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Intro to eBook Publishing for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Learn how simple it is for you to become a published author, spread your message and boost your business with Amazon
Andy Grant
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By the end of the course you will be overflowing with eBook ideas.
You will be able to publish your first, of many, eBooks to Amazon.
You will know a variety of ways to promote your book.
Most importantly, you will be well on your way to being a professional author!

This is a great time to be an author because there are no barriers to entry.

Introduction to eBook Publishing is for heart-centered entrepreneurs who have thought about writing a book, but didn’t know where to start. This course will show you how easy it is to write and publish your own eBook. Introduction to eBook Publishing also gives you the tools to take action on the knowledge you will gain.

Note, this is not a “how to write” course, it is a “how to publish” course, and this is not a “get rich quick” scheme. This course is meant for people with a message, a passion, or a service that they feel called to share.

We’ll explore:

  • Why YOU should want to write an eBook
  • Publishing options available to you
  • Differences between eBooks and traditional books
  • How to get the world’s biggest store working for you
  • Formats, Tools, Templates (most are FREE!)
  • And much more

Instructor, Andy Grant, has written and published five Amazon best selling eBooks and shares the tips, tricks, and techniques he learned the hard way.

Isn’t it time to make your author dreams a reality?

If you’ve long thought about creating an eBook, but didn’t have any idea where to start – this is your starting point!

Scroll up and click on “Take This Course” and enjoy.


Welcome to Introduction to eBook Publishing

Welcome to an Introduction to eBook Publishing. This course is based on a live workshop I teach that has launched many first time authors.

Course Agenda

A review of the agenda for this course.

Who Is This For?

Who is this course for? What do I mean by Heart-Centered Entreprenuers?

Who Am I?

Who is this Andy Grant character?


The Proper Mindset

Section 2: Mindset. The proper mindset is a key to success.

Write About What?

Don't know what to write about? I beg to differ. You are over flowing with ideas.

I Can't Write!

But I can't write! That excuse doesn't work either.


Writing a book is a transformational experience, and not only for the author.

Why An eBook?

Explore some of the many reasons why everyone should want to write eBooks.

Success Stories

Here I share a few publishing success stories. Could you be next?

Wrap Up

A summary of Section 2: Mindset

Mindset Quiz

Time to see what you picked up from Section 2: Mindset.

Strategies & Techniques

Strategies Introduction

An overview of what we'll cover in Strategies & Techniques.

eBooks vs. Traditional Books

A look at some of the key differences between eBooks and traditional paper books.

Types of Publishing

An examination of traditional publishing, assisted self publishing, and true self publishing.

Types of Books

More brainstorming as we highlight a few of the many possible types of books you could create.

Writing Models

Explore a variety of writing models to help discover your best writing process.


Get some tips on creating a ritual around your writing.

Parts of A Book

A tour of the parts that make up a book.

Book Covers

Some does and don'ts for your book covers.

Wrap Up

A summary of what we covered in Section 3: Strategies & Techniques.

Strategies & Techniques Quiz

Time to review your understanding of eBook strategies and techniques.


Why Amazon?

An overview of the many benefits of publishing eBooks with Amazon and a peek at the agenda for this section.

Supported File Formats

An overview of the many file formats you can create your book in and some best practices.

Amazon Tools Introduction

Highlighting a few of the many free tools Amazon offers to authors.

Amazon KDP Publishing

Overview and Tour of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Amazon Ranking

A look at the factors Amazon considers when people are searching for eBooks.

Amazon KDP Select

An overview of the KDP Select program, which makes Amazon the exclusive retailer of your eBook.

Amazon KDP Select: DEMO

A walkthrough of signing up for KDP Select and some of the many benefits it comes with.

See Lecture 35 for the completion of setting up a Kindle Countdown Deal.

Amazon Sales Page: DEMO

A close examination of a few live Amazon Kindle Book sales pages.

Amazon Author Page

An overview of the optional Amazon Author Page.

Amazon Author Page: DEMO

A tour of a couple Amazon Author Pages, yet another free promotional tool Amazon gives eBook authors.

Amazon Author Central: DEMO

A live walk though of authorcentral.amazon.com and all the wonderful things you can do there.

Wrap Up

A brief summary of the course so far.

Amazon Quiz

Let's see how well Section 4 stuck in your brain.

Next Steps

Your Next Steps

Your marching orders.

All the course resources can be found at: NavitasCoach.com/ebooks


Thanks for being part of an Introduction to eBook Publishing.
Happy writing and please leave a review of the course.

Also, be sure and let us all know about the books you publish by sharing them in the discussions area.

Bonus Content

Kindle Countdown Deals Setup: DEMO

A demonstration of how to set up a Kindle Countdown Deal for your ebook. Your book must be in KDP Select and priced between 2.99 and 24.99 to take advantage of this promotion. Your ebook can be discounted for up to 7 days once per KDP Select period (90 days).

Amazon Affiliate Program

Another way to make more money with Amazon. Explore the Amazon Associates program at affiliate-program.amazon.com

The option for people in states or countries that can't be affiliates is ZigLink.com

See Amazon Associates Operating Agreement for details. As of September 7, 2014:

"In addition, if at any time following your enrollment in the Program you become a resident of Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, or Rhode Island, you will become ineligible to participate in the Program, and this Operating Agreement will automatically terminate, on the date you establish residency in that state."


The Power of Bad Reviews

All reviews can help you, even the bad ones.

Using Predictive Search for Your Book Research

Tips on using the predictive search feature of Amazon and Google for your ebooks.

Creating a Clickable Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

How to insert a clickable Table of Contents for your eBook in Microsoft Word. A clickable TOC is expected by your readers. Not having this can result in frustrated readers and poor reviews.

eBook Publishing for Busy Entrepreneurs: Andy Grant Interviewed by Ande Lyons

Streamed live on Oct 7, 2014

"Everyone has a message that others are desperately waiting to hear... don't make them wait forever." ~ Andy Grant
It's an *Andelicious x 2* show this week on Possibility Partners TV!
Check out 30 minutes of inspiration and motivation for your eBook journey.

Exploring Erotica with Pen Names; plus the Cover Creator and description tips

There may be times when you don't want a book listed under your own name. In this lecture, see how easy it is to invent a new author or pen name under your KDP account. This video also includes tips on HTML tags for your book description and a demo of the Cover Creator built into KDP which can give you quick and free covers.

The Pre-Order Option in KDP

How to use the pre-order option which allows your book to be listed on Amazon up to 90 days before the book's actual release day. You can use the time to promote and build some buzz while you continue finalizing your ebook.

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