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In Depth Beginner Serato DJ Course

Learn skills needed to propel you into becoming a DJ with the skills to get gigs!
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Use Serato DJ to plan and play Dj sets
Beatmatch and synchronise two different tracks
Identify beats, bars and phrases
Set up equipment
Use the different functions in Serato DJ

This course teaches you how to become a DJ – whether you are an absolute beginner or just unfamiliar with Serato.  Serato is the leading software in the DJ industry and has the most compatibility with hardware within the marketplace.  There are numerous controllers, mixers and even software – that are produced with Serato software in mind.  Give yourself a head start in the DJ world and get to grips with Serato.  The compatibility alone should prompt you – if not, the recognition that it has led the way for DJ software with the introduction of Scratch Live (seems so long ago now) almost certainly should. 

The course is taught from beginner level and assumes you have no prior DJ or musical knowledge.  In the digital era, no matter what type of DJ you are, you can’t escape software.  That means you should know how to use it.  The hardware you use as a DJ will also determine your ‘style’.  Different types of hardware come with different capabilities – and restrictions – so it’s worth thinking about the tools of the trade YOU wish to go forward with.  Some skills are transferable whereas others not so easily.  

The course takes you through not just the functions within the software, but some of the different techniques you need to learn to become a DJ.  It also covers some music theory – it might sound silly but this is a fundamental basic to being a good DJ and it is essential you familiarise yourself with it.  

There are exercises, handouts and videos that will aid and instruct you.  Instructions are clear and thoughtfully structured.  When you are ready, there is a final section that gives you tips and insights on how to get yourself that first gig – also how to use the internet to your advantage! There is so much to DJing, I could go on and on but get what you can out of it, practise loads and loads and begin your journey – it’s gonna be a great trip! Check out the introduction video – enjoy!



This is a complete introduction with an overview of lectures.  It includes a link to download the trial version of Serato DJ as well as what you can expect to learn.  

About You as a DJ

What Type of DJ Do You Want To Be?

This section is all about you as a DJ - there are many different types of DJ so we are looking at what you would like to get out of DJing.  It also encourages you to do some of your own research (looking at other DJ's as well as going out and listening to them) 

Equipment & Set Up

Technics 1210's

A closer look at the Technics 1210's

Mixer Overview

A look at the Rane 62 mixer which includes:

  • Crossfader
  • Upfader
  • Frequencies
  • Gain/Trim
  • Connections

The importance of getting the correct mixer for Serato compatibility

Console Overview

A closer look at the Beatmix Reloop controller

  • Functions
  • Cues
  • Sync
  • Crossfader
  • Upfader
  • Frequencies

The importance of getting the correct controller and doing research

Equipment Set Up

A look at setting up DJ equipment using a mixer

Serato Software - an introduction

Serato interface and functions

A closer look at the Serato interface - going through the help function, how to check for updates, the set up screens, analysing your files, using the history function, cues and loops.  A great all round introduction for newcomers to Serato! 

Turntable Set Up Screen

A look at the setup screen for turntables - which looks very different to digital controllers. Looking at the different signs that need troubleshooting and how to learn what each symbol means.  

Beats and Bars

Counting Beats and Bars

This lecture looks at counting beats and bars and gives an introduction to how music is structured.  Also explains why learning the structure of music is important and how it can help your mixes sound amazing.  The handout explains some more detailed theory that can be used as a springboard for further learning.

Counting Beats and Bars Part 2: 8 Bars

Counting bars in tracks with very different tempos - how to keep counting in time with the music. 

  • How to count bars in tracks with different tempos
  • Why it is important to do
  • Staying in time with the music

Also includes an activity handout 

Beat Structure - A closer look

A closer look at beat structure, how a track is built up, different instruments, markers to listen out for, and an activity that helps to break down tracks bar by bar. A great way to immerse yourself in the structure and arrangement of music.   

Drop Mixing

Drop Mixing Explained - with example and exercise

A look at drop mixing - a handy tool for teasing mixes or just dropping a track in time when you are unable to beatmatch.  This is a basic requirement for any DJ, so if you aren't quite ready with your beatmatching, drop mixing is your 'go to'. 

  • How to drop mix
  • Tracks to use
  • When to use it
  • Doing it correctly

Cue Points

Cue Points

A closer look at Serato cue points which includes:

  • How to use cues
  • Where to place cues
  • Why you should use cues
  • Naming cues 

Also includes some tips to follow!

Loops and Beat Jumps

Loops and Beat Jumps - auto

This lecture looks at loops and beat jumps.  It covers the following:

  • What are loops?
  • How to create loops
  • Using automatic loops
  • Saving loops
  • Using beatjumps
  • Timing of loops and beatjumps
  • How to use loops and jumps
Setting Manual Loops

As with loops and beatjumps but looks at setting loops manually.


Beatmatching Introduction

An introduction to beatmatching.  This lecture explains:

  • beatmatching 
  • how to do it
  • why it is done 
  • why you should know how to do it  

It also gives a demonstration and an easy to follow exercise that you can do.

Beatmatching Part Two

This covers beatmatching as a transferable skill and includes:

  • beatmatching other genres
  • points to consider 
  • cueing your track on time
  • exercise 

Easy to follow exercises that will help you get your mix right

Beatmatching Part Three - Fixing Your Mix

This section looks at how to fix your mix and includes:

  • what a bad mix sounds like
  • how to adjust your mix
  • using the pitch control correctly
  • beatmatching by ear

Exercises to follow that will help you to correct and adjust your mixes

Beatmatching - Finish Your Mix

This lecture helps you to finish your mix and includes:

  • a technique to complete your mix
  • adjusting frequencies

An easy to follow demonstration and exercise to help you complete your mix.  It also helps you to think about mixing for your particular genre


Creating Playlists

How to create Playlists in Serato as well as looking at features such as:

  • Track organisation
  • Tempo organisation
  • Colour coding

Also looks at warm up and main sets and keeping your library well stocked

Building Crates

Building crates in Serato covers:

  • How to build crates
  • Deleting crates
  • Subcrates
  • Why you should use crates

Also shows you where to find the crates stored in your laptop

    Being a DJ!

    Plan of Action
    Get Out There!

    Getting out there gives you some ideas on how to get yourself out of the bedroom and into the bars, clubs or online.  Whether you were a complete beginner at the start of the course or just newish or new to Serato, these tips give you help in becoming part of the real world's DJ community.  

    • Getting gigs
    • Marketing yourself
    • Playing for free
    • Throwing a jam
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