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Learn API & Webservices Testing

Postman, SOAPUI,ReadyAPI & RestAssured with Java, TestNG & BDD with Real Time Application API's
Pavan Kumar
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You will be able to understand what the Webservices & API's are, and their functionality.
After completing this course you can start working on API & Webservices testing projects
Covered most popular API testing tools like Postman, SOAPUI, Ready API & RestAssured API Automation

Webservices/API Testing course is designed to make you an expert in working with Back end Testing.

Nowadays, almost all web applications use web services to communicate or interact with each other. Most modern day web services are built on Representational state transfer (REST) architecture; REST has gained a lot of popularity and it will continue to do the same due to its simplicity in comparison with other technologies.

90%of the IT industry now heading towards this API for automating Services. On course completion You will be familiar with REST API testing   using Postman, SOAPUI & RestAssured and can implement Successfully it in your work place or will surely land on High Paying Job.

Topics Covered:

Module1: Basics of API & Web services Testing

  • What is Client and Server?

  • Client Server architecture

  • Presentation, Business & Database Layer

  • What is Request & Response

  • What is API

  • What is API Testing

  • API Testing VS Unit Testing

  • What is Web Service

  • Difference between API & Web service

  • Components of Web services ( WSDL & UDDI)

  • Types of Web services

  • SOAP VS Rest services

  • URI, URL & URN

  • API/Web service testing challenges

  • Web Service API testing tools

  • Web services API Testing process

  • What to test in Webservices /API Testing


  • Status Codes

  • Examples of Web service API’s

Module 2: API Testing using Postman

  • Download and Install Postman

  • Postman Navigation

  • Creating Requests & Analyzing Response

  • Request Parameters in Postman

  • Postman Collections

  • End to End test case(GET , POST, PUT , DELETE)

  • Basic Authentication in Postman

  • Test and Collection Runner in Postman

  • Workflows in Postman

  • Pre-Request Script in Postman

  • Variables in POSTMAN

  • Environment/Global variables

  • Adding Postman Environment

  • Postman workspace

  • How to share collections in workspaces

  • Postman Coding

  • Data Driven testing using Json & CSV files

  • How to Run data-driven Tests

  • JSON, XML & HTML Payloads

  • Authorization Types in Postman

  • Run Postman tests in command Line

  • Generating Reports in Postman

  • Real Time Examples – Facebook API

  • Importing Facebook API’s into Postman

  • How to handle SOAP Web service Requests in Postman

Module 3: SOAPUI /Ready API (Functional Testing)

  • What is SoapUI? Why to use SoapUI

  • How to Download and Install SoapUI

  • GUI components of SoapUI

  • How to create a SOAP API Project

  • How to add WSDL

  • How to create Test Suite – Test Cases

  • How to add Assertions

  • Run Test Step – Test Case – Test Suite

  • How to run in sequence and in parallel

  • How to create API Documentation

  • Create a REST Project

  • Add a REST request

  • How to add request parameters

  • Create a Test Case

  • Add assertions

  • Run and Validate

  • What are assertions? Why do we add assertions

  • Diff types of assertions in SoapUI

  • What is property in SOAPUI? Why do we use it

  • How to create properties at different levels

  • How to refer properties

  • How to add groovy scripts in SoapUI

  • Property Transfer/Value Transfer

  • Parameterization /Data Driven testing

  • Working with Data Sources in SOAPUI Pro/ReadyAPI

  • Data Driven Testing using Excel file

  • Data Driven Testing using Text File

  • Data Driven Testing using Grid

  • Data Driven Testing using JDBC

  • Data Source – Data Generation

  • Data Source loop and Data Sink

  • How to run a Tests from SOAPUI GUI

  • Generate Reports in SOAPUI

  • How to run a Tests from Command Line

  • Generate reports from Command Line

  • Real Time Examples – Flickr & Google Maps

Module 4: SwaggerUI

  • Swagger UI overview

  • The Swagger UI Petstore example

  • Authorize your requests

  • Make a request

  • Verify that your pet was created

  • Some sample Swagger UI doc sites

  • Create a Swagger UI display with an OpenAPI spec document

Module 5: API Automation Testing using REST Assured

  • Introduction to HTTP methods

  • REST Assured Setting up environment (Eclipse, Maven & TestNG)

  • Send GET request using REST-Assured

  • Send POST request using REST-Assured

  • Send PUT request using REST-Assured

  • Send DELETE request using REST-Assured

  • REST-Assured Extracting values from the response.

  • Validating Response codes and status line

  • JSON Schema Validation

  • Validating Headers

  • Validating Authenticated API’s

  • Rest Assured End-to-End Test Case

Module 6: Rest Assured Framework using TestNG, Maven,Jenkins, Git & Github

  • Create Maven Project

  • Update pom.xml

  • Create Folder structure

  • Develop Utilities (RestUtls.java & Listeners.java)

  • Creating Test Cases

  • Create Extent Reports

  • Run Tests using TestNG XML

  • Create TestBase Class

  • Add logs to Tests using Apache log4j

  • Run Project through pom.xml

  • Run Project through command prompt

  • Run Project through Jenkins

  • Upload project to Git & Git hub

Module 7: Rest Assured Framework using BDD (Behavior Driven Development) Approach

  • Environment setup

  • Keywords used  in BDD Approach

  • How to send GET Request

  • How to send POST Request

  • How to send PUT Request

  • How to send DELETE Request

  • Validating Headers

  • Authorization parameters

  • Basic validations on JSON Response

  • Basic validations on XML Response

  • How to rooPath & detachRootPath in RestAssured

  • Different ways of Reading Response


  • What is Client & Server?

  • 3 Layers of Application

  • Client Server architecture

  • What is API & Web service

Overview on Webservices and API Testing
  • Components of web services

  • SOAP & Rest services

  • API Testing tools

  • API Testing process

  • Types of HTTP requests

  • HTTP request codes

Testing API's using Postman Tool

Install Postman and Start working with Postman
  • Installing postman tool

  • Postman tool options

  • Understand URL's and End Points

  • How to test API's - Demo

Testing API's, Validations, Workflows and Order of Execution in Postman
  • Working with Standalone API

  • Features of Student API

  • Work flows in Postman

  • Working with Postman Collections, Folders and Requests

Postman variables,Data Driven Testing, Working with Collections & Environments

Postman variables

  • Collection variables

  • Global variable

  • Environment variables

Data Driven Testing using

  • csv file

  • json file

  • Export and Import Collections

  • Creating Environments

  • Working with Postman API’s

Testing Real Time Rest API's in Postman ( Facebook Graph API's & CAT API's)
  • Testing Facebook  Graph Web service API

  • Testing CAT API

How to Run Postman Collections from CLI & Testing SOAP Services in Postman
  • How to run postman collection/requests from commands Line.

  • Testing SOAP web services using postman

Webservices testing with SOAP UI & Ready API Tools

Introduction to SOAPUI, Installing SOAPUI & Working with SOAPUI features
  • What is SOAPUI?

  • Features of SOAPUI

  • SOAPUI tool installation

  • Creating SOAP Project ,Test Suites & Test Cases in SOAP UI Tool

  • Creating Rest Project, Rest Requests, Test case with Parameters

  • Order of Execution

Assertions in SOAPUI

SOAPUI Assertions

  • Contains

  • Not Contains

  • Xpath Match

  • Xpath Query Match

  • Invalid HTTP Status codes

  • Not SOAP fault

  • Schema compliance

  • SOAP fault

  • SOAP Response

  • Valid HTTP Status codes

  • Response SLA

  • Script Assertion

  • JSON Response for Rest API’s

  • Json Path count

  • JsonPath Existence Match

  • Json path match

Properties in SOAPUI,Property Transfer & Data Driven Testing
  • Properties in SOAPUI

  • Access property values using groovy script

  • Property Transfer | Values Transfer

  • Parameterization/Data Driven Testing

Data Driven testing using multiple Data Sources in SOAPUI Pro(Ready API)
  • Data Driven testing using multiple Data sources

  • XLS

  • TXT

  • Grid

  • JDBC

  • Executing Test Cases and Generating Reports

Testing Flicker & Google Maps Web service API's, SwaggerIO
  • Flicker

  • GoogleMaps

  • SwaggerIO

Rest API Testing using RestAssured Automation

Overview on RestAssured API, Setting up Environment & Automating Rest API Tests
  • Introduction to RestAssured API

  • Setting up Environment

  • Automating REST API's using RestAssured.

  • Practical Examples

Validating API Responses, Status codes & Status lines
  • How to get response & Validate status codes & Status lines

  • How to get response and validate response headers

  • How to get response and validate JSON body

  • Validating Authenticated API's

  • Data Driven Testing

Rest Assured Framework using TestNG, Maven,Jenkins, Git & GitHub - Part 1

Rest Assured Framework using TestNG, Maven,Jenkins, Git & Github

  • Create Maven Project

  • Update pom.xml

  • Create Folder structure

  • Develop Utilities (RestUtls.java & Listeners.java)

  • Creating Test Cases

  • Create Extent Reports

  • Run Tests using TestNG XML

  • Create TestBase Class

  • Add logs to Tests using Apache log4j

Rest Assured Framework using TestNG, Maven,Jenkins, Git & Github-Part 2
  • Run Tests through Maven pom.xml

  • Run Tests through command prompt

  • Run Tests using run.bat file

  • Run Project through Jenkins

  • Upload project to Git & Git hub

Rest Assured Framework using BDD (Behavior Driven Development) Approach

Environment setup

Setting up Environment for RestAssured in Eclipse

Keywords used in BDD Approach & How to send GET Request

1) Keywords used in BDD


set cookies, add auth, add param, set headers info etc....


get, post,put,delete...


validate status code, extract response, extract headers cookies & response body....

2) How to send GET Request (WeatherAPI)

URL: http://restapi.demoqa.com/utilities/weather/city/Hyderabad



Status Code

Status Line : HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Response Body


How to send POST Request
How to send PUT Request

How to send PUT Request

How to send DELETE Request

How to send DELETE Request

Basic validations on JSON Response

1) Test Status Code

2) Log Response

3) Verifying Single content in response body

4) Verifying Multiple contents in response body

5) Setting parameters & headers

Basic validations on XML Response

1) Verifying Single content in XML Response

2) Verifying Multiple contents in XML Response

3) Verifying all the content in XML response in one go

4) XPath with text() function

5) Find values using XML Path in XML response

Root Settings, rootPath & detachRootPath
  • Root Settings

  • rootPath & detachRootPath

Different ways to read Response

Different ways to read response

Java Basics for RestAssured Automation

Setting up Java on Windows,Data Types & Operators in Java
  • Java installation on windows

  • Download and install Eclipse

  • Variables

  • Data Types in java

  • Operators in Java

Java Control Statements
  • Conditional Statements(Selection Statements)

  • Loops /Iterative Statements

  • Jump Statements

Java Arrays & Strings

Java Arrays & Strings

Java OOPS Concepts, Class, Object, Methods & Constructors
  • Java Classes

  • Objects

  • Methods

Java Overloading, this Keyword & static keyword
  • Overloading

  • this keyword

  • Static variables & static methods

Java Inheritance,Overriding,super & final keywords
  • Java Inheritance

  • Method Overriding

  • super Keyword

  • final Keyword

Java Interfaces,Java Packages & access Modifiers
  • Java Interfaces

  • Java Packages

  • Access Modifier’s

Exception Handling in Java

Exception Handling

Java ArrayList,HashMap & JDBC
  • ArrayList

  • HashMap

  • JDBC

Webservices/API Testing FAQ's

Webservices/API Testing FAQ's-Part 1
Webservices/API Testing FAQ's-Part 2
Webservices/API Testing FAQ's-Part 3
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