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Learn everything you need to know about DJing. From nothing at all, to EVERYTHING you would need to do your first gig!
Philip Harris
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Simply explained, easy to follow and understand. Enjoyable to watch!
Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to do your first DJ gig!
Learn the basics of how DJ software works. I use SERATO but what I teach can be applied to any software.
Learn the basics of Beat Matching (mixing all music).
Learn how to Beat Match songs with different tempos.
Learn when you should Cue songs for the perfect mix!
Learn EMERGENCY mixing techniques you will NEED for DJing live!
Learn about creating the PERFECT MIX with MIX IN KEY!

This LEARN HOW TO DJ COURSE does exactly what is says. It will take you from not knowing anything about DJing, all the way up to knowing everything you would need to do your first DJ gig!

Everything is this course is explain in a simple and easy to understand way!

If you have just got your first set of DJ decks and plugged them in and don’t know where to start, I can teach you all the basics right up to advanced beat matching and perfect blending.


  • Simple, easy to understand and follow

  • Learn the basics of ANY DJ software

  • Learn what every single knob on the DJ decks does and when you would use them

  • Learn how to beat match

  • Learn how to mix songs that are different speed

  • Learn how to mix different genres of music

  • Learn how to do emergency mixes for when you are DJing live!

  • The course also includes 2 “beat tracks” to help you get your head around beat matching and learning how to beat match different tempo tracks.


I am a YouTuber called Phil Harris. If you go to YouTube and type in “Phil Harris DJ“, you will find me at the top. I have a channel which gets millions of view each month helping people to DJ and make dance music.

I help millions of people to learn DJing and dance music and now my courses are on Udemy for everyone to enjoy!

Learn how to DJ on Pioneer Decks using Serato.

Beat tracks

Here is a link to download the beat tracks


Your first 10 minutes on DJ Decks

If you have never used your DJ decks before, this will video will teach you the absolute basics.

An intro to Serato DJ

In this video, I will explain to you the basics of using any DJ software. In this example I use Serato but the things taught in this video can be applied to any DJ software out there.

The basics of beat matching

In this video I explain in detail what beat matching is, why it is so important to learn and of course, how to do it. I have also given you two "beat tracks" to help you learn. These are the two tracks that are used in the video.

How to beat match different BPM

In this video I teach you how to deal with two songs that have a different tempo. Not all songs are the same speed, this will cause major issues when you are trying to learn how to mix the two. Here is the secret to perfectly blending two songs that are different speeds.

How to "cue" a track and real life beat matching examples

One of the most important elements of DJing is getting the "second song" to the right place. This way you can bring it in at an ideal point of the song. If you have the crowd dancing and you want to bring in another song that has a 1-minute intro before it gets good, you are going to need a way to skip that first minute and get straight to the good bit. This way you can keep the crowd dancing. In this video, I show you how to cue songs and give you more real life examples of how I use this in beat matching.

Real life beat matching (further examples and tips)

In this video, I give you further examples of beat matching. I will demonstrate some of the pit falls you might come across and how to deal with them. I will teach you what parts of the songs you need to look out for to help you create perfect blends.

Nasty but nice mixing

To do a perfect blend, you are going to need two songs that are similar sounding. They will have to have a similar speed and the same type of drums. Djing does not always work like this; sometimes you will want to drop a song that in a different key, a different speed and even a different genre. Do not worry; I will give you some top tips on how to completely switch up the vibe without sounding like a complete amateur.

Perfect blending

If you listen to professional mixes on SoundCloud, Mix cloud or even Youtube; you may be shocked at how incredibly well the songs just seem to fit together seamlessly. Well, there is a reason for this, and it is easier than you think. In this video, I will explain how to create the perfect mix and demonstrate it for you.

Mix in Key. How to make your DJ set seemless

There are certain programs that professional DJ's use to help them with their song selection. These programs make it incredibly easy to select songs that will mix into each other seamlessly. All you need to do is learn how to use them. In this video, I show you how.

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