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Learn key concepts about JIRA
Create projects suited for tracking agile, help desk, project management and any other type
Create, edit and manage different types of issues (stories, tasks, sub-tasks)
Become a power user by learning basic and advanced search using JQL
Create impressive reports with JIRA
You can also ask any questions during the course, and we'll be happy to answer and help with those!

Confused about Atlassian JIRA and all the hype around it? Do you want to enhance your skills and resume with the must have JIRA knowledge. Then this course is for you! I explain everything in plain English with step by step instructions, so you are never left behind.

This course focuses on the practicalities of using JIRA – why would you need it, and how can you start using JIRA as quickly as possible.

The concepts are covered quickly and clearly with quick tips and shortcuts such as advanced menu items for issues and JQL, and reporting so that you can impress anyone with your JIRA skills.

This also covers how JIRA Agile works with agile boards and various agile reporting.

It will allow you to start creating your own projects, issues, search queries, agile boards, and reports to impress your management.

JIRA is a widely used tool, so if you want to know how to quickly become expert in JIRA, this is a great place to start.

I look forward to working with you! Let's get started.

JIRA Basics

What is JIRA? Why JIRA?

Introduction to JIRA

This lecture talks about: What is JIRA, Why do we use JIRA, and which companies are using it?

JIRA Concepts

JIRA Concepts

This lecture goes over the basic concepts of Atlassian JIRA so that we can start using it.

Let's review JIRA Concepts

JIRA Administration

Creating a New Project

Creating a New Project in JIRA

A JIRA project is a collection of issues. A JIRA project could be:

  • a software development project
  • a marketing campaign
  • a helpdesk system
  • a leave request management system
  • a website enhancement request system
This lecture goes over how to create a project and choosing a project type in JIRA.
Creating Components

Creating Components in JIRA

Components are sub-sections of a project. They are used to group issues within a project into smaller parts. This lecture goes over how to create components in JIRA to better organize your project.

Creating Users

User Management in JIRA

This lecture covers the user management tools provided by JIRA.

Creating Groups and Permissions

Group Management in JIRA

This lecture covers the group management and assigning permissions to groups in JIRA.

All About the Issues

Creating an Issue

Creating an Issue in JIRA

An issue in JIRA could represent a software bug, a project task, a help desk ticket or a leave request form. In this section, we'll look at how to create an issue.

Updating and Editing an existing issue

This lecture explains how to update and edit existing issues in JIRA.

SubTasks, Cloning, Linking and other actions

This lecture covers various functionalities available in JIRA related to issues such as creating sub-tasks, cloning, linking, voting, and many others so that you can become an issue expert.

Lifecycle of an Issue

Lifecycle of an Issue in JIRA

An issue in JIRA can take many forms once it's created. In this section we'll take a look at the various states of an issue and the meaning of Open, Resolved, In Progress, and Closed.

JIRA Agile: What is an Epic and Creating an Epic

Epics in JIRA

An epic is usually part of the agile teams. It represents a large user story or large body of related work that can be broken down into a number of smaller stories. An epic can span multiple sprints. This lecture covers the creation of an epic for JIRA Agile.

JIRA Agile: Adding Issues to an Epic

This lecture covers how do add stories and issues to an existing Epic for JIRA Agile.

Search and Filters

Basic Search

Basic Search in JIRA

JIRA comes with great search capabilities. In this section, we'll cover the basic search and how you can use that to find the various issues.

Advanced Search in JIRA using JQL

Advanced Search in JIRA using JQL

An advanced search allows you to use structured queries to search for JIRA issues. When you use advanced search it's using JQL (JIRA Query Language). In this lecture, we'll cover the advanced search and JQL basics.

Advanced Search and JQL in Action

Advanced Search and JQL in action

An advanced search allows you to use structured queries to search for JIRA issues. When you use advanced search it's using JQL (JIRA Query Language). In this lecture, we'll cover the advanced search and JQL examples in JIRA.

Bonus: Using Filters in JIRA

Filters in JIRA

JIRA's powerful issue search functionality is enhanced by the ability to save searches, called filters in JIRA, for later use. In this section, we'll see how to save our searches (both basic and advanced) in filters, and how to make our lives easier with using filters.


Project Reports in JIRA

Project Reports in JIRA

JIRA comes with many out of the box reports that helps with the tracking of the project and creates more predictability for future projects. This lecture covers the various reports available in JIRA.


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