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Journalism: Mobile video reporting & iPhone video editing.

Smartphone video production: Interviews & video editing. Make mobile videos with video apps. For mobile video beginners.
Robb Montgomery
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Know which types of shots to film every time
Learn how to plan your video for the best results
Shoot and edit great looking video with their iPhone or iPad
A simple method for organizing your story flow
Format a script so that it can be read in one take!

Wouldn’t you like to know how to produce video with your iPhone?

This course will teach you the methods that produce professional-looking video packages every time.

Michael Choke writes: “Another Brilliant Course by Robb Montgomery. Having enjoyed Robb’s clarity of instruction and step-by-step guidance in his previous course “Make iPhone video like a pro in 10 steps,” I was expecting nothing less than another high quality course from him. In this next course, his instructions are just as clear as ever, and his attention to detail yet again simply amazing. This time round, we still get the direct “how to” actionable lessons, coupled with “secret sauce” insights derived from years of experience and topped with sharing of working files whenever practical. And boy, I’m impressed! Looking to learn how to film and edit a video story on iPhone? This is it!”

This step-by-step class teaches all aspects of video production: From interviewing to editing.

You will learn how to produce professional video in this course.

No previous video production experience is required.

First we’ll go over the shots and setups before moving onto scripts and camera standups.

There are more than 11,000 happy students enrolled in Smart Film School courses including field reporters from Reuters video, CNN and the New York Times.

I encourage you to read the five-star reviews from real people, just like you.

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  • 40 lessons, 2.5 hours of content

  • This course features easy-to-follow lessons that will dramatically improve your video production and video storytelling.

  • Course updated: November 2015

  • The instructor has more than 500 ★★★★★ reviews on his Smart Film School courses.

Learn to make short videos with an iPhone or iPad in 10 steps:

  1. Gear, apps and camera settings

  2. Shot sizes and filming patterns

  3. Interview techniques

  4. Filming sequences

  5. Writing scripts

  6. Recording voice over narration

  7. Producing a stand up clip (Piece to Camera)

  8. Editing soundbites in iMovie

  9. Titles and lower thirds graphics

  10. Sharing and analytics

The lessons in this course were developed from the experiences of training thousands of broadcast journalists how to tell stories with their mobile phones. Get the same training that professional broadcasters use.

Getting started


This is a comprehensive masterclass in video journalism and broadcast news video production.

The lessons in this course were developed from the experiences of training thousands of broadcast journalists how to tell stories with their mobile phones and using visually-led approaches to reporting and producing stories. Montgomery combines this approach with advanced social media, data visualization and writing techniques that connect with Web & Mobile audiences.

How to take this course
About the instructor

How qualified is the instructor to teach this material?

Take this course with your phone

I show you how you can take these lessons with your smartphone

Gear, apps and camera settings

The gear you need to make a video news package

The basic kit to upgrade the quality of your video production with a smartphone

Checking in
Gear test: Sennheiser ClipMic digital lapel mic
When you need to add a light

A rig built just for interviews!

Set up your phone with these video apps

Find and organize the best video production apps

Apps list (Android and iOS) Updated!

The apps I use

Turn your phone into a pro camera with these controls

Setting up the video recording app to get pro results.

How to use the camera to film video

Camera fundamentals and the things you want to get right before filming.

How to upload HD video to Facebook

The video you upload to Facebook from an iPhone or iPad is low quality by default. Let’s fix that!

Shot sizes and filming patterns

Shot sizes and sneaker zoom

How to film the shots you need to tell a video story

Understand the visual grammar for telling a video story.

Film with this shot pattern to make great video

This filming pattern will get you the shots you need for a video sequence that matches a soundbite.

Check for understanding

Confirm your knowledge of setting up the camera and making video shots

EXERCISE - Film a shot sequence

Interview techniques


How to get stable interview footage


How to find a great background


Aligning the subject in your shot

The trust bubble

How to engage with your subject to get the best sound bites

Interview questions

A tutorial on the questions that get great sound bites

Check for understanding

Confirm the best practices for making quality interviews

Exercise: Film a practice interview

Filming sequences

What Sequences can do

Analysis of “24 hours in Hong Kong,” A story without words.

How sequences can transport location and convey duality

Compressing time with a sequence

How a 30 minute process can be shown in 30 seconds

Writing scripts

Writing to pictures

Tips for organizing the shots to prompt a script

Formatting a story into a script

Learn how to format a script so that it can be read in one take!

Handout - More script writing tips from Robb

Recording voice over narration

How to track a vocal narration

A case study: The king of the Vikings

Voice-over recording gear

How to get the best audio quality for your voice-over narration.

Handout: The voice-over recording technique

Recording Voiceovers

Follow these tips when recording your voice over narration.

Check for understanding

Recording a reporter stand up or “Piece to Camera”

Framing and backgrounds for stand-ups

What to look for and how to set up the shot for a reporter standup

The types of reporter stand ups

Some of the reasons that reporter needs to appear in a news video

Recording the standup - gear
Example of a typical standup situation

Story planning and video editing

Video editing in iMovie

A demo for how to edit sound bites, add cutaway sequences and build a video story in iMovie

Log and capture

Identify your best shots and bites

Build your story flow

A simple method for organizing your story

Storyboard template

This handout help you plan and produce a news package

Titles and lower thirds graphics (Optional step)

Adding graphics . . . yes or no?

When do you add graphics?

Creating title cards, lower thirds
Transitions and animation
Custom graphics

Sharing and analytics

Exporting and uploading the video

A simple workflow for uploading your videos, adding metadata and tracking analytics

Wrapping up

Feedback Form

Assess this course - Share your feedback!

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