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Learn Jira 7: Step-By-Step Tutorial: 2-in-1

Explore the great features of the all-new Jira 7 to manage projects and effectively handle bugs and software issues
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Understand Jira’s data hierarchy and how to design and work with projects in Jira
Use Jira for agile software projects, business process management, customer service support, and more
Create and design your own screens and apply them to different project and issue types
Use Jira to deal with real business cases
Integrate user directories in Jira
Configure an existing project and convert it to another type

Jira software is an agile project management tool that supports any agile methodology, be it scrum, Kanban, or your own unique flavor. From agile boards to reports, you can plan, track, and manage all your agile software development projects from a single tool. Jira software brings the power of agile methodology to Atlassian Jira.

This  comprehensive 2-in-1 course aims at exploring Jira incisively. It will guide you through all the aspects so that you get well-versed with it. You will learn how to create new projects, manage issues, search and report. You will learn about 3 flavors of Jira – Jira Core, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk. Each section briefly establishes theoretical basis for the topic under discussion and then cement your understanding with practical use cases.

This training program includes 2 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.

The first course, Jira 7 Essentials, begins with an introduction to Jira so you can use it effectively. You will then install Jira to explore its various features. You will also learn how to create a new project, manage, search, and report issues in Jira. Next, you will learn the three flavors of Jira which are Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Desk in detail and specific scenarios for each one of them will be developed. Finally, you will configure a sample portfolio app in Jira.

The second course, JIRA Administration – Getting Started with JIRA, starts off with setting up Jira’s look and feel to meet your corporate style. You will then learn how to configure default languages settings, dashboards, project navigation, and everything else to make your users comfortable working with Jira. You will also learn Jira instruments to manage users such as creating new users, assigning users to a group, and automatically assigning project roles to users of a group. Next, you will learn to add and configure a project. You will gain an understanding of different schemes used in Jira for project configuration. Finally, you will be familiar with versions and components of the project that help you with project management.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will be a confident Jira user who’ll be able to administer, customize, and extend Jira 7 implementation for your projects and day-to-day tasks.

Meet Your Expert(s):

We have the best work of the following esteemed author(s) to ensure that your learning journey is smooth:

  • Ravi Sagar is an Atlassian Consultant and Drupal expert with several years of experience in web development and business analysis. He has done extensive work implementing and customizing big Jira instances for project tracking, test management, support tickets, and agile tracking. He founded Sparxsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in 2010. It is a company that provides consultancy and training services on Atlassian tools and Drupal. He has a keen interest in building accessible websites adhering to WCAG guidelines. Ravi’s areas of interest include project management and agile methodologies.
  • IevStrygula software engineer who specializes in the full stack of Atlassian products. He is certified by Atlassian in Jira software and Jira administration. He has more than 4 years of experience and is presently working on iDalko.

Jira 7 Essentials

The Course Overview

This video will give you an overview about the course.

What Is Jira 7?

This video provides an overview of Jira.

  • Understand what is Jira
  • Learn the different flavors of Jira
  • Learn different use cases of Jira and how to get started 
The Benefits of Using Jira 7

In this video, we will discuss why using Jira is beneficial, where we will highlight the main advantages of Jira.

  • Learn how Jira can be customized for variety of use cases
  • Understand the details of why Jira has powerful workflows
  • Learn how to extend Jira features and different reports that Jira can generate for you
What Is Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Desk

In this video, we will understand how these flavors are different from each other and which one should you use.

  • Learn when to use Jira Software, Jira Service Desk or Jira Core
  • Understand the uses of all three flavors of Jira on the same instance
  • Understand the importance of integrating Jira Service Desk to your Jira Software
Planning Your Jira Installation

In this video, we will learn the necessary steps required before installing and using Jira in your organization.

  • Learn to assess your company’s current needs and future usage to get an idea of how big your Jira instance is going to be
  • Understand what kind of server you would need for your instance based on the assessment of the usage of the tools decide
  • Learn what version of Jira you should be using and the importance of documenting your use cases and customizations 
Installing Jira

This video will explain how to get started with Jira where we will explain setting up Jira.

  • Explore the right place to download Jira, the Atlassian website
  • Install Jira quickly for evaluation and proof of concept
  • Understand initial setup and configuration in your Jira instance 
Maintaining Jira – Upgrade and Housekeeping

In this video, we will explain the guidelines for maintaining your Jira instance to get the best performance.

  • Understand how to choose the right time to upgrade your Jira instance
  • Learn several ways to upgrade your Jira and which one you should use
  • Understand various housekeeping activities for getting top notch performance from your Jira instance 
Best Practices for Maintaining Jira

Jira instance can get out of control if not maintained properly from the very beginning. In this video we will explain the important steps to take to control your Jira usage.

  • Learn how to define a process for regulating your Jira customizations by setting up a Change Control Board
  • Follow the best practices like reusing the configurations and regular health checks of your instance
  • Identify the right people who will be responsible for your Jira administration and training them 
Creating Your First Project in Jira

This video will explain what is Jira Core and the use cases to make you understand when to use it for task management.

  • Learn about the fundamentals of a Jira Core project and it’s various applications
  • Understand why you should use Jira Core and the value it will bring for your team
  • Create a project in Jira to get started and a walkthrough of the various features in Jira project 
Understanding Jira Core Project for Business Processes

In this video we will start using the Jira Core project and understand the whole process of task management.

  • Create a Task and sub-task in your project
  • Assign the Task to your team members
  • Update the Tasks in your projects
How to Use Jira for Development Projects?

In this video, we will explain how Jira is perfect for software development projects.

  • Use Jira Software out of the box for software development project
  • Customize Jira to suit your needs
  • Understand extending of Jira features for timesheets, testing and advanced reporting 
Overview of Agile Concepts

This video will provide a quick recap of Agile concepts and methodologies.

  • Learn how Scrum is different from Kanban
  • Understand Key Agile concepts
  • Learn various roles in Agile 
Configure Scrum Board

In this video, we will learn how to create a Scrum board for your project and use it to manage the sprints.

  • Learn how to create Epics, Versions and associating Stories to it
  • Understand how to manage your backlog, estimating effort and creating Sprints
  • Execute a Sprint and understand various configurations in your Scrum board 
Configure Kanban Board

In this video, we will understand how to create a Kanban board for managing your project.

  • Learn when to use Kanban board
  • Understand how Kanban board is different from Scrum board
  • Manage the tasks on a Kanban board and various configuration in your Kanban board 
Jira Software Reports

In this video, we will learn the most important reports in both Scrum and Kanban projects to stay on top of your work.

  • Learn how Burndown chart can help you track your plan effectively
  • Explore how much work your team is capable of doing using the Velocity Charts
  • Understand the Cumulative Flow Diagram to find out blockages in your project
Overview of Helpdesk

In this video, you will understand the basic concepts of the helpdesk.

  • Learn the fundamental concepts of Jira Service Desk
  • Explore what are the different processes in helpdesk
  • Learn different ways to raise a ticket also known as channels
Creating a Jira Service Desk Project

In this video, we will learn how you can create a Jira Service Desk Project and give details of its unique features.

  • Create a new Jira Service Desk project and a walkthrough of its features
  • Understand how customer portal works
  • Work on Jira Service Desk tickets as an agents 
Configuring Jira Service Desk

This video will explain how to customize your Jira Service Desk project.

  • Learn to manage your customer list
  • Manage the request types
  • Understand how customer portal works and configuring automation rules and customer notifications  
Jira Service Desk Reports

In this video, we will learn about various reports that you can generate for your Jira Service Desk project.

  • Learn workload reports to understand the work distribution in your team
  • Reports around SLA goals and timeline of tickets created and resolved
  • Learn how to create a new report 
Using Issue Navigator and Basic Search

In this video, learn how to use the issue navigator for search all the issues relevant to your team.

  • Use the basic search
  • Detail view and list view in issue navigator
  • Export the issues in variety of format and performing bulk edit 
Understanding JQL

In this video, we will learn what is advanced search in Jira and when to use it.

  • Learn what is JQL
  • Explore the common JQL queries
  • Understand what is a field, operator, keyword and a function 
Filters, Permissions, and Subscriptions

In this video, understand how to save your JQL queries and various benefits of saving them.

  • Learn what is a Filter
  • Understand how to share your Filters
  • Learn how to get personal notifications from Jira for issue relevant to you and your projects

In this video, we will learn how to create a Dashboard with many useful reports depicting the data in a graphical format.

  • Understand Gadgets
  • Learn to share Dashboards
  • Change Dashboard layout and setting up a Wallboard
Overview of Portfolio

In this video, we will understand what is portfolio and what unique features it offers.

  • Learn what is portfolio and using it for visualizing your roadmap
  • Understand how to do capacity management with portfolio
  • Understand the concept of scenarios
Configuring a Portfolio Plan

In this video, we will explain how to create a plan in Portfolio and give you a walkthrough of its various features.

  • Create a plan and overview of portfolio plan
  • Understand the scope
  • Create your team and managing releases
Creating What-If Scenarios

In this video we will, understand how to enable the scenarios in your portfolio plan.

  • Learn to enable a scenario
  • Create a new scenario
  • Commit the changes in a scenario 
Portfolio Reports and Program View

In this video, we will explain various reports to make useful decisions and the concept of a program view.

  • Check various reports in portfolio
  • Learn how to read the capacity and dependencies report
  • Create a program view for tracking multiple portfolio plans
Test Your Knowledge

JIRA Administration - Getting Started with JIRA

The Course Overview

This video will give you an overview about the course.

Look and Feel

In this video, we will learn how to change Jira’s layout, like header, logo, and so on.

  • Navigate to the administration page
  • Navigate to look and feel
  • Make changes as per your convenience 
Announcements Banner

In this video, we will learn how to communicate to users using announcement banner.

  • Navigate to announcement banner in settings
  • Write your announcement
  • Learn how to use styles and style your banner 
Default Dashboard

In this video, we will learn how to set up default dashboard and how to place gadgets near each user.

  • Navigate to system dashboard in settings
  • Learn how to add new gadgets
  • Change the structure and layout of your dashboard 
User Default Settings

In this video, we will learn how to set up users’ default settings.

  • Navigate to default user administration in settings
  • Learn how to pre-define settings for users like email format for outgoing notifications
  • Learn how to update and change users’ settings 
Issue Navigator

In this video, we will learn how to setup default issue navigator.

  • Create a project with open issues
  • Learn how to create issues in your project
  • Learn how to search and resolve issues 
Adding Users

In this video, we will take a look at how to add a single user in Jira, Adding multiple users and then finally enabling public sign up.

  • Add single or multiple user by selecting the User management from the gear icon on the dashboard of Jira and then click on create users
  • Click on the gear icon and select system then login as administrator from there click on edit setting and change the mode to public 
Changing User Details

In this video, will learn how to change user details and what are the restrictions on editing user’s details.

  • Login on as admin and then you will be able to edit users details
  • Learn the restrictions of editing user details 
Deactivating Users

In this video, we will take a look at how to restrict JIRA access to a user by deactivating his account and advantages over deleting a user.

  • Learn how to deactivate a user by clicking on the edit link and uncheck the active checkbox and then click on update
  • Learn about the advantages of deactivating users 
Deleting Users

In this video, we will learn how to delete users.

  • Relieve all projects assigned to the user
  • Go to the user management and then select the delete option from the edit menu 
Groups in Jira

In this video, we are going to have a look at the main purposes of having a Jira group.

  • Get familiar with the process of creating a group
  • Learn how to add new users to a group
  • Set up a default group 
Groups and Permissions

In this video, we are going to have a look at the usage of groups and their relationship to Jira permission.

  • Learn how to use groups to provide a set of users with Jira applications
  • Learn how to use to provide a set of users with project permissions 
Groups and Notifications

In this video, we are going to learn about groups and how they can used considering their relationship with notifications.

  • Learn how to use groups to notify a set of users about some Jira event
  • Go the users and add a user to the group that has been created
  • Learn how to send an email notification to all the users of a group 
Groups and Filters Management

In this video, we will learn about the relation between filters and groups.

  • Learn how to use groups to share filters
  • Get to know how to subscribe a group to a filter
  • Learn how to restrict access for a filter on to a particular group 
Groups and Workflow Conditions

In this video, we will learn about the usage of groups in workflow.

  • Learn how to create a condition based on a group membership
  • Learn about creating a workflow condition  
Creating a Project

In this video, you need to create a new Jira project to organize issues around it.

  • Create a new project in Jira 
Configuration Schemes

What are configuration schemes in Jira?

  • Get familiar with configuration schemes 
Permission Scheme

In this video, you want to configure permissions for my project.

  • Get a closer look at permission scheme
  • Get familiar with different kinds of permissions in Jira 
Notification Scheme

In this video, you will to configure notifications for my project.

  • Get a closer look at notification scheme
  • Get familiar with different events in Jira 
Issue Security Scheme

In this video, we need to create different levels of access for my issues.

  • Get a closer look at issue security scheme
  • Get familiar with security levels 
Issue Types Scheme

In this video, you will need to have different kinds of issues for different purposes that will have different workflow.

  • Get familiar with issue types scheme
  • Create a new issue type 
Workflow Scheme

In this video, you want issues in my project to follow a different work.

  • Get familiar with workflow scheme
  • Configure to project 
Screen Scheme

In this video, you want change the fields that are being displayed on the issue view and edit.

  • Get familiar with screen scheme
  • Learn how to configure screens for project 
Fields Configuration Scheme

In this video, you will want to make some fields required/hidden.

  • Get familiar with field configuration scheme
  • Configure issue fields 

In this video, you want to manage my project at the level of different points in time.

  • Create a version
  • Manage projects with versions
  • Merge and archive a version 

In this video, you want to split my project in separate domains with their own leads.

  • Discover components
  • Manage projects and create a new component
  • Add a assignee for a component 
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