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Managing Files
Managing Content
Importing Content and Files
Editing Videos
Dealing with Audio, Noise, and Hiss
Dealing with Video, Color, and effects
Common Pitfalls
Exporting Options and Choices
Behind-the-Scenes look at editing the entire promo video.
Featuring Bite-sized lessons, so you can pick and choose, what you want to learn, as well as being able to go back and reference a particular lesson for the future.

Did you ever wish you could sit next to someone who has been using Final Cut Pro for years, and learn how to do a video project the easy and simple way? Did you every wish it would be easy to go back and reference lessons, because they were short and easy to locate? These questions are what led me to make and design this course. I decided to make a course I’d want to take myself. What I most wanted to know when I started working with Final Cut Pro was, how do you get a project from start to finish, and show me some tips and tricks along the way.

That is why this course exists, it is to give you that knowledge, the knowledge I wish I had when I started. Knowing about what tools are available is a good piece of information, but knowing how to use those tools can change who you are, and what you are able to do.

This course is designed with beginner to the advanced in mind. If you want to know how to work with a library, or event or project, or you want to dig deeper into Final Cut Pro, and learn about the terminal and hidden files and features, then you are covered, either way.

The lessons in this course are taken from a screencast of myself working on the promo video for this course. That’s right, you are working on this course, the actual course. You sit with me, and I take you though all the steps that I did, from importing to managing content, to making a project, adding assets to that project, and then removing noise, hum, and hiss from the audio, to video effects, video titles, pitfalls, editing and exporting.

I show you how to do complicated tasks with powerful software in an easy and repeatable fashion. If you follow my steps you will be able to easily apply the same techniques and methods to your own projects and videos. As a handy added bonus, you also get access to retake any lesson, and since I spent the time to chop them into bite-sized pieces, you will be able to locate the exact lesson you want to reference in the future. I spent days and hours making this course to save you, what could easily take 3-12 months to learn on your own.

I hope you enjoy taking this course, and learning from me. I enjoyed making this course, and I want you to take my knowledge and use it to improve your skills and abilities. Enroll Now, and let’s begin learning to edit with Final Cut Pro X.

Course Introduction


An Introduction and overview for the course, what is covered, who it is for, and how you will benefit.

Behind-The-Scenes Production Walk-Through

Editing Introduction

Welcome to Final Cut, Behind-the-Scenes look at editing an actual course. In fact editing the promo video for this course!

What is a Library?

Let's learn about Libraries in Final Cut, how to use them, and how to manage content with them.

Managing Content

Now we look at managing content within Final Cut Pro, as related to Libraries, Events, and Projects.


Take a look at the Preferences, that can be set in Final Cut.

Importing Assets

Let's look at the Importing screens from within the Preferences window.

Repairing Links (Yellow Triangles)

If you get those yellow triangles in Final Cut Pro, here is how to fix them, and essentially why they are showing up.

Importing Continued

Let us resume importing, and the options you have when importing.

What is Background Rendering?

I brief introduction to the background render display window.

Exploring the Importing Dialogue Window

Here we look at the import dialogue, and explain how to import assets into your project, this works in conjunction with the preferences we explored earlier.

Setting up a Project

Now we setup a project, and start assigning assets to that project.

Audio Effects, and Tackling Noise

Explore removing background noise, and hiss from the audio track.

Green Screen Preview and Intro to Video Effects

A brief preview of effects specifically to work with Green Screen.

Audio Effects Comparison

Listen to the difference with the audio effects we added, as compared to the original audio without the effects.

Seeing Background Render in Action

Now that we have video to render, we can see the Background Render in Action!

Where to Go to Balance Color

Here is where to find the balance color feature, which can fix color quickly.

Ready to Begin Editing

Now into the heart of the editing process.

Making Rough Edits

It is best to start with some rough edits.

Refining Rough Edits

Then zoom in to refine those rough edits.

Advanced Editing and Trimming

Use some powerful tools within Final Cut to make editing smoother, and more efficient.

The Trim Tool

Discover the Trim tool, which helps refine edits.

Adding a Title Video

Add a title video to the project.

Adding an Image to a Title Video

Replace the image in the title video with your own image.

Adding a Music Track

Add a music track.

Fade and Change Level of Audio Track

Use Fade and Level controls to fit the music track into the video.

Import and Replace Images

Import new images, and use them to replace images elsewhere in the project.

Refine Music Track

Refine the music clip, and learn about attach points.

Resize Image Placeholder

Learn how to resize the image you dropped in for the beginning placeholder.

Add Music Track at the End

Add a music track at the end of the project.


A Brief review of all that you have accomplished.

Video Title Considerations

Talk about video titles, and explore some more you could choose.

The Inspector for Properties and Settings

Discover the Inspector, for changing settings and properties.

Exporting Options

Learn about the ways you can export a video.

Project Settings and Video Resolution

Use the inspector to change properties of your project.

Exporting Dialogue Window

Go over the exporting dialogue box in more detail.

Thank You and Review

Thank you for taking this course, be sure to check back for bonus content!

Course Quiz

Quiz for lessons in the course.

Bonus: Turning Videos into Lessons, The Easy Way

Turning Videos into Lessons - Part 1

Use a powerful Final Cut Pro feature, to quickly makes lessons from longer videos.

Turning Videos into Lessons - Part 2

Use a powerful Final Cut Pro feature, to quickly makes lessons from longer videos.

Alternate Way to Split Videos into Lessons

Explore an alternative way to make videos from lessons.

Bonus 2: Initial Tips for Shooting

Initial Tips for shooting

Half the battle of editing, is shooting the video better. In this segment, I talk about some keys for shooting better video. These tips will make it easier to edit the video. I use these tips on the Introduction video, as well as others, and they will serve you well.

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