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Kick Your Social Anxiety To the Curb

The Secret of Losing Your Fear and Finding Friends Fast!
Teresa Trower
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Attend parties and events with more confidence.
Use 2 techniques to quickly cut through social anxiety.
Prevent pre-party or event jitters.
Use your imagination to calm your fears.
Boost your conversational skills.
Jump start your self confidence.
Use the same techniques as one of the greatest therapists in history.
Use this most powerful question to stop your anticipatory anxiety.
Use these strategies before inviting someone out.
Feel confident giving presentations and public speaking

Do you dread or avoid social events because you’re anxious about saying or doing the wrong thing?

Do you avoid Public Speaking like the plague?

Then, you know how it feels to have Social Anxiety. You’re not alone. 15 million people suffer from Social Anxiety.

It can make you feel like an outsider…while you watch your friends make it look easy!

Think about it. Most people meet new friends at social events

If you’re avoiding these events, they you’re missing out on one of the best things in life…friendships!

And you don’t have to be an extrovert! Even if you’re an introvert, the skills you learn in this course will set you on a new path to a social life you can ENJOY!

Bottom line, this course will give you the tools to overcome your anxiety.

You’ll learn how to become more confident in social situations. You’ll have a step- by- step plan for feeling confident at parties and social events.

You’ll discover time- tested techniques for quickly reducing your anxiety. And you’ll learn how simple exercises can calm your jitters, allowing you to ENJOY social interactions.

At the end of this course, you’ll know:

  • a cool NLP technique for quickly reducing your anxiety
  • whether you’re socially anxious or simply introverted, and what that means
  • how to reduce your pre-party jitters
  • how to feel more self confident at a party
  • what not to do after a party
  • the secret to boosting your self confidence
  • the types of people to avoid if you want to stay confident
  • a fast and effective tapping technique to zap your anxiety
  • how to lose your fear of public speaking and presentations
  • how to feel confident introducing yourself in a meeting
  • how a famous therapist cured his social anxiety
  • how to apply Rational Emotive Therapy to your social fears
  • the most powerful question to ask yourself when you’re scaring yourself with negative thoughts
  • two powerful techniques to use before asking someone out 

You’ll have demonstrations of how to do the techniques, as well as practice exercises to help you increase your social skills.

Best of all, you’ll have my help should you have questions along the way or help applying the techniques. 

Information To Get You Going

What To Do First



Do You Have Social Anxiety?

Bust Through Social Anxiety With This NLP Technique

Using this technique quickly lowers your social anxiety, and it takes less than a minute.The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes.

What Is Social Anxiety?

Learn how Social Anxiety affects you psychologically, behaviorally, and physically.

Do You Have Social Anxiety or Something Else In Disguise?

Are you an introvert? Discover how this affects your party going preferences.

Quiz #1

Social Anxiety Quiz

How To Prepare for A Party or Event

How To Prevent the Pre-Party Jitters

You'll learn how to keep yourself calm on the day of the party by monitoring your use of this common substance. Included is a downloadable Party Skills Guide.

How To Use Your Imagination To Calm Your Social Anxiety

Discover how to "ground" yourself with the "Tree" technique, and instantly  calm your pre-party shyness.

Quiz #2

Your Nervous System 

What To Do At the Party or Event

How To Boost Your Conversational Skills At the Party

Discover which type of questions promote instant communication.

How To Keep Your Social Zen At the Party

Utilize the "Quick Question" strategy to keep the conversation going!

Mind Traps To Avoid

Don't derail you party success by thinking like this!

Quiz #3

Conversational Skills

What To Avoid After the Party

Avoiding this Will Help You Want To Party Again!

How to avoid making yourself miserable after a social event.

Power Up Your Confidence!

How To Jump Start Your Self Confidence

Discover the two best ways to boost your self confidence. Then download and print the action step, and build your confidence with a little help from your friends!

Who To Avoid To Stay Confident

 Why dump the Debbie Downers, and where to find like-minded people.

Quiz #4

Who To Avoid

A Little KnownTechnique For Transforming Anxiety

How To Tap Away Your Social Anxiety

Let me lead you through this powerful energy technique to quickly move anxiety out of your body. Included is a downloadable tapping protocol so you can practice this at home.

Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking!

The Number # 1 Fear In America

Public speaking is the #1 fear in America. This lecture discusses what causes this fear, as well as why you should explore public speaking as a way to further your success in life.

The Number #1 Reason Why You Should Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

This lecture gives you a few tips to manage your stage fright.

Gaining Confidence By Quieting The Saboteurs
The Two P's (But Not In A Pod)

In this lecture, you'll learn why it's so important to have a purpose in speaking, and how to beat your perfectionism.

Handling Your Fear of Introductions

More tips on reducing your anxiety about public speaking as well as the anticipatory anxiety when you have to introduce yourself in meetings.

One of the Most Effective Anxiety Strategies on Record

How To Think Like One of the Greatest Therapists in History

Learn how Albert Ellis, one of the greatest therapists of all time, conquered his own Social Anxiety.

What Really Determines Your Happiness Level?

Find out what Albert says is really behind your fears, and how Rational Emotional Therapy can change your thinking.

The Most Powerful Question To Lower Anticipatory Anxiety

Learn the most effective question to ask yourself when you're experiencing anxiety about a future event.

Teresa's Story

Teresa shares an example of how she confronted her own irrational belief and anxiety.

Quiz #5

Who developed Rational Emotive Therapy?

Facing Your Fear of Asking Someone Out...and More...

Two Strategies To Pump Up Your Courage in Asking For a Date

Learn the "Two to One" and "Quick Turnaround" Techniques to help you feel less social anxiety when approaching people or asking for a date. Includes a downloadable worksheet with the 2 techniques.

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