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Learn Git! The SIMPLIFIED Git 101 Basics Course!

The ULTIMATE Git Beginners Course! Learn Git FAST!
Nav Gupta
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A better overall understanding of Git

LEARN GIT TODAY with the EASIEST course on Git!


By the end of this course, students will have the skills and expertise to:

1. Install and Setup Git

2. Setup and Create Git Repos

3. Use Git Command line to work with Git Repos

If you require Git for Work or for School and need all the help you can get to learn it, or at the very minimum need to LEARN GIT FAST to obtain a BETTER JOB or to PASS A COURSE IN SCHOOL, then THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! 

I was once like you, FRUSTRATED with trying to learn Git!! Now I’m here to share with you the easiest course around on Git and by the end of it you’ll BECOME A GIT ROCKSTAR!

I’m here to teach you how YOU can do it too with this amazing course!  Here you will learn some of the most incredible EASIEST methods that have helped me learn Git!

:  Due to the busy schedule Nav has as he is developing new games and apps, speaking at seminars around the world, running his various companies,  building new programs and courses, and ofcourse spending time with his  family, fans and other students, etc. it will naturally be a challenge  for Nav to be available all the time.  Note: Please  make sure your questions are related to this course when asking  questions as Nav has several courses on various topics. If you have a  question on another course or topic that Nav teaches that is  outside the scope of this course, please ask it in that specific webinar  or discussion section.


This course is aimed at beginners who are either students in high school or university or employees in a Job looking to upgrade their skills.  This is a great course for software developers who are planning to start working in the latest technological companies that use Git and version control.


1. You’ve got to learn Git for Work or Business

2. You’re looking to get a higher grade in School (Possibly taking a computer science course on Git)

3. You want to make your development life easier


Important information before you enroll:

  • In case you are not fully satisfied with the course, don’t forget you are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, full refund, no questsions asked!

  • Once enrolled, you have unlimited, lifetime access to the course!

  • You will have instant and free access to any updates I may add to the course over time.

Introduction: Welcome to the world of Git!

Learn Git! The SIMPLIFIED Git 101 Basics Course For The Avg. Person!

Have you been struggling to learn Git? If you're like me, when I first started out I was confused about all the various terminology and how Git works! What Is Git? Why do I even need this thing? Whats a push? Whats a pull? PR? Merge? Commits? Suffice it to say, I WAS LOST!

Today after many years I am now creating a basic git course that I WISH I HAD when I first started learning Git! This course is for the AVERAGE person! I break down Git into the most basic and easy to follow lessons so that anyone who has an interest in learning Git can easily pick it up.

By the end of this course, you'll have a SOLID foundation of the basics of Git and will be MORE CONFIDENT in using Git in your day to day life!

What is Git?

Lesson 1: The Problem

What are some of the problems that we experience in the development world on a day to day basis? From working with multiple developers to trying to add new features or ideas to programs, in this lesson we go over some of the problems and challenges faced by developers daily.

Lesson 2: The Solution

The solution to all the problems and challenges I outlined in the first lesson is Git! This powerhouse of a tool allows us to literally do some INCREDIBLE things and in this lesson we go over some of those very things that Git can help us with!

Lesson 3: The Choices and Tools

Desktop GUI or Command Line? Public Repos or Private Repos? Which Git Service Should you choose? This lesson answers all these questions and gets you started down the right path with Git!

Git Setup

Lesson 4: Git Commandline Setup

In this lesson we finally SETUP and install Git! That's right if you're ready to dive into Git then this is the lesson you've been waiting for! We'll download Git, Install the command line tools and we'll test to make sure everything is up and running!

Lesson 5: Git Repo Creation

Finally learn what a Repo is! Learn how to set one up and how to find several popular repos as well! In this lesson you'll finally start learning more about git and will take real definitive steps towards learning Git!

Lesson 6: Git Setup Commands

Finally it's time to learn the MAIN CONCEPTS of Git and how things work!  This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT areas of Git, yet most people starting off never quite understand it and then are left figuring out things on their own.  If you've ever been confused, then this lesson will go over many Git concepts and help give you a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of how Git works!

Git Commands

Lesson 7: Git Basic Commands

In this lesson we finally actually start working with Git commands! From git add to git commit we go over several of the most useful commands and I personally show you how they all work! By the end of this lesson you'll have a better idea of how to use Git and you'll gain a new understanding of the true power of Git!

Lesson 8: Git Flow
Lesson 9: Git Ignore & Git Mac vs. Win

In this lesson we go over the Git Ignore file as well as some of the differences between Git on Mac and Git on PC.



Thank you so much for being one of my students! These next steps will help you go even further with Git.  Please watch the entire course again and do some of the exercises.  Also try out some of the additional Git training based on the provided link in the additional resource.

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