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Installing WordPress 5 – Installation, Registrars & Hosting

Wordpress 5 installation using separate domain registrar and web host, plus why it is essential to set it up that way.
Andrew Williams
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Understand the differences between Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org
Use a separate registrar and web host
Install Wordpress
Create posts and pages
Find and install new themes
Find and install plugins
Create a 100% free Wordpress website if they want

  Covers WordPress 5.x (the latest version) 

  Installing WordPress – Installation, domain registrars and web hosting is a course designed to give complete beginners all the knowledge and skills they need to install WordPress on any web host. 

        We’ll discuss domain registrars and web hosting, and see why it is better to use two separate companies for this, rather than relying on your web host to act as both host and registrar.  If that statement confuses you, don’t panic.  I’ll explain how to set all of this up, with videos and PDFs to help every step of the way.  I’ll even show you how to move a domain you already own to a separate domain registrar. 

        We’ll look at two automated ways of installing WordPress, plus a manual method using FTP for those that like adventure.  I’ll tell you which automated method is better, and why. 

        Once WordPress is installed, we’ll clean up the installation to remove the “fluff” that WordPress installed.  We’ll look at adding posts and pages, and talk about the main differences between these two types of document. 

        One of the reasons I love WordPress is the simplicity of changing the look and feel of the site using themes.  We’ll see how to find and install specific themes that meet your criteria, as well as how to install premium themes in case you buy one. 

        One of the most powerful features of WordPress is the way it can be extended using plugins, which add new features and capabilities to an already powerful content management system.  We’ll look at finding and installing plugins (both free and premium), and I’ll tell you some of the free plugins I use on most of my sites. 

        Finally, for those that want a 100% free WordPress site, I’ll show you how to create one. There are limitations to this type of WordPress site, but hey, it’s free, right?  I’ll let you know what you can and cannot do with these free sites. 

        By the end of this course, you will be able to install WordPress on any web host, using a separate domain registrar, and understand why that is important

Welcome to the course!

Before you start

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Course Objectives

What will you learn in this course?

Introduction to Wordpress

Why Wordpress? Which Wordpress?

Registrar and Web Hosting

What is a Registrar?

Since you'll be using a domain registrar, it's important to know what they are, and what they will do for you.

What is a Web Host?

Let's take a look at web hosts, and what they do.

Why you should use a separate registrar and web host

Most web hosts also want to be your registrar. Let me tell you why that is a bad idea.

Setting Up Registrar and Web Host

I've discussed the importance of web hosting and registrars, let me tell you who I use and how to set these up so they can work together.

Moving a domain from one registrar to another

If you already have web hosting, chances are you also used that web host as registrar. I recommend you move the domain to a separate registrar, and in this lecture, I'll show you how.

Installing Wordpress

Introduction to Wordpress Installation

If this is your first domain on your web hosting, you are ready to go. If this is the second or more domain, you'll need to do something first.

Which Automatic Install is better?

A brief discussion on which automated installer to use, and why.

Automatic installation with QuickInstall

How to install Wordpress with QuickInstall.

Automatic installation with Softaculous

How to install Wordpress with Softaculous

Manual Install with FTP

If you want to install Wordpress manually, you can using FTP. This tutorial shows you how.

Getting Started with Wordpress

Logging in and clearing out

Wordpress pre-installs a few things that act as demos for new users. In this video, I'll show you what they are and how to clear them out.

A first post

Let's create a first post.

A first page

Let's create a first page.

Installing Additonal Themes

Finding & Installing free Wordpress themes

You can easily find free themes from within your Wordpress Dashboard.

Want a Mobile-friendly website?

Creating a mobile-friendly Wordpress site is easy. Let me explain.

Installing Premium themes

There are some excellent premium themes available, offering professional designs at reasonable prices.

Extending Wordpress with Plugins

Finding and installing plugins

Plugins extend the functionality of Wordpress, and there are thousands available.

Installing Premium Plugins

If you buy a plugin, it will come as a zip file. This video shows you how to install these plugins.

Recommended free plugins

I'll give you a list of free plugins I think you should look at.

Installing Premium plugins

If you buy plugins, you'll get a zip file. I'll show you how to install those zipped up plugins.

Create a free Wordpress site

Creating a free site

Let's create a simple, free Wordpress site on Wordpress.com

Disadvantages of the type of site

If you can get a free Wordpress site, why bother with hosting and registrars? Let me explain.

Section 8: Extras

How to create an email address
Wordpress Security Update

There is a great free Wordpress security plugin. Let me show you how to set it up and what it does.

Bonus: Resources

Useful resources.

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