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Learn ASP NET MVC 5 step by step

Very easy to learn video series on Asp.Net MVC 5 Specially for those who are familiar with Asp.Net Web forms.
Maruti Makwana
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At the end of my course students will be able to understand Asp.Net MVC 5 and some important parts of the architecture like Modules, Routing, Controllers, Validations, ViewModel of MVC, Code First Approach Etc
this course will help those students who are having knowledge of Asp.Net Web Forms and willing to learn MVC architecture with step by step code samples, Also this will help those who are preparing for MVC interviews.

i want to teach intermediate MVC 5 to developers who have basic knowledge of ASP Net application development and want to be able to use MVC architecture of want to migrate existing application in MVC 5 based application.

This course is covering some of the important MVC 5 concepts with practical codes and most of useful Terms and Concepts are covered in this. We have also covered

I have used Visual Studio 2013 ultimate in this Course because it support MVC 5 project templates but when learners wants to do this they can use any version of Visual studio 2013 which they are comfortable and i am sure all codes will work as it is.

This course is specially designed in such a format that someone can understand it easily and i have taken care that this will be in a simple indian english so that everyone can understand.

As this is my first video series on MVC this is starting form basic and those who wants to learn some advanced things we have some other courses too in same MVC architecture. Feel free to contact me in such cases.

Happy Learning

Introduction of the Course


this is just introduction video

Asp.Net MVC 5 Basics

Getting Started with MVC

this lecture explain MVC version difference and project template

HTML helpers and Actions

This lecture explains some useful parts of project template and two important terms of MVC 1-HTML Helpers and 2-Action

Understanding Route

This lecture explain term 3-Route with Global.asax and RouteConfig.cs file it also explain how ASP.Net URL routing is working in MVC project template.


This lecture explain term 4-ViewBag which is dynamic and how it works with the help of DLR [Dynamic Language Runtime].


This lecture explains term 5-Model which is predefined object of MVC to access things which are passed by controller to view

Strongly Typed Model and Dynamic Type Model

This lecture explains the two different approach by which we can use Model object in Views of our MVC application.

Custom Route

This lecture shows how user can customize routing of the application with multiple route in one application and how to set Custom Route as a Default route of the application.

Action Result

This lecture explains how term 6-ActionResult is going to handle different forms of returns of the action methods.

Moving Ahead with MVC Data Operations

Dealing with database

In this lecture i have created a SQL server database and added two tables with foreign key and primary key relation.

Adding Employee table with foreign key relation

In this lecture we are creating Employee table

Creating MVC Model with ADO.Net entity data model

In this lecture i have created Model.edmx which is based on my Database tables.

Getting data with the help of controller

This lecture explains how to get collections of data by using model object inside controller.

View Scaffold template to display data

In this lecture idisplayed all departments on index page with the help of List scaffold template and also understood HTML view which is generated.

Getting selected record using query

In this lecture we have accessed selected record of department using lambda query

Inserting new record in department table

In this lecture we have created HTTPGET and HTTPPOST actions to insert new department.

Understanding View and form submission while inserting data

In this lecture we understood how events are going to work with the help of form tag in MVC Razor Views.

Customising Details page to display Employees of particular department

in this lecture i have created some html elements to create new employee and to display employees, also we understood fifth parameter of action link [virtual path] which is useful when we want to call action from other controller's scope.

Adding New Employee with unobtrusive validations

In this lecture i have created validation rules at Employee class and accessed it at client side using unobtrusive validations, also we have added new employee using Employee controller.

Code First Migration in ASP.Net MVC 5 application

Introduction of the concept

this lecture explains steps overview of the section

Creating table schema

in this lecture we are creating table schema with the help of C sharp properties

Creating Data access layer using entity framework

In this lecture we have created Model layer with the help of DbContext and DbSet classes of entity framework

Enable Migration using package manager console

This lecture generate Migrations class for VideoDb with the help of Package Manager Console.

Update database

In this lecture we have changed Connection string and then Updated everything to database.

Learning Asp.Net Web API 2 basic

What is Web API ?

In this lecture i am explaining what is Web API.

Adding Web API controller and registering it globally

In this lecture we have created new Web API controller and registered it in global.asax file in application_Start Method.

Understanding content negotiation feature of Web API

In this lecture we have seen how Web API returns data in form of JSON and XML with the help of Content Negotiation feature.

Accessing Video table records in JSON and XML format

in this lecture we Accessed Video table records in JSON and XML format with the help of API Controller

Learning Asp.Net Web API 2 advance

Creating new API controller and generating code for all operations

In this lecture i have created new Wen API 2 controller with same name but using entity framework we generated code for all actions.

Adding attribute based routing

In this we customized attribute based routing using Route and RoutePrefix attribute. 

Securing Web API

This lecture deals with security of the web API

Securing web API 2 with Https and SSL using custom action filter code

In this lecture we are creating custom actionfilter to make sure that Web API communication is secure using https.

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