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Learn Adwords & Facebook PPC With A Former Google Employee

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The Most Up to Date Content on These Platforms on Udemy.
The Ability to Confidently Implement Highly Targeted Campaigns on Facebook and Adwords in Minutes
The Rare Skill of Being Able to Attract the Right Types of Customers to Your Website AND Get Them to Take Action (Buy From You).
The Ability to Use Analytics to Gain Revenue Driving Insights from Your Website without Learning Complicated Tools and Reports.
Full Course Content Support From Your Instructor 7 Days A Week
A Complete Certificate from The Edessa Institute.

Join More than 1,100 Happy Students In 105 Countries and Learn PPC the Right way.

– Learn How to Quickly Get More Customers with Adwords, Facebook PPC and More.

– Learn the Simple Strategies Used by Digital Marketing Experts to Increase Online Sales.

– Learn What Makes a Successful Campaign & Skip The Usual Long Learning Process.

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.Feedback from Just Some of Our Early Happy Students:

“Really nice course. Good pace. Not too complex but very practical. Got a lot of great tips for my website” – Greg Williams, USA.

“Super course and very generous with your time 1:1. Lots of great ideas that I’m eager to get started on”. – Mike Mitchell, UK.

Great course! Easy to follow for a beginner and I can already setup lots of different types campaigns for my website” – Mary-Siobhan, Ireland

Learn how to Implement highly targeted campaigns with Facebook and Adwords without needing to spend weeks, months or even years learning the key principals of success on these platforms.

You’ll learn from a former Google employee who has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals achieve success through PPC advertising, conversion rate optimization and simple analytics insights that you can replicate.

No complicated, hard to follow processes, just plain English and easy to follow steps to get results!

You’ll learn how to setup all types of campaigns, from simple to advanced, step by step from the beginning so you can attract your ideal customers to your website in just a few hours.

Learn how to avoid the mistakes that 90% of marketers make when using these platforms.

Learn how to save money While Advertising and Still Improve Performance and Get More Website Visitors.

You’ll even learn how to get your website visitors to purchase from you more often without increasing costs and without having to touch any website code.

You’ll see everything in easy to follow steps so you can learn advanced techniques without the complex jargon and instructions that usually make these topics so hard to learn.

Most Importantly, You’ll Learn how to make more money using these marketing channels.

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The Benefits of This Course?

  1. More Than 50 Lectures and More than 5 Hours of video Content
  2. The Most Up to Date Content on These Platforms on Udemy.
  3. The Ability to Confidently Implement Highly Targeted Campaigns on Facebook and Adwords in Minutes.
  4. The Rare Skill of Being Able to Attract the Right Types of Customers to Your Website AND Get Them to Take Action (Buy From You).
  5. The Ability to Use Analytics to Gain Revenue Driving Insights from Your Website without Learning Complicated Tools and Reports.
  6. Full Course Content Support From Your Instructor 7 Days A Week
  7. A Complete Certificate from The Edessa Institute.

Course Introduction from Your Instructor

Course Introduction & Welcome!

Section One - Google Adwords

Introduction to the Adwords System - The Key Principals You Need to Know!

In this first lecture you'll learn how the most important parts of the Adwords system work and what you can do to leverage those aspects even before you setup your first campagn.

How to Avoid the First Major Pitfall When Creating an Adwords Campaign

In this section i'll speak a bit about the simple foundation mistake that most marketers make when creating campaigns in Adwords.

How to Write Great Ads that Beat The Competition - Simple Tips You Can Use Today

We'll cover the details of what makes a good ad and how to get into the habit of making your ads stand out on a page of search results.

Full Campaign Creation Walk Through - How to Setup Your Campaign For Success

We'll walk through the entire campaign setup phase from step one right through to pushing a campaign live. You'll learn how to get a campaign setup in the most efficient way while understanding the key options available as you go through the process.

Keyword Match Types - How You Can Get Only the Website Traffic That You Want

In this section we'll walk though the various types of keyword structures you can use in your campaigns and you'll see how these variations can dramatically affect how your ads will show.

Structuring Your Adgroups - How to Avoid the Mistake that 90% of People Make

You'll learn how to create adgroups with longevity in mind and avoid the simple mistake that leads most advertisers to get inconsistent campaign performance.

How to Craft an Advanced Adwords Campaign Strategy - Easy to Use Smart Tools

We'll take a look at some of the core tools you can use to craft an effective campaign strategy and why you should become familiar with them.

How You Can Beat Your Competition the Easy Way Using Free Ad Features

You'll learn the simple and effective ad feature that will allow you to get more clicks that your competitors.

Full Walk Through of Conversion Tracking Setup - Making the Complex Simple

Conversion tracking can often be seen as something difficult and awkward to setup, in this section you'll see a full walk through of the setup process and how to make it pain free.

How to Identify Issues within Your Campaigns Before They Cause You Problems

We'll take a look at some simple filtering options and processes that you can use within the interface to spot potential issues with your campaigns and then fix them.

Display Advertising Part One - Using Remarketing to Get More Loyalty and Sales

In this first display advertising section you'll learn how to setup a remarketing with a full walk through and how to use this type of campaign to get the right people to come back to your website and take the action you want.

Display Advertising Part Two - Finding The Right Formats & Targeting for You

In this section you'll see how to find the right mix of display targeting options for your business and how to find the ideal places to show your ads to the right target audience.

The Simple Way to Save Money While Improving the Performance of Your Campaigns

You'll learn a simple but hugely effective technique for minimising inefficient spending across your campaigns while simultaneously improving targeting and getting you better quality ad clicks in larger volume.

Finding Your Easy Performance Boosters - More Hidden Insights That You Can Use

In this section we'll take a look at another easy to use report that will give you insights into the top performing segments of your traffic. I'll show you how to adjust your campaigns so that you find more of these high quality segments and get more clicks from them.

Getting Even More Clicks on Your Ads - A Detailed Breakdown of Strategies

A case study detailing how you can further improve your ad copy to get the response you want.

How to Group Your Keywords for Even Greater Impact - A Data Driven Insight

A case study outlining the depths to which keyword grouping will positively impact your campaign performance.

Why Display Advertising Will Work for Your Website - Regardless of Vertical

A case study showing the effectiveness of remarketing with a simple setup even for niche websites.

Section Two - Facebook

Introduction to Facebook Advertising - Why You Need to Use This Platform

We'll review some facts about Facebook overall along with some indicators of where this network is headed in the coming years as an advertising platform.

When You Should Use Facebook Ads - Identifying The Signals For Your Business

We'll walk through the key advantages of Facebook ads and how to identify when its the right time to advertise here so that you can make the most of the platform for your business.

How to Simplify Your Path to Finding Paying Customers - User Personas

In this section you'll learn about user personas and how you can create one in just a couple of minutes. Once you've done this, you'll greatly simplify the steps of setting up a Facebook campaign and showing your ads to the right people.

How to Develop a Top Performing Campaign Strategy In 5 Minutes With One Tool

You'll learn how to leverage a free tool that allows you to get deep insights into your target market that you can use as the basis of your campaign. Learn details about your target market that will help you find the users who will want to click on your ads before you even spend a penny.

Start With This When Building Your Campaign - It Pays Off When You Create Ads
How to Choose The Right Performance Objective For You - A Full Walk Through

You'll learn the important differences in performance objectives and how to choose the one thats suitable for your business and your goals.

Demographics - The Foundation You Need to Learn and The Engine of Facebook Ads

We'll take a detailed look at all the demographic targeting options available to us in the interface and walk through the process of using this targeting method the right way.

Interests & Behaviors - How You Can Reach Even Deeper Into Your Target Market

You'll learn how to go deep with your campaign targeting with some simple insights into tapping the unconscious actions of your target audience to get them to your website.

Interests Part Two - The Hidden Method of Finding Your Ideal Paying Customers

You'll learn a powerful method by which to find untapped target users who are highly likely to be interested and ready to buy your product or service.

Connecting with Your Target Audience - Leverage Actions They've Already Taken

We'll take a look at how you can use Facebook connections to boost your campaign and find more individuals who are interested in your offering.

How to Get The Most from Facebook Ad Formats - Advertising In the Best Positions

I'll show you how to get the most from your budget and show your ads only in the best formats. Our work earlier in this section pays off here.

How You Can Make Amazing Custom Ad Images for FREE That Will Get More Clicks

I'll show you how to quickly create awesome custom graphics to use in your ads for free and without the need for any design skills.

The Key to Making Facebook Ads Work for You - How To Keep Getting Customers

We'll talk about how to setup your campaigns so that you give yourself the best chance of success in the long run and the one key principal that so many people ignore.

The Simple Hack to Generate a Lot of Likes for Your Page

We'll take a look at how you can quickly generate likes for your page while giving your target audience the kind of content that they love.

Advanced Targeting Methods - Using Custom Audiences and Lookalike Lists

I'll show you how to setup advanced campaigns within your account to find even more users who are likely to be interested in your product or service.

An Example of Location Based Campaigns Driving More Sales For Small Businesses

An example of how a localised Facebook campaign can drive sales even for an unusual type of business and some inspiration for your campaigns.

Section Three - Getting More Conversions - After They've Clicked Your Ads

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization & Why Its Your Ticket to a Lot More Revenue

We'll walk through the important principals of CRO and the key aspects of this practice along with what you can get from implementing small clever changes.

Driving More Sales Without Increasing Costs - Finding Ways That You Can Do It

You'll learn the process for using simple ideas to generate more sales, all without needing to increase your costs.

How To Make the Right Decisions for Your Website or Campaigns Every Time

I'll show you the shortcut to using statistics as the basis for your decisions when you make a change to a campaign or your website so that you can be sure that you're doing the right thing everytime.

How to Create New Revenue Generating Webpages for Your Site Without Coding!

I'll walk you through a live demonstration of creating an incredible new webpage from scratch that you can push live for your website in just a few moments. You'll be able to drive users to take the valuable actions you want and all completely for FREE.

The Highest Impact, Easy to Implement Changes That Will Get You More Conversions

We'll walk through an analysis of a high converting webpage and highlight the easiest features you can adopt on your site to increase conversions quickly and earn more money.

The Backdoor to More Conversions - How to Get A Second Chance At Making A Sale

You'll learn about secondary conversions and how you can use them as a pathway to getting more sales.

20 Conversion Optimization Tests You Can Quickly Implement On Your Website
How To Increase Conversions by Altering Color Schemes
Changing Just This One Thing Can Dramatically Increase Sales
A Conversion Rate Optimization Methodology That Will Work For Your Website

Section Four - Easy Analytics - How to Get Big Results With Minimum Effort

Structure of a Google Analytics Account - Learning This Makes Everything Easier

We'll start this section with an explanation of the structure of a Google Analytics account. Taking a few moments to understand this takes away many of the complications of website tracking and analsyis.

How To Set Up Your Google Analytics Account and Start Tracking in Just 5 Minutes

You'll learn how to setup your analytics account and be ready to gather data with just a few easy to follow steps.

Additional Guide to Setting up Demographic Reporting
How To Use The Top 3 Reports in GA & How to Draw Real Insights From Your Data

You'll see a live walkthrough of three reports you can use in GA right away along with a step by step guide to drawing actionable insights from the numbers you see. You'll not only learn how to use these reports but you'll know how to take action and apply the data to make real changes to optimize your campaigns and website.

How to Link Your Adwords Account to Google Analytics to Get Better Insights

You'll learn how to link your Adwords account to Google Analytics in a step by step walkthrough along with details of the added benefits you'll get when you do this.

The One Feature That Lets You Get Your Analysis Done 5 Times Faster

You'll learn a method that will let you get in depth analysis done with very little effort and in a fraction of the time it takes the average marketer.

The Shortcut to Becoming an Advanced Analytics User & How You Can Start Today

In this section I'll show you an incredibly powerful tool that will allow you to skip the most complex aspects of website tracking and get straight into setting up advanced analytics without needing to learn any code or website development skills.

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