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Introduction to Cloud Security with Microsoft Azure

Increase your cyber security capability by learning the fundamentals of cloud security inside of Microsoft Azure!
Understand the difference between on-premise and hosted solutions
Understand the differences between SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS
Understand cloud computings vulnerabilities
Implement and secure your own environment within Microsoft Azure

Every organization is migrating to the cloud in order to save money, but is it really safe?

Do you want to learn about “the cloud”, how to secure it, and even how to build your own virtualized networks inside of the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform? If so, this is the course for you.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of cloud-based service technologies, as well as how to best secure them. This course is designed for anyone who is new to cloud computing that needs to understand the basics of security and how they are implemented inside a cloud computing platform.

You won’t learn just the theory, though. Throughout this course, we will provide you with an opportunity to apply your knowledge in the real world by creating your own virtualized network inside of the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.

By the end of the course, you will understand the difference between on-premise and hosted solutions, as well as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. We will cover single-tenancy and multi-tenancy solutions, as well as their security concerns.

So, if you have ever wanted to learn the basics of cloud computing, set up your own cloud architecture, or learn how to better secure your own cloud systems, this is the course for you!


Welcome to the course!

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Basics of the Cloud

Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing, why is it used, and what are the benefits?

On-premise vs Hosted Solutions

Discussion of on-premise vs hosted solutions.

Cloud Service Models

Discussion of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

Types of Clouds

Discussion of public, private, hybrid, community, multitenancy, and single tenancy architectures.

Augmenting Security with Cloud Services

Discussion of Anti-malware, vulnerability scanning, sandboxing, content filtering, cloud security broker, security as a service, and managed security service providers

Basics of Azure

Azure's Terminology

Discuss and explain the building blocks of Azure: Tenant, Subscription and Resource Group.

How to get started with Azure

Explain how to register for a free trial to get access to Azure.

Demo: Portal interface with customizations

Demonstrate the portal layout and how to navigate and customize your experience.

How much does it all cost?

Discuss how to plan for resource costs with the pricing calculator before implementation.

Azure Basics Quiz

These questions will confirm your knowledge gained in this section.


The Deployment Model

Recap the Azure deployment model with an example.

How does storage work in Azure?

Discuss the different storage options and use cases.

Virtual Machine Types

Discuss the available Virtual Machine (VM) types available.

Virtual Network capabilities

Discuss Virtual Networks and how it can be used with Virtual Network Peering as well as on-premises workloads via a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Demo: Creating a Virtual Network and Windows VM

Demonstrate how to create a Virtual Network as well as build and configure a Windows virtual machine.

Demo: Creating a Linux VM and discuss Virtual Machine settings

Demonstrate how to create a Linux Virtual Machine as well as go through all the virtual machine (VM) settings and address key sections like Operations, Settings, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting.

Demo: How to Connect to your VMs
Virtualization Quiz

These questions will confirm your knowledge gained in this section regarding virtualization in Azure.



Discussion around the backup types in Azure with use cases.

High Availability

Discussion of High Availability (HA) and the different ways we can configure it.

Disaster Recovery

Discussion of Azure Site Recovery (ASR) 

Demo: Virtual Machine Backups

Demonstrate how to configure Virtual Machine (VM) backups in Azure, as well as how to recover the data.

Redundancy Quiz

These questions will confirm your knowledge gained in this section regarding redundancy in Azure


IaaS Security

Discussion of the necessity regarding cloud security and how to approach the problem with a layered defense.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Discussion on how a VPN works as well as the two types and when to use which.

Azure Security Center (ASC) Dashboard

Discussion on how Azure Security Center (ASC) simplifies your ability to manage your cloud and hybrid environment from a security point of view.

Data Security Considerations

Discussion of vulnerabilities associated with single server hosting, hosting multiple data types, and a single platform hosting multiple data types/owners on multiple VMs

Security Threats

A discussion about VMEscape, Privilege elevation, Live VM migration, and data remnants as they apply to the comingling of hosts of different security requirements.

Security Quiz

These questions will confirm your knowledge gained in this section regarding security in Azure

Active Directory

Active Directory in Azure

Discussion of what Azure Active Directory (AAD) is used for as well as the benefits of having your identity in the cloud.

Demo: Adding a Custom Domain in Azure

Demonstrate how to add a custom domain to Azure Active Directory with a domain owned in GoDaddy.com

Role Based Access Control

Demonstrate how Role Based Access Control (RBAC) works.

Azure Active Directory Business to Business (B2B) and B2C

Discussion of Azure Active Directory Business to Business (B2B) and B2C

How to Sync your on premises and cloud identity

Discussion of how to merge your cloud and on premise identity by using the ADConnect tool.

Demo: Configuring your company brand in Azure

Demonstrate how to configure company branding landing page via Azure portal.

Security in Action

Demo Azure Security Center (ASC)

Demonstration of the ASC paid edition and its features.

Demo Connection security via Just-In-Time Virtual Machine Access

Demonstrate how to secure resources by using Network Security Group (NSG) rules effectively via Just-In-Time Virtual Machine Access (JIT VM Access).

Authentication Security

Discuss how to securely connect to Azure by configuring Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA).


BONUS: Where do I go from here?

Discussion of where to go from here (other courses or certifications students might be interested in).

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