Jira 7 Guide for Administrators and Developers

Get hands-on practice on Jira customization and issue tracking implementation for your organization
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Manage your projects effectively with Jira
Explore Jira customizations for various use cases.
Get complete administrative control over your projects
Understand issue tracking, detection, and problem-solving needs, and function smoothly within Agile teams across all organizations and workflows
Deal with real-world situations in which JIRA is useful in organizations
Master end-to-end JIRA implementation

This course will show you how to use and manage your Atlassian JIRA instance. It will begin with the basics of JIRA and show how JIRA can be customized to suit the needs of your organization. This updated edition will cover all major components of JIRA 7, which includes JIRA Software, JIRA Core, and JIRA Service Works. We cover everything you need to know to set up a fully-functional implementation. Finally, we will also go over the newly added features in Jira 7.10.

About the Author

Ravi Sagar is an Atlassian Consultant and Drupal expert with several years’ experience in web development and business analysis. He has worked extensively at implementing and customizing big Jira instances for project tracking, test management, support tickets, and Agile tracking.

Ravi founded Sparxsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in 2010. This company provides consultancy and training services on Atlassian tools and Drupal. He has a keen interest in building accessible websites adhering to WCAG guidelines. Ravi’s areas of interest include project management and Agile methodologies.
Along with this, he has also authored several books for Packt. They are:
• Mastering JIRA 7 – Second Edition
• Mastering JIRA.
• Your Definitive Guide To Building a Fantastic Blog in Drupa

His certifications also include:
• Atlassian Certified Professional Jira Administrator.
• Atlassian Certified in Agile Development with Jira Software.

Jira Schemes and Configurations

The Course Overview

This video provides an overview of the entire course.

Introduction to JIRA Administration

Why do we need to customize JIRA.

  • Learn different aspects of Jira Administration
  • Follow the steps to learn Jira Administration
An Overview of Project Configurations

Learn the overview of Jira Administration.

  • Understand the building blocks in Jira
  • Assign project manager the Project Administration rights
Understanding Various Schemes in Jira

Learn about schemes and different types of schemes.

  • What is a Scheme
  • Explain various schemes
Jira Customization Best Practices

How to customize Jira as an administrator.

  • Learn the responsibilities as a Jira Administrator
  • Learn the Jira Customization Process
  • Reuse the configuration and create standard templates

Customizing Jira for Test Management

Required Configurations for Test Management

In the first video, we will go through an overview of all the requirements from the business that they want to have in Jira.

  • Review the requirements
  • Understand various proposed configurations
  • Review the workflow to support Test Management processes
Issue Type Scheme

In this video, we will learn how to create a new Issue type scheme.

  • Create the required Issue types
  • Create an Issue type scheme
  • Learn how to associate the scheme to the project
Workflow Scheme

This video will cover creating new Workflow scheme.

  • Create the new Workflows
  • Create a Workflow scheme and define Issue type mapping to different workflows
  • Associate the Workflow scheme to the project
Issue Type Screen Scheme

In this video, we will show how to create more fields and display them to the correct Issue types.

  • Create new custom fields in Jira
  • Add the new custom fields to various screens and map the screens to the Issue types
  • Associate the Issue type screen scheme to project so that the correct fields are displayed in the Issue types
Field Configuration and Priority Schemes

This video will show how to make certain fields mandatory in the project and create project specific Priorities.

  • Create a Field configuration scheme
  • Map the Field configuration to an Issue type
  • Associate Field configuration and Priority schemes to the project
Permission and Notification Schemes

The last video in this section will show how to change project permissions and notifications.

  • Create a Permission scheme
  • Create Notification scheme
  • Associate both the schemes to the project

Advanced Workflow Configurations


Learn the 1st type of advanced workflow configurations.

  • Create a transition screen to capture additional field
  • Create a field analysis when the test campaign is published
  • User fills the field during workflow transitions

Learn the 2nd type of advanced workflow configurations.

  • Understand the building blocks in Jira
  • Assign project manager the Project Administration rights
Post Functions

Learn the 3rd type of advanced workflow configurations.

  • Understand who can start the progress of workflow
  • Stop user from closing the Test Campaign

Popular Apps (Add-Ons) for Jira

Using Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner
Automation in Jira Using Script Runner

In this video, we will see a very popular app called Script Runner to do extreme customizations in Jira.

  • Get introduction to this app
  • Understand the benefits of using Script Runners as compared to out of the box features in Jira
  • Showcase some common examples where this app can bring lot of power for the Jira Administrator
Using X-Ray for Test Management

In this video, we will take a look at using X-ray for Test Management instead of customizing Jira manually.

  • Get introduced to X-ray and its benefits
  • Understand how this app can be used to better organize your test cases
  • Explore how this app brings end to end traceability with it rich and useful reports
Advanced Reporting Using EazyBI

In the final video of this section, we will discuss how advanced pivot like reports can be created in Jira using EazyBI app.

  • Get introduced of this app
  • Understand the benefits of using EazyBI
  • Create dynamic reports and dashboards with EazyBI

Development within Jira and Integrating with Other Tools

Integrating with Bitbucket and GitHub

In the first video of this section, we will learn how to integrate Jira with Bitbucket and GitHub.

  • Demonstrate the required steps to link Jira with Bitbucket
  • Understand the benefits of such integrations
  • Learn Smart commits and Workflow triggers
Integrating with Other Atlassian Tools Using Application Links

In this video, we will explain what application links in Jira are.

  • Learn how Application links work
  • Explore various examples of Application links between Jira and other tools
  • Understand the purpose of Application links when Jira is used with them
Integrating Jira with LDAP and Implementing SSO

In this video, we will take a look at integrating Jira with company’s user directory and the concept of Single Sign On.

  • Understand the User directories in Jira and how Jira can also be integrated with LDAP
  • Get to know the benefits of using SSO using Atlassian Crowd
  • Learn about popular apps for implementing SSO in Jira
Mail Handler in Jira

In the final video of this section, we will explain how to create and comment on Jira issues by simply sending an email.

  • Understand what is Mail Handler in Jira
  • Explore different types of Mail Handler
  • Understand advanced processing of mail using apps like Enterprise Mail Handler for Jira (JEMH) and Email This Issue

Jira System Administration

Import and Export

In the first video of the section, we will learn how to backup and restore Jira and discuss the possibilities of importing data into Jira.

  • Learn the Backup and Restore capabilities of the tool
  • Understand how one or multiple projects can be imported in Jira
  • Understand importing data from External tools using CSV import feature in Jira
Jira Administration Best Practices

This video will describe various best practices to maintain your Jira instance.

  • Understand the important of the log in Jira
  • Explore various best practices like using banner and using introduction test in the dashboard
  • Understand the importance of Backup policy for your Jira instance.
Troubleshooting Jira

This video will describe various common issues that you may face with Jira and their possible solutions.

  • Learn how to use Atlassian support when you buy Atlassian products like Jira
  • Explore the various common configuration issues
  • Learn the possible solutions for common problems
Setting Up Change Control Board

In this video, we will lay the foundation of Change Control Board and discuss its important.

  • Understand the Jira customization process
  • Understand the framework for setting up Change Control Board
  • Explore various scenarios of change request in Jira and how to perform impact analysis before implementing them in Jira
What Is New in Jira 7.10

In the last video of the course, we will explain the new features in version 7.10 of Jira.

  • Understand Archiving project feature in Jira Data Center
  • Learn the new UI on Jira 7.10
  • Explore the improvements in this new version
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