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International Project Management – Master Class

Take your project management skills to the next level and learn how to manage international projects
Luke Angel
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International Projects 101
How to distribute leadership to scale your project
Skilled Collaboration
International Communication
How to define Value Promotion
How to work with multiple Time Zones
What Tools to use
How to define Value Promotion
How to work with different Languages
How to work with different culture
How to get Status’s that matter
Face To Face Vs Virtual Communication
How to create project champions
How to conduct organizational change
How to use an international communication style
Tips and tricks to avoid Pitfalls
How to recover an international project that has gone off track

International projects is misunderstanding how cultures can differ from country to country. In this course, PM ninja Luke Angel pmp, csm , cspo  will  show how to plan and deliver complex international projects with teams and products based in multiple countries.. Luke shows how to find and nurture managers who will champion international projects, and shares tips to ensure the ongoing success of projects He helps leaders understand how culture, language, and time zone differences can hamper successful collaboration and how to adapt your communication style to bridge these gaps. All this and much more.

  1. International Projects 101
  2. How to distribute leadership to scale your project
  3. Skilled Collaboration
  4. International Communication
  5. How to define Value Promotion
  6. How to work with multiple Time Zones
  7. What Tools to use
  8. How to work with different Languages
  9. How to work with different culture 
  10. How to get Status’s that matter
  11. Face To Face Vs Virtual Communication
  12. How to create project champions
  13. How to conduct organizational change
  14. How to use an international communication style
  15. Tips and tricks to avoid Pitfalls
  16. How to recover an international project that has gone off track



Hi, I'm Luke Angel, and this is Managing International Projects.

International Projects 101

Have you ever heard the song, "It's a Small World After All"? The world is definitely getting smaller, not physically, of course, but in terms of communication, access to information, and the relationship between projects and services.
When you think of international projects, you might think of projects where you have international users of your project's product.
That is true, but real interesting international projects involve decision-making and the implementation of decisions across country borders.


Leadership Distrabution

Sometimes being a kid, can be hard work.
If you want an ice cream, you might go and ask your mother, and if she isn't sure, she may tell you to go and ask your father.
But when you ask him, and he's also unsure, he may tell you to go ask your mother.

Skilled Collaboration

Have you ever tried to bust a pinata while blindfolded with a group of people trying to give you directions? Too high, too low, further to the right.
It can be really tricky to hit the target when you are not able to see what everybody else can see.
Let's talk about how we can avoid having your team members feel this way.

International Communication

We all know how important communication is in projects.
When it comes to international projects, communication is an even greater priority.
When communicating across borders there are extra challenges to overcome.

Effective Use Of Culture Language Tools Across Time Zones

Time Zones

When my daughter traveled overseas for the first time, like any parent, I was a little worried.
As she stepped out of the safety of our home and into the world, I made her promise that she would call, a lot.
Managing an international project is a little bit like this.


If I wanted to drive a nail into a piece of wood, I wouldn't get a screwdriver, I would get a hammer.
Different tools achieve different results.
It's the same with the tools for managing an international project.


I once worked on a project that involved an offshore vendor in Vietnam.
Management requested that we get an update on the status of the coding work in a short time frame.
A message was sent to the vendor asking for an update by close of business on Tuesday.


When I was in Jakarta, I came across a restaurant that had a sign out front advertising "Subversive Filipino Cuisine.
                " Of course, I was intrigued by the use of the word "subversive" to describe food.
So I went in, looking forward to the renegade, dissonant food I was about to be served.



Imagine you are driving through a really long tunnel.
It's not straight, so you can no longer see the opening, and you can't see the other end from which you'll emerge.
Your vision and sense of movement may become somewhat impaired.

Face To Face Vs Virtual Communication

Have you ever tried to tell a funny story to a group of people, and when you got to the poignant part, you paused, only to find that the people who are listening to you don't react at all? It is then, you realize, that you just had to be there.
Body language and facial expressions make up a large part of our message.
This is why face-to-face communication is, undoubtedly, the most effective means of communication available.


Human beings have varying levels of comfort with change.
Some people like change because it represents an opportunity but others don't like change because it forces them into a situation they've not experienced before.
When it comes to projects, change is inevitable.

Organizational Change

If you're a sports fan, you probably know a lot of the superstars on your favorite team.
A superstar is also often the team captain.
As captain, they do a lot on, and off the field, but they can't do everything for their team.

Ongoing Success

Communication Style

I have a seemingly insignificant and sometimes humorous personal handicap, I'm color blind.
I am often certain something is one color, and actually, it's another color altogether.
I often have no clue what I'm looking at.


Being able to drive a car doesn't just require you to learn how to accelerate, brake, and steer.
You also need to be able to read the road signs to be able to navigate around potentially dangerous hazards.
Managing projects is just like that.

Recovering International Projects

Growing up, I used to love watching science fiction shows.
My favorite was Star Trek.
In Star Trek, Captain Kirk is someone who is a bit of a risk-taker.


I hope you have found at least a few gold nuggets in this Managing International Projects course.
International projects present a number of difficult challenges, but also provide great opportunities to learn and to make significant contributions to your business.
For additional information, hints, and tips on managing international projects, I suggest you check out the website for the Project Management Institute, specifically, the Community of Practice on International Development.

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