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Introduction to Live Streaming – Hosting your own talk show

Learn how we set up online talk show and produce a professional live broadcast to YouTube Live and/or Facebook
Paul Richards
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Produce a completely branded live stream
Produce live and on-demand video content
Create video assets for professional live streaming
Set up pre and post show video assets for live streaming

In this video tutorial you will learn how PTZOptics set’s up our live talk show behind the scenes. Our multi-camera live streaming studio set up is a modern approach that allows for flexible talk show style video conferencing and live streaming. This in depth course focuses on our popular ‘History of Live Streaming Episode” where the entire episode is filmed in black and white with various virtual sets and special effects. This course will include tutorials in: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, vMix and YouTube Live.

If you are completely new to live streaming and video production this course will be a great place to start. Even if you have produced live streaming content before this course will give you some “behind the scene” insight into how PTZOptics hosts our live show. If you do not have any experience with Adobe Photoshop or After Effects you may want to consider taking a course on one of these topics first. While it is possible to start this course without knowledge of how to use Adobe photoshop and after effects we recommend that you learn at least the basic of how these programs work first. 

PTZOptics provides high quality video conferencing and broadcast cameras with HDMI, HD-SDI, USB 3.0 and IP Streaming. Our approach to video camera manufacturing focuses on value. We strive to provide best in class features at affordable prices while we extend our reach with open source camera controls, free Crestron/Extron programming modules and amazing technical support.

Introduction to the course video


The BASICS of live streaming and brief overview of the entire course. Paul introduces the content you will be building on to create a final product live stream.  You will learn about the different types of files you will be using as part of the content for your streams as well as the basic streaming networks you will be using to reach your viewers.

A detailed look at using Wirecast to host a live talk show

Introducing the Course Files

The Course Files

This video is a walk through of all the course files you will be using. Paul opens each file in their respective program and talks about what you will be using each file for.

Using the course files

Using Photoshop

This video shows you how to use Photoshop to create slides that can be used in your video stream.  Paul downloads some of the same course files you have been provided with and shows you how you can use Photoshop to improve and personalize images for your stream. 

Using After Effects

This video shows you how to use Adobe Effects to edit your video background and how to add it into the camera video of your live feed.

Using Adobe After Effects to create live show content

Using Adobe After Effects

This video is for those that have experience with Adobe After Effects, it is not a tutorial video for those who are beginners or have not used this software before.  Paul uses the varies tools available in Effects to show you how you can edit and export your own video files for segments such as video Intros and Outros.  This video is very helpful for learning how to customize your live streams.

How to use Photoshop to create content for your live show

In this video we use Photoshop to create our live stream content. Paul demonstrates how you can use Photoshop to create slides which is a great use of content to add into you live video stream. We use slides like you see on the Daily Show or John Oliver. This is a popular way to display pictures/videos of the content your live show is all about. 

Introduction to Branding

Introduction to the branding tools you need for live streaming - Part 1

In part 1 of our introduction to live streaming we will give a quick overview of the tools you need to create professionally branded content for live shows. This is not a deep dive, just a quick overview of the tools we use to create our live streaming software which include: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and a live streaming production software such as: vMix, Wirecast, xSplit or OBS (Open Broadcaster).

Introduction to the branding tools you need for live streaming - Part 2

In Part 2 of our introduction we begin to discuss technology hardware and software combinations for setting up live broadcasts. These technology packages are set up for various live streaming solutions including NewTek, vMix and Wirecast. The NewTek NDI is a technology you can use to communicate with a producer during your live streams. Two way communications between on screen talent and off stage producers is key to professional broadcasts. Now the technology for robust communication between various parties is so accessible over the internet it can easily be used during your live broadcasts. With technology like the NewTek NDI it can also be used for remote control and live streaming of your next show! 

A Real Live Streaming Set Up

A Real Live Streaming Set Up Example

This video shows the live streaming set up the PTZ Optics team used at a music festival called Pretty Good Fest.  Paul shows you all the equipment he is using, the brands, and what they are bringing to the table to create a professional quality live stream. 

Case Study's - Understanding how major brands are live streaming

How Major Brands Are Live Streaming

This lecture is a case study reviewing how major brands are using live streaming technology. The purpose of this video is learn how major companies are using live streaming and understand the scope of the industry. 

Bringing in guest participants to your live stream with video conferencing

Hosting your own Talk Show - With Video Conferencing Software

This video outlines how we host our live talk shows. You will learn how to set up a professional live broadcast in a talk show style like you see on TV.

Course Quiz

Live Streaming Quiz

These are some basic questions you should be able to answer at the end of this course. 

Introduction to Microstreaming - More in our intermediate course...

Introduction to Microstreaming

This video is an introduction to micro streaming which is a great way to promote marketing videos live without any post production.


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NEW: Using a Dual Screen Set up for managing your talk show!

By popular request I have added a "behind the scenes" explanation of how to use a single computer for live streaming a talk show. This video recorded at our studio shows how to use a dual monitor system in order to live stream a talk show. 

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