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Improve Your Life with “Mental Magic”

Design your ideal life and use the power of your mind to manifest it.
Anthony Hamilton
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By the end of this course you will be more of an expert in life planning and personal motivation than anyone you know.
You will have the tools and be in a position to earn money as a "success coach" if you choose to.
You will know how to eliminate negative attitudes and beliefs from your mind.
You will know how to install positive beliefs and attitudes into your mind.
You will know how to remain continually motivated.
You will know the secret of using your mind as a creative force in your life.
You will develop the ability to visualize your ideal life in intimate detail and create it step-by-step.
You will know the secret of cultivating a powerful, positive personality.
You will become the captain of your ship of life, instead of just a passenger on someone else's.
You will know how to cultivate confidence, personal power and how to develop a new self-image of confidence and power.
You will understand the role of your creative imagination in your life and will know exactly how to use your imagination to bring your dreams and goals into your life.

This course will show you exactly 

  • How to design the life you want.

  • How to create it step by step.

  • How to form step-by-step plans to create it;

  • How to develop an unshakeable self-confidence in your ability to succeed.

  • How to persevere until you are living the life of your dreams

The entire course consists of

  • Video lessons you can watch, re-watch, and download

  • Meditation / visualization exercises,

  • A digital copy of my best – selling book’

  • A workbook/journal to keep your life changing insights, 

  • Fill in the blank templates of your dreams, plans and most powerful ideas, 

  • Information about my You Tube channel where you can find more information. 

Creating a Paradigm Shift


Many people live their lives in REACTION to the circumstances they are in. They REACT to the people, the situations and the circumstances of their lives. In this course, we are going to stop REACTING and start CREATING. Notice that the difference between these two words is the position of just one letter.

This powerful shift in meaning caused by such a small shift as changing the position of one letter, reminds us that by making very small changes in how you think about yourself and your power to shape your life, you gain the power to change it. So begin right now thinking of yourself as creating your life, instead of simply reacting to your life. This is the first step in gaining the power to shape and influence your life and your world.

At this stage, it doesn't matter if this makes sense or not. By the time you get a little farther into the lessons in this program it will make perfect sense.

How to Get Results with this Course
Why Does This Process Work?
Neuroplasticity: How to Change Your Brain
The Secret Behind the Secret
The Art of Seeing
Living Your Life by Design

You wouldn't think of moving into a house that was built without a clear set of plans. Yet at this very moment, you are moving into the future where you will spend the rest of your life. Do you have a clear set of ideas, plans and action steps for creating a life that contains more of what you want? This lecture will get you started on that path. This lecture introduces the concept of "Life Design". First we make a list of dreams. These are simply "possibilities" that we might want to experience in any of the six areas of our life: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Financial, Family and Social. As we move through this course, we will begin to define which dreams we are going to create. These are our goals. But at this point, we want to simply begin looking at some of our dreams. This video shows you how.

The Power of Goals (Download Materials Here)

This lecture reveals the secret of success: you need to have a clear set of goals.

However, only about 10% of people can tell you what their goals are. These people are the successful ones, in every area of life that you can imagine. When you know what a goal is and understand the power of clarifying your goals, you will see that taking the time to figure out what your goals are is a vitally important task. Fully 90% of the population never figures this out. As you progress in this course, you will learn the best method of clarifying your life's goals that I have ever seen.

This lecture also introduces the concept of your subconscious mind as your partner in success. When you do the work of clarifying your thinking and deciding on your goals, you will begin to realize that your subconscious mind is actually working for you under the surface. As you clarify your thinking, you will become more and more aware of what this aspect of your mind is doing to help you create the life you want.

How Your Imagination Works

This lecture explains what the imagination is and how it works. Most people think the imagination is the pictures in their mind. This is not true. It is something entirely different and this lecture explains what it is.

In this lecture you also learn that your imagination will answer any question that you ask of it. The problem for most people is that they are asking the wrong questions. They are unconsciously asking things like,

“Why can’t I succeed?”

“What is wrong with me?”

“Why is my life so difficult?”

“Why is another person more successful than I am?”

These kinds of questions do not add to your power; they rob you of power. You need to learn to use your imagination as a CONSTRUCTIVE FORCE in your life, not a destructive force. This lecture will explain how to do that.

It also covers the power of beliefs, and the fact that your unconscious beliefs might be keeping your power from you in ways that you don’t even suspect.

How to Create Your Life Map

This lecture shows how the five pieces of this program fit together into a comprehensive whole which gives you the power to create your dreams and goals as physical parts of your life.

It explains the need to understand the three kinds of motivation and explains why you must become a master of self-motivation.

It also covers the need to create a “transformational vision” for your life. It is this vision which will inspire and motivate you to do what is necessary to create the dreams and goals you want to create for yourself and your loved ones

It also talks about the need to cultivate the necessary confidence and self-belief and how to go about doing it.

How to Create Success Automatically

This lecture explains why you can not be successful without a goals plan, and how such a plan makes you successful, automatically! It also gives your life a sense of purpose and direction.

This lecture also explains that even though everything might go wrong with your plan, you are still successful every step of the way, as long as you don’t quit. It also explains what success really is; and it is not the result of your doing something.

Once you understand what success really is, you are able to guarantee your success, no matter what happens, and this lecuture shows you the secret of doing this.

The fact is that success is not a result; it is a by-product of a process, and this lecture explains what this process is and how to master it.

You will also learn the relationship between “energy”, “power” and “results”; how to increase your power and your results and how to stop wasting your energy.

How to Design and Create the Life You Want

How to Design the Life You Want

So far we have talked a lot about the reasons for wanting to make the shift from reacting to life to creating our life. From now on we will get deeper and deeper into the actual PROCESS of doing this.

The secret is to begin to make and use LISTS OF IDEAS which empower us and which we can use over and over again. We need to keep these ideas handy to read over, to add to, and to clarify, by reading and editing them over and over again. Just as we know how to contact our friends because we have their phone numbers and their email addresses recorded. We need to record specific ideas which allow us to contact specific ideas and concepts which give us energy.

Many people find this list making and list building an uncomfortable activity. But as you will soon find, the effort it takes to do this, and the struggle you need to go through to complete these lists is actually CHANGING YOUR BRAIN. Just the same as lifting heavier and heavier weights builds your muscles, these list building exercises build your MENTAL MUSCLES.

The effect of these exercises is to change your brain. When that happens, everything changes, as you will soon discover.

Setting up Your Life-Design Program

As you spend a little time every day working on your lists of specific, powerful ideas and concepts, you will begin to notice definite changes in your attitudes, in your memory, in your imagination, in your self-image, in your confidence, in your ability to make decisions..... the list is almost endless.

The bottom line is this: your life is starting to change and you are taking control of the changes.

Using Your Life Planning Journal, Continued

This video lesson explains the truly important part of using these lists and worksheets we are filling in. This is not some idle exercise. Instead, we are creating a list of places in our "inner world" where there is real power.

Just as a list of favourites on our computer points us to places on the internet where there is valuable information, these worksheets allow us to tap into real energy... confidence, satisfaction, happiness, courage, persistence.... which we can bring into our body now and use to empower and energize ourselves in the present.

The more we use these worksheets, the more we are able to effectively use them to empower ourselves.

Designing Dynamic Action Plans to Achieve Your Goals

Your action plans are your roadmap to the new life you are creating for yourself.

Just like a map book or a GPS has different pages which cover all the various parts of the country, your binder will soon contain lists of goals and specific action plans for every area of your life.

This kind of mental, interior work is not easy. It can be very tiresome. But it is also having an effect. It is changing the way your brain is working. You will notice that your thinking is becoming more clear; your powers of visualizing and making decisions are getting stronger. Your mind is working more efficiently.

As you continue with this process, you will quickly come to realize that the inner work you are doing is starting to make you more aware of the power of this process. You will become more aware of why some people are able to get things to work out for them and why other people never figure it out.

This kind of inner, thinking work is what most people never do, and why they lag behind.

You will soon notice that your friends are seeing a "new" you, and will start to ask you for advice. You will begin to become known as a person of power.

How to Overcome Procrastination and Continue Making Progress

This lesson gives more examples of how we can use the worksheets in the workbook to empower ourselves.

  • Our Past Success List is a treasure trove of powerful energy we can tap into.
  • Our List of Assets reminds us that we have resources in our life we can draw on when we need them.
  • Our Acknowledging List reminds us that we are creating lots of successes we can draw on.
  • Our Six Areas of Life reminds us that successes on one area can empower another area.

The key point here is that our workbook is not a static thing. It is a growing, dynamic, ever-changing process which gets better as we perfect our use of it. As we improve out ability to use these worksheets, we have more and more places from which we can draw the power we need to succeed in more and more ways.

KEY POINT: These worksheets are not finished. They are growing. They are dynamic. They are changing. They have more value and more power as we learn to use them more effectively.

Another key point is that we are really developing the Power of Our Subconscious Mind with this process. In other words, we are becoming aware of thoughts and feelings we never noticed before and are learning how to use them to propel us forward into the future we want to experience.

Each iteration of using this workbook and watching these videos will make you more aware of more positives from your past and more of your unconscious thinking. As you perfect these new mental muscles, your self-esteem and your confidence will increase. You will set bigger and more important goals. You will learn to see more opportunities for success in more areas of your life.

People will begin to recognize your growing power and will begin to seek you out and ask you for advice. You may well find opportunities for teaching these principles to others for a fee start to come your way more and more frequently.

Bonus Material

Why You Will Get Results with this Program

Within the last fifteen years, scientists have discovered and proved that our brains can continue to grow and develop throughout our lives. We can all develop new nerve pathways in our brain and with repeated use, these new pathways can bet stronger and stronger. The key to this process is to learn to think in a new way. This new way is learning to use focused attention.

This information has spawned a new science, called Neuroplasticity.

Scientists now say that we have learned more about the mind and the brain in the last fifteen years than in the last four hundred years.

However, it is important to note that this information is not new. Only the proof is new. Neuroplasticity has always been true. The brain was always able to grow new nerves.

Certain people in the past knew about this principle and used it to create miraculous changes in their lives. These people were called "mystics" or "spiritual masters" and they used what has been called "dynamic meditation" or "creative visualization" and is the key to the Law of Attraction.

The movie "The Secret" gave detailed instructions about which writers and authors have taught this method over the years, but most people simply missed the information.

I believe that the creative visualization exercises which make up a key part of this course, and the mental focus and new kind of thinking you need to practice in order to fill in these worksheets is the kind of thinking which builds these new connections in your brain.

This is why this kind of work creates such great changes in people's lives.

Now you know how to apply this method to completely change your life.

My First Demonstration of Mind Power
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