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“…a terrific course for someone at any level of management. Does a great job in focusing on true leadership with business examples; not simply pointing out ‘management’ tactics that specifically apply to the workplace. Highly recommend!”  – Thomas Riley

“Good stuff. More practical stuff than most leadership books.”Joseph D. Rotman


“A leader Is a dealer in hope”

Napoleon, said that. And he was right. Clever guy, Napoleon.

The terms leader and manager are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference. And in the current competitive market, it’s not enough to be one or the other…you must be able to be both, if you want to get the most from your team.

In this course, I will show you how.


“Simply awesome course, I loved the examples and how Alan explained everything. Well worth doing.!” – Stephen Lugar


“But why should I take your course, Alan?”

And that’s an important question. Now, it may seem counter-intuitive, but I’m going to paraphrase something George Bernard Shaw said “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach”, but some do both.

I remember when I was doing my formal qualifications in my chosen profession quite a few years ago…one of my lecturers often started his sentences with “When I was in industry…” He was a great guy, no doubt a brilliant academic, but he hadn’t practiced what he was teaching for over 20 years. I think it’s a perishable skill.

I could tell you I’ve worked at a senior level across several very different industry sectors: automotive, manufacturing, FMCG, healthcare, pharma, and service industries. I’ve worked in both the public and private sectors. I’ve been head-hunted by blue chip companies, Times Top 100 companies…but all of that is history. The important thing is…I still do it.


“I really had some fun and learned a lot…Thank you for sharing your experience!” – Pedro Henrique


This isn’t a course on management theory. There are lots of those already. It’s a practical one. It’s hands on.

  • I will guide you through my Three T’s Methodology for creating super-star teams, complete with 9 actionable exercises that you can do today.

  • I’ll share with you my interview process for recruiting great people.

  • NLP techniques for effective communication.

  • We will cover the best ways to motivate your team.

  • Practical day-to-day leadership and management.

  • What to do with under-performers.

  • I’ll even share all the best lessons I’ve learned from my great managers.


“I love Alan! He is easy to understand and learn from” – DeLisa Newstrom


This course is the result of 30 years of ongoing experience.

  • If you currently lead, or manage people, you should take this course.

  • If you aspire to lead, or manage people in the future, you should take this course.

This course comes with Udemy’s 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied, you can get a refund…no questions asked!

Enroll now, and become the leader I know you can be!

See you in the course!

The Fundamentals Of Leadership


Hello, and welcome to the course!

In this brief introduction, we will get a birds-eye view of what this course is, and how it is structured.

Welcome again...it's great to have you here!

An Important Question

Here's an important question...Do you know the difference between a leader and manager?

In this lecture, we will learn just what that difference is...

It's not About You, It's About Them

It's not about you, it's about them...your team that is.

In this lecture, I'll show you:

  • The two things you must do to be a great leader,
  • The three ways you can access to great people,
  • The two most important messages I took from a management seminar, many, many years ago...
I Have To Praise You Like I Should

Warning: Singing is involved in this lecture!!!

In this lecture, I will tell you the one thing that you should never forget...

Can you guess what it is?

Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You

In this lecture, I will sneakily introduce some NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) concepts, and a really innovative way to tell which way people think!

What We’ve Got Here, Is Failure To Communicate

The number one issue in any organisation is, usually, communication...

But is there a failure to communicate?

In this lecture, we'll begin to look at a better communication model. You may be surprised...

Are We Speaking The Same Language?

In this lecture we will cover perhaps one of the most important, but often overlooked, things in communication...are we actually speaking the same language?

The Lost Art Of Listening

In this lecture we will cover the lost art of listening.

We'll have a look at a couple of ways to spot when this is happening, and what to do about it, and we'll also get into a simple, but effective method for you to become a world class listener...

Knowledge Is Power: Or Organisational Communication

This is a really big subject, but it can be simplified somewhat...and that's what we're going to do here!

Creating Super-star Teams And Individuals

We're Gonna Make You A Sta-a-a-r

Welcome to section 2!

In this first short lecture, I'll share with you the number one thing you have to do to be regarded as a leader...

The Three T's - Time, Tools and Talent

In this short lecture, I'll introduce you to my model for consistently creating super-star teams.

It's simple to remember, and simple to apply.

Welcome To My World

In this lecture, we'll take a birds eye view of the Time, Tools and Talent model. 

The First T: Time

Okay, let's get in to the first T: Time.

We'll cover the #1 essential quality in a manager.

I will show you how I introduce the Three T's concept to your team. How to set up the meeting, and what you should cover in it.

Then, we'll cover what you need to do to get honest responses from your team members!

Being Helpful: Or, Whose Job Is It Anyway?

I this lecture, I will show one of the first things I am looking for when I do my "sit downs" with the individual team members.

Time Exercise 1 - Being Helpful

Exercise 1: Being Helpful

Take some time to sit with the individual members of your team, and check to see if they are doing anything that either outright doesn’t sit within their job role, or things that may not. If in doubt, ask!

If you find any such activity, find out where that task naturally sits, check job descriptions if you have to, and meet with the relevant manager, and arrange for the task to be handed back.

If You Want It Doing Properly…

In this lecture I will show you another thing I am always on the look out for...

We'll get into lean manufacturing principles, and how you can simply apply them to get your team a little extra time...

Time Exercise 2 - The Seven Deadly Wastes
Modelling Excellence And Soup Questions

Now we'll take a look at a simple method you can use to increase the productivity of your team, and the answers may already be there...

Time Exercise 3 - Modelling Excellence
The Second T: Tools

A very quick introduction to our second T: Tools.

£179.99. Or, The Cost Of Solving A Ten Year Old Problem

Here, we'll take a look at a simple example of how a couple of my former team members solved a 10 year old problem in an afternoon...simple by solving a downstream problem.

Also, a very effective Japanese business philosophy :)

Tools Exercise 1 - Downstream and Upstream Problems
Mission Mundane. Or, I Can’t Not Look

Now we'll take a look at how solving an upstream problem, using a very simple automated solution, saved time,  saved stress, and ensured we were working on the things we needed to work on!

Tools Exercise 2 - Automation
That’s What I Expected To See…

In this lecture we will take a little dip in to Lean Manufacturing (Poka-yoke), and how you can use it to solve some very serious process problems...I always train my teams in the use of lean principles :)

Tools Exercise 3 - Poka-yoke
The Third T: Talent

This is my favourite T: Talent.

I will use everything at my disposal to access this quality in my team. In fact, the first two T's are the stepping stone to get to here...so let's take a look.

Planes and Peer Brains

In this lecture we'll take a look at a simple system to enable you to access and share the great ideas and creativity of your peers...if someone has a great nugget of information that would benefit others...share it!

Talent Exercise 1 - Info Share
Where Are My Trousers?

This is a great story of how a young lady in one of my teams asked a question that hadn't occurred to me in 20 years...and how that question led her to saving 20 minutes, 4 times a day, and deliver the training she's never found the time to do...

Talent Exercise 2 - Limelight And More Ideas
What Would Jesus Do?

In this lecture, I'll tell you about the best Sales Meeting I ever attended...and how it sparked an idea that I've used ever since...

Talent Exercise 3 - What Would (Pick Your Own Hero) Do?
Three T's Summary

That's it...my Three T's model. In here you'll find a couple of examples of the great things I've seen happen by applying it. Enjoy...

Practical Leadership

Intro To Section 3

In this short lecture, we will take a look at what you can expect to learn from section 3

Getting Them In – Interviews

In this lecture, we will cover the exact format I use to recruit future superstars!

The Welcome Bucket

This is a surprisingly simple, and cheap idea, to greet any new starters. So simple, I'm surprised everyone isn't doing it!

Motivation - Mr. Motivator

This is the first lecture on motivation, and we'll discover the absolute most powerful motivator of all...

Motivation - Whose Company Is It, Anyway?

Continuing the subject of motivation, here we'll learn about ownership...

Motivation - Money. That's What I Want

In this lecture we will take a look at one of the more practical real world motivators...money.

Motivation - The Beach Boys

The final motivator...and one of my favourites :)

Meetings - Punctuality

Meetings are a fact of everyday business life.

In the next few lectures we will take a look at how to get the best from them.

Meetings - What’s The Point?

Before you attend any meeting, be sure there is a reason to go in the first place!

Meetings - Who’s The Decision Maker?

In this lecture we will look at one of the most overlooked aspects of a successful meeting...

Meetings - Agendas

Love them or hate them, knowing what's going to be discussed is key.

Meetings - Minutes

A very short lecture on minutes...which lasts about a minute!

Meetings - Facetime

If you are invited to a meeting, do you have to attend?

Meetings - You Talking To ME?

In this lecture, I will share with you one of my pet hates...

Meetings - If You Don’t Understand…ASK!

So often I see this, and there's really no need...

Meetings - Common Sense...Not That Common

A case for ALWAYS speaking up!

How Can I Help?

A valuable lesson I learned from one of the best managers I've ever had...

The Whirlwind

A lesson in something you shouldn't do as a leader...

If You Can’t Change The Culture…

Sometimes, you just have to let people go. But it's not always a bad thing.

My Mentors, And What They Taught Me...

"Good Morning", Or What I Learned From Bill

This is one of the first things I ever modelled (or copied) from one of the best managers, and nicest people, I've ever met...

"That Won't Happen With Me", Or Another Thing I Learned From Bill

Another two valuable lessons I learned from Bill. The importance of saying what has to be said, and being able to admit when you're wrong...what a guy!

“Meet Our New Rising Star…”: Or Yet Another Thing I Learned From Bill

I have used this so many times, I can't even count them. A very simple thing you can do, to make your team feel great...

“Thank you”: Or What I Learned From Kevin

Such a simple thing, but so often ignored...something I learned from Kevin

Cakes On A Friday: Or What I learned From Brian

I shamelessly stole this idea from Brian, and I've done it with every team I've managed since...who says you can't buy affection (only kidding!).

“You’re Allowed To Talk To Each Other...”: Or Another Thing I Learned From Brian

This one was revolutionary at the time...and I still walk into workplaces like this now, which is quite shocking. The importance of a happy workforce.

“I Don’t Do Half Days”: Or What I Learned From Keith

A really valuable lesson Keith taught me...the importance of flexibility.

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