness to feeling your feet on the floor right now…

There is a residual effect of increased awareness and vitality that lingers on.

The same is true for the eyes and your vision.

We will start with peripheral vision because it is the first to be lost under any kind of stress.

And it is the most important foundation for building efficient, stable high level visual abilities as you progress into future courses.

Peripheral Vision Exercises

This course is designed as the foundational course for improving eye fitness and vision performance. Peripheral awareness, or the volume of active, real-time spatial perception in our consciousness, is the foundation of every higher order visual ability that we want to restore, maintain and develop. Peripheral vision is the context for any visual content we are interested in. It is the ground for every figure that we discern. It is the space in which we have the freedom to think and move. It is the space inside the box, and the room to think outside the box as well. When it comes to movement and physical performance issues, such as are challenged at a high level in sports, it is the peripheral awareness that becomes the database from which we can program and coordinate all movement. It determines the quality of input that determines the reliability and ability to recall our visual and other embedded memories. Our relationship to our visual space guides us in navigating the social sphere, and leads our journey into the transcendent connection with our non-local source, as well as our mission of manifesting that transcendent nature here and now in this life for the benefit of all.

Natural Vision Improvement 101: Peripheral Vision

Natural Vision Improvement 101: Introduction to Peripheral Vision Awareness

Experiential Learning

This course is intended primarily as an experiential learning process with great power in its subtlety to assist you in permanently and perhaps radically changing the quality of your life. That does not mean that this journey is without meaningful form or depth of underlying conception...


Welcome to Natural Vision Improvement. You were born with eyesight, but vision is a process which you have the potential to continue learning throughout your life. It has been famously said by the luminaries of vision development that vision is "motor" (A.M. Skeffington) and that vision develops under the tutelage (instruction) of active touch." (G.N. Getman)

The initial talk (above) introduces the crucial role of Peripheral Awareness as the stable, integrative foundation on which all higher order visual and coherent spatial performance abilities will be built. A truism which you will become familiar with through this course is that "a person under stress observes less, sees less, learns less, remembers less and becomes generally less efficient." (Psychologist V.I. Shipman)

Peripheral vision awareness is the ideal natural biofeedback mechanism to identify and break embedded and acute patterns of stress that are a primary interference with normal physiological function of the eyes and neuro-visual system. You have at hand the most sophisticated observation and measurement system known: your 'bio-body suit' complete with its visual biofeedback mechanisms.

Practice using your full visual-spatial awareness regularly, at all times and in all circumstances, and in very short order, you will be living in a new and more spacious perceptual world.

The sequence of talks in this course will unfold the natural spiritual progression of your development and integration of that vast new data set into your activities of daily living.

Good luck in this mission, and please take all opportunities to engage here with me and your fellow sojourners.

The Developmental Sequence

The course outline will follow the steps of the development of consciousness and spirituality synthesized in my Clinical Theory of Everything as drawn from the Taoist 5 Element Theory of Oriental Medicine and extrapolated onto the Chakra map of Ayurvedic Medicine.

For assisting in your orientation to this map, here is a summary that cross-references the Western psychological view with the Ayurvedic Chakras and the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):

Function:_ _ _ _ _ _ Element: _ _ _ _ _ Chakra:

Awareness _ _ _ _ _ Metal _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (non-local; not self)

Attention _ _ _ _ _ _ Fire _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4 top

Focus_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Fire _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4 bottom

Thought_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Earth _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 5

Will _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Water _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 3

Wisdom_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Wood _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 6

Socialization_ _ _ _ _Wood _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2

Spirituality_ _ _ _ _ _ Metal _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7

Manifestation _ _ _ _ Metal _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1

Essential Background Studies

For introduction to the range of concepts underpinning this clinically derived model, I strongly recommend studying my DVD series, which is available at no charge on the publisher's Healing Oasis website at this time. This is over 5 hours of video study material available for free through the links below that would cost nearly $200 to purchase, so be sure to watch these right now, as continued access is not guaranteed. These topics are foundational to this course, to your healing and the development of consciousness. Free video access links are shown below.

The topics in the television series are:

A Clinical Theory of Everything

The Five Phases of Disease

The Five Phases of Healing

The Five Tissue Layers

The Five Levels of Regulation

The Five Elements of Spiritual Development

The Hard Quesion of Consciousness

The Arrow of Time

I suggest first watching all ten of the talks in this Natural Vision Improvement 101 course the first time through, and then watching the Clinical Theory of Everything Series while practicing your intention to keep your peripheral vision turned on through the 5+ hours of viewing over the course of a week or so. Then come back to the course material here and review it, noticing your already increased state of awareness. You will notice, too, how this base of greater awareness effortlessly filters in to the other 8 levels of spiritual function.

An alternate approach, perhaps on the second time through the material, is to watch one Section here, and then practice the instructions as you watch the videos on one of the topics above. See how well you can divide your attention more efficiently over time to maintain your relaxed open vision while still visualizing the meaning of the material I am presenting. By doing this, you will cause the enhanced visual state to become automated, and therefore coherent across time. Let me know in the feedback and questions section to the right of this course how you are doing with this unique and effective practice. Can you feel how you are stretching your conscious spirit body?

Specific Developmental Activity Resources

Specific techniques for stimulating vision development with step by step instructional sets and charts as needed are included in Refreshing Vision: Opening the Windows of the Soul, which is downloadable as supplementary material for this lecture. The pdf file is printable for your use in vision improvement as needed.

Bound Textbooks and Other Related Resources

Bound copies of the book are available at fine booksellers worldwide, and the full range of digital versions are also available globally. Both formats are published by Healing Oasis, which also publishes my other titles:

Cataract Solutions: Prevention & Reversal Via Accelerated Self-Healing

Healing Glaucoma

Macular Degeneration... ...Macular Regeneration

The Shire: Cultivating Your Future Self

Materia Medica: Vis Medicatrix Naturae, Volume 1

Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions

Biofields: The New Physics of Health

Nous Energy: Healing Power of the Pyramids

Dry Eye Relief: Natural Medicine for Accelerated Self-Healing

Anima Medica, Vis Medicatrix Naturae, Volume 2

As Above, So Below: The Coherence of Creation

The Living Universe: A Fractal Hologram

Free Digital Text Downloads

These recommended texts can be downloaded for free in digital pdf format in the following Supplementary Material section:

Refreshing Vision: Opening the Windows of the Soul 

Peripheral Vision Awareness

Expanding Your Peripheral Vision Awareness

Open to your sensorium as a fractal of the cosmos, which your awareness fills through your vision. Breathe it in and embody it as a fundamental nourishment of your spirit.

This is a course which is designed to cycle through many times for maximum benefit. On your first time going through this course, I recommend that you simply apply the video instructions into your activities of daily living as much as possible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you come back to cycle through the course, perhaps in week 3, after viewing, practicing with, and integrating the material in the Clinical Theory of Everything series, I recommend you begin to explore some additional developmental activity sequences outlined here.

Take on only one activity at a time, and explore it for about a week on the various levels as you cycle through the 9 aspects of this course. Be sure to take notes of all your interesting observations. They will be very useful and meaningful reference points for you when you come back and review that same activity after putting it aside for several months as you go on to explore others, week after week. You may see quantum leaps in your performance on challenging aspects of an activity despite having not specifically practiced it for months. This will provide you with the most meaningful validation of your personal progress in developing your most precious gift of total visual performance.

Use the Balance Board as a supplementary challenge to any applicable activity when you reach a level of facility where greater demand is needed in order to maintain interest and improve your skill.

Recommended Beginning Activities:

Source of an Inner Smile

Objects in Room

Reference Points in Space

Centerpoint Visualization

Intermediate Activities:

Balance Sequence

Form Recognition Fields

Color Alternation & Luster

Advanced Activities:

Continuous Motion

Back Space Ball

Ball Toss Over Shoulder

Supplementary Activities:

Balance Board Instructions

Grounding Visual Attention: Occupy Your Whole Self

Owning Your Visual Space World Through Acceptance

Receive your visual and inner sensorium and project it veridically (truly) and simultaneously as presence of your self. Own your space world, inside and out. Feel how smoothly, simultaneously, uniformly and fully you can take in all your senses, especially with your inhalation breath cycle.

Recommended Beginning Activities:

Source of an Inner Smile

Objects in Room

Reference Points in Space

Centerpoint Visualization

Intermediate Activities:

Balance Sequence

Form Recognition Fields

Color Alternation & Luster

Advanced Activities:

Continuous Motion

Back Space Ball

Ball Toss Over Shoulder

Supplementary Activities:

Balance Board Instructions

Focus On Your Attitude of Gratitude

Connect to Your Visual Space World From Your Heart

Feel how far out in all directions your awareness can project and hold space around you. Can your presence palpably fill the room you are in? What if you visualize the space beyond and outside of the visible room? Is there a limit to your consciousness, or the speed of its connection?

Color Your Thoughts With Meaning

Mind and Meaning: Digesting Qualia & Structuring Thought

As your digestive system distills the essential forms from your diet, so the mind identifies the qualia of perception. As the body constructs itself ab nihilo out of the building blocks of enzymatic catabolism, so the mind constructs the building blocks of figural, symbolic and semantic cognition into the sequences of imagery, thought and language.

Can you simultaneously identify the subtle movements of your thoughts while you intend to maintain a placid and serene presence uniformly and coherently throughout your perceptual and conceptual space?

Can you envision colours? Can you make them vibrant? Do you dream in color?

Vision Governs Movement Via Your Will

Develop Your Visual Memory With Coherent Intention

Just as thought can spring spontaneously into reception by the consciousness, intention is a more self-selected and guided outward process, even when not yet expressed overtly. The visualization of an act can be measured in electromyographic recordings as surely as the act itself. Similarly, mental rehearsal has been shown as effective for improving performance as overt psychomotor practice.

How clear and coherently can you hold your intentions? At a higher level of practice, can you let go of their local control, to allow them to become fully coherent into the non-local function of your spirit? How can you describe that experience?

Envision Your Potential

Visualize Your Navigational Map While Seeing the Terrain

What do you see with your mind's eye? How vast a space can you envision? How fully dimensional is that space?

Do you recall your dreams? How realistic and constructive are your dream sequences? Do you fly?

Navigating Social Space

Develop Your Insight: Seeing Others As Reflections of the Self

Can you see the non-local divine presence in others and feel it in yourself at the same time?

Your consciousness is a coherent light connection between your soul and whatever you think about, past, present and future.

When you visualize to see in your mind's eye, you are forming photonic quanta in the coherence zones of your mental energy fields in your brain. These quanta are quantum entangled with the quanta you are forming non-locally across both space and time at the person, place, thing and/or time you are contemplating.

Knowing that this dark energy of consciousness (which is light energy as seen within your consciousness, but dark to all but the most sensitive Quantum Interference Devices of modern brain science) is real and really has a remote, non-local effect, is an essential science-based faith understanding that will help you develop and use this powerful healing energy for good.

Seeing Beyond Infinity to the Non-Local

Contemplating the Divine Essence

Can you feel your vertical connection to the cosmos? Did you know that the pineal gland points either up or down in humans? Did you know that there is no non-local communication between humans when the galactic centre of the Milky Way is at its zenith? Is your spiritual connection in balance and harmony simultaneously with your social orientation?

Manifesting Your Future Self

Fulfilling Your Mission

Are you willing to serve in whatever way you are called on this Earthly mission? Is there a limit on what can be accomplished if your will is fully coherent and aligned with that of the divine source? Practice, and be open to miracles. And whatever happens, practice some more...

Overview: Seeing the Big Picture

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