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Leadership: How to Influence, Inspire and Impact as a Leader

Leading Others Using Effective Leadership Methods That'll Get You Results! Influence, Inspire & Impact as a Leader
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How to become an authentic, impactful leader that inspires progression change and growth
The difference between a manager and a leader and how to be more effective as a leader
Understand different leadership styles and determine which style you are as a leader
How to motivate your team to achieve goals, improve their skills and be more cohesive
How to achieve results within your organization by being a strong leader
How you can build trust with your team
How to use creativity as a leader
How to create a shared vision amongst your corporation and team
How to empower people and influence behavior

Leadership is about making others better through empowering them to be and do their best. Every business needs strong leaders to guide, inspire and impact those around them, to work together and achieve a common goal. 

If you are ready to develop your leadership skills, to be someone that motivates others to be the best versions of themselves and surpass goals, then this is the course for you! Leadership: How to Influence, Inspire and Impact as a Leader, guides you from having a manager mentality to developing an attitude of leadership. You will be introduced to the various styles of leadership, learn about the effectiveness of each, and determine which style of leader you are. You will learn how to work with different levels of performers and how to inspire them to reach further success, how to effectively communicate and influence others to work towards your vision, and you’ll learn how to do it in a way that’s both informative and engaging!

Lorraine Wiseman has taught leadership to companies around the world for more than 25 years, teaching both hands on and at colleges and universities. This course brings Lorraine’s 25+ years of experience and industry know-how, to you! Her unique teaching style comes from her experience in presidential roles in 7 companies, in 6 countries around the world.

What Will I Learn?

  • The qualities of a great leader
  • The difference between being a manager and a leader
  • Traits VS behaviors
  • Leadership styles: the impact they can have on an organization and potential results
  • The significance of followership and how being a follower can make you a stronger leader
  • Working with different levels of performers and how to influence them to achieve results
  • Assembling the right team
  • How to build a cohesive team
  • Being an authentic leader
  • Servant leadership
  • Building trust through coaching and communication
  • How to overcome blocks in creativity
  • Choosing the right channel of communication in various circumstances
  • Creating a shared vision and empowering your team

This course is also full of examples and activities that allow you to practice what you are learning. Work with Lorraine throughout 7 exercises to develop your skills and competencies to become a strong leader!

Learning from Leadership: How to Influence, Inspire and Impact as a Leader will benefit you professionally as you gain skills and acquire tools that will enable you to support your team! 

Leadership can be challenging and complex. To navigate this maze you need to have a strong understanding of who you are, know what motivates your followers, communicate effectively and more! 

By the end of this course you will be able to confidently and effectively influence and support those around you, empower your team to reach goals and more!

We look forward to seeing you in the course!


About Instructor And Course

Welcome to this course on Leadership!

In this lesson, your instructor Lorraine Wiseman will share her experience as a global leader and leadership expert. Lorraine will share the tools you will learn in this course. 

What Is Leadership?

In this lesson you will learn exactly what a leader is!

Introduction To Leadership

What Is A Leader?

In this lesson you will learn what the traits of a leader are.

The Difference Between A Leader And A Manager

In this lesson you will learn the difference between counting vs creating value; circles of influence vs circles of power and leading people vs managing work.


What are the core differences between a leader and a manager?  Match the characteristics with the role using the excel sheet that can be found in the resources folder.


The Difference Between Traits And Behaviors

In this lesson you will learn about the technical, human and conceptual characteristics and traits of a leader.

Leadership Styles

In this lesson you will learn about leadership styles and how different leadership styles impact the organization and potential results of a company.

Situational Leadership

In this lesson we will define the elements of telling, selling, participating and delegating based on the need to be supportive or directive with a specific task. We will also look at understanding unique situations and readiness.

Path-Goal Theory Of Leadership

The leaders job is to increase personal payoff's to subordinates for goal attainment; in this lesson you will gain an understanding for how a leader behaves in these situations.

Contingency Model

In this lesson you will learn about the participative leadership approach; you will gain an understanding for the level of participation and influence, individuals have over the direction and outcome of decisions.

Servant Leadership

In this lesson you will learn about the servant style of leadership and the benefits of this style of leadership, to the organization and the shareholder.

Transactional VS Transformative Leadership

In this lesson you will learn about an approach to leadership that is based on the task at hand versus a leadership style that will fundamentally change, not only what is done but how and why through transactional and transformative leadership.

Positive VS Negative Leadership

The impact of a positive approach to leading versus a negative approach. In this lesson you will learn about the carrot or the stick, understanding the impact on employees and strategy and more!

Autocratic VS Democratic Leadership

In this lesson you will gain an understanding about autocratic leadership versus democratic leadership; when the leader leads through telling people what to do versus asking for input and gaining consensus.

Consultative VS Participative Leadership

In this lesson you will learn about consultative leadership and asking for input from employees versus participative leadership where there is a direct participation of the employees in the decision making.

Employee Focused VS Task Focused Leadership

Task focused leaders will focus only on the project or expected outcomes and deliverables versus an employee focus where the leader will develop the employees motivate through the task while delivering results. In this lesson you will learn about the difference between each style of leadership!


It's time to practice what you've learned! Match the description to the leadership style in the attachment. 


The Importance Of Followership

In this lesson we explore the importance of followership and what effective followership is. 


In this lesson we look at critical vs uncritical thinking and passive vs active participation.

Personal VS Positional Power

In this lesson we look at personal power (knowledge, expertise, effort, persuasion, speak truth) and positional power (location, information and relationships).

Managing Up: 4 Strategies

In this lesson you will learn about building a strong and meaningful relationship with your leader to develop yourself as a leader.

Be a Leader

In this lesson you will learn about the leadership process - being authentic, building trust, clarifying the core issues and leadership situation. We will also look at creating good ideas and communicating your vision.


Given the different types of followers, what was the leadership situation that might have created this type of follower? Which type of follower has impact and what might a leader do to create this type of follower?

Team Leadership

Team VS Group

In this lesson we will define the different characteristics of a team versus a group.

Different Types Of Teams

In this lesson you will learn about functional team, cross-functional team and self-directed teams along with the applicable type of leadership that may be required by each type of team.

High Performing Teams

In this lesson you will learn about the different characteristics of a high performing team!

Assembling The Right Team

In this lesson you will learn about how to assemble the right team. We will look at the right size of team, members, member checklist, potential team leaders and the right level of interdependence.

Establishing Team Leadership

In this lesson you will learn about task roles versus leadership roles.

Build The Team Foundation

In this lesson we will define how the team will work together, how decisions will be made and define the roles on the team.

Building The Teams Cohesiveness

In this lesson you will learn about team development, building trust, getting commitment, peer accountability and how to manage conflict.

Stages Of Team Development

Let's look at the role of the leader as the team evolves through the stages of development; form, storm, norm, perform!

Element Within The Development Of The Team

In this lesson you will learn about building trust, getting commitment, peer accountability, giving feedback and managing conflict.

Achieving Results

In this lesson you will learn about measuring results and creating SMART goals.


When was a time when you were on a high performing team?  Answer the five questions in the attached document.

Be An Authentic Leader

Why Should Anyone Be Lead By You?

In this less we will look at the various reasons someone should be lead by you! We look at your personality, your values, your attitudes, your cognitive thinking style and your strengths!

Becoming Self Aware

In this lesson you will learn about the benefits and importance of becoming self aware and how it can positively benefit you and your team!


Complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator online to understand yourself more; consider your MBTI and how it can be used to influence your leadership style!

Building Trust With Stakeholders

Trust As A Foundation For Leadership

In this lesson you will learn about the elements of trust; how is trust earned? What are the characteristics of a leader on which trust can be built? Let's explore!

Building Trust Through Integrity And Values

Let's look at personal values; what is important to you and how do these values translate into actions? 

Watch the video: Speed of Trust By Stephen Covey: 


Building Trust Through Leadership Actions

In this lesson you will learn the role of competent performance, consistency and predictability, openess and accuracy, sharing and delegating control and concern for others.

Building Trust Through Coaching And Communication

In this lesson you will learn about mindful listening, gaining understanding, paraphrasing and logical consequences.


Find a partner or friend and spend 5 minutes listening to what is important. Make a list of the open-ended questions to ask and paraphrase the responses you received.

Watch the video: The Indian Talking Stick By Stephen Covey:


The Creative Leader


Create something, anything...be creative and have fun!

Blocks To Creativity

In this lesson you will gain an understanding around the perceived limitation of creativity and the importance of creativity in leadership!

Creating Your Vision

In this lesson you will learn the four elements of creating a vision.


Create your vision!

Leadership Communication

The Leadership Communication Model

In this lesson you will learn about the charismatic orator, speaking authentically and how to effectively use various communication tactics.

The Communication Process
Choosing The Channel For Communication

In this lesson you will learn about various channels for communication, including; formal reports, electronics, memos, telephone and face to face.

Informal Communication

In this lesson you will learn about managing by walking around and walking your talk as a leader!

Communicating In A Crisis Situation

In this lesson you will learn about staying calm, being visible, telling the truth and communicate a vision.


Write your leadership story!

Influencing Others

Creating A Shared Vision

In this lesson you will learn about motivation vs inspiration; understanding stakeholder intrinsic and individual needs and communicating the vision in terms of these needs.

Empowering Others

In this lesson you'll learn about sharing power with others; sharing information, giving responsibility and authority, providing context, consulting and use the input from the group!

Influencing Behavior

In this lesson you will learn about rational persuasion, shared values and more!


Go back to your written vision and think about how you can share it with a friend; how will you influence others to share in your vision?

In Summary

Final Thoughts

In this lesson Lorraine will go over the key takeaways you can take from this course!

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