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Investing for People Who Hate Wall Street

The ultimate guide to safe and successful investing if you have NO idea about the future of the economy.
JJ Deng
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Invest their money on their own.
Know how to use IRAs and 401Ks to save for retirement.
Maintain a stable and conservative portfolio without spending more than an average of an hour a month.
Understand how to safely pursue even higher investment returns if they're willing to take additional risk.
Save more money or make extra cash to increase their investment savings.

Today, more information about investing is available than ever before at a click of a button.  Yet, investors are more scared and confused about the future than ever before.  If you read or watch the financial news, you’ll find pundits debating with each other over what the future holds; one pundits will tell you the market will crash and another will tell you the DOW will triple in the next few years.

YIKES!  Most of us are suffering from abundance of misleading information about finance and investing, and end up turning to financial advisors to take over our investing.  The truth is, most financial advisors charge high fees, put your money into expensive mutual funds, and end up underperforming the market year after year.  I don’t blame you; Wall Street makes investing seem like rocket science in order to get you to delegate your investing to their (mostly) mediocre advisors and brokers.

Join my course and simplify your investing today and learn the secrets that Wall Street does not want you to know about!

Why Invest?


Brief outline of my course including the philosophy behind it.  Also covers who should and shouldn't take this course.


Legal disclaimer regarding investing being a risky endeavor.

Compound Interest: The 8th Wonder of the World

How compound interest starts out slow but grows your wealth over time and why it pays to start investing TODAY.  How much you can make over the years even with just a 5% return and $10,000 annual savings.

Inflation: The Silent Killer of Wealth

How the compounding effects of even mild inflation can destroy our wealth over time.

There's No Safety Net or 100% Secure Investment, not Even Cash!

Why there is no such thing as a riskless investment: even cash is guaranteed to lose value over time due to inflation.  Why you can’t count on any safety nets anymore like Social Security.

Legal and Common Investment Scams You NEED to Avoid!

Before we discuss what to invest in, let’s talk about what NOT to invest in.  These are common vehicles that most people don’t even consider as scams until we look into them more deeply.

Investing is Easy to Understand (for 99% of us)

Wall Street makes investing a lot more complex to understand than it really needs to be in order to justify charging higher fees.

Compound Interest

The Investment Plan of Champions

The Truth About Diversification in Investing

We’ve all been told not to put all of our eggs in 1 basket when it comes to investing, but we’ve not been clearly told WHICH baskets really matter.

Efficient Market Hypothesis: The Lecture You'll Never Read in a Textbook

The Efficient Market Hypothesis and why it’s naive to believe that you can beat the markets easily.

Index Funds: The BEST Financial Innovations Ever!

Why index funds in the form of ETFs and Vanguard Funds are some of the best financial innovations in the last few years and why they should be the backbone of any long-term portfolio.

Active vs Passive Investing: Why It Pays to Be Lazy.

When it comes to investing, especially the # of trades you make, LESS is MORE.

Please Limit Your Consumption of Financial News!

Why most financial news is a waste of time and may even be detrimental to your inner game when it comes to investing.

The Permanent Portfolio

Lazy Portfolios: Able to Withstand Most Market Conditions

Here we explore some portfolios designed to remain fairly stable in most economic and market environments without needing constant adjustments.

Permanent Portfolio: How to Invest If You Have No Idea About the Future.

Whenever we receive an investment recommendation, the recommender will (either implicitly or explicitly) make assumptions about what the future holds.  But here’s how your investment portfolio should look if you have NO idea what the future holds (hint: it’s not as simple as holding 100% cash.)

Breaking Down the Permanent Portfolio

A detailed look at the components of the Permanent Portfolio.

Yearly Returns of the Permanent Portfolio
Project: Calculate the Yearly Returns of the Permanent Portfolio
Rebalancing: The Equivalent of Oil Changes for Your Portfolio

When markets move over time, the weights of your assets may drift off target.  How and why you should bring them back to target without incurring a huge tax bill.


Elective 1: Retire in Style

401Ks and IRAs: Legal and Commonly Accepted Tax Shelters

The government provides you with investment vehicles that help reduce your tax liability for retirement.  Learn about them and take full advantage of these!

Help! I Can't Implement the Permanent Portfolio in my 401K!

Some 401K plans have restrictions on what funds or assets you can buy in them.  How to implement the Permanent Portfolio if your 401K plan is restrictive.

Safe Withdrawal Rate and How Much Do You Need for Retirement.

Explaining the concept of the “safe withdrawal rate”.

Retirement Planning

Elective 2: Playing it Safe with Speculation

A Warning About This Elective.

Active investing sounds exciting and I advise against it, but if you’re tempted to dabble in it, here are some ground rules.

A Hedge Fund Strategy Similar to the Permanent Portfolio.

This strategy has been getting a lot of press lately, and although it’s similar to the Permanent Portfolio, it does require active trading.

Black Swans: The Worst Crash Has Yet to Come...

Rare events like the 1929 crash, the 1987 crash, and the 2008 financial crisis happen more frequently than what the normal distribution dictates.  Always be prepared for these rare but devastating calamities in the financial markets.

Think You're a Logical Investor? Think Again!

Emotions and psychological biases really kill your ability to trade and invest logically.  Learn more about common biases here.

Common Derivatives, aka Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Be extra cautious when playing with these financial instruments as they can cause you to lose more than your net worth!

Real Estate Investing: It's All About Location, Location, Location.

The right way to start investing in real estate, both by buying property and investing in REIT funds.

Make Money by Lending It to Others and Collecting Interest.

Forget Wall Street completely..  How to make money by lending it to other people through Peer to Peer lending services.


Elective 3: No Money to Invest?  We’ve Got You Covered!

Got No Money to Invest? No Excuse!

Intro to this elective and why not having money to invest is no excuse for not starting today.

Making Extra Cash With On-Demand Services Like Uber, Postmates, etc.

How to immediately start earning money in your free time with on-demand services like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, etc.

It's OK to Save Money But Please Don't Waste Your Time!

Now that you can earn money with Uber or Postmates anytime at your convenience, you shouldn’t be wasting hours of your time to save a buck or two.

Should you pay down debt or invest your cash?

Think of paying down your debt as a long-term investment with a guaranteed rate of return.  If the interest on the debt is high, consider paying it off first before investing.

How to Declare Victory on Late Fees

Using calendar reminders to help you remember to pay your bills on time so you don’t get charged as many late fees.

How to Legally Steal Lots of Frequent Flyer Points from Wall Street

How to strategically sign up for new credit cards to earn lots of reward points and get free gift cards, plane tickets, hotel stays, and more, reducing your cost of living and increasing your savings as a result.

Earning More and Spending Less


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