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Learn to Color Grade and Edit video with DaVinci Resolve 15

Professionally create stunning videos with the worlds most powerful FREE video editing software.
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Learn to edit using Blackmagic's professional editing software DaVinci Resolve
5.2GB of excellent practice assets! Including 4k resolution RAW clips for color grading and footage to practice your editing skills
Understand the use of the many tools offered in DaVinci Resolve
A complete understanding of the many tools offered in DaVinci Resolve
Receive advanced color grading training from an professional colorist!

Recently updated for DaVinci Resolve 15!

Whether you’re filming an award winning feature length film or starting your first Udemy course, you will need software to edit your video on.

I believe that Software should be:

  1. Accessible

  2. Easy to use

DaVinci Resolve is FREE and accessible to everyone! It’s just as powerful as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. Way more powerful than Sony Vegas or Camtasia. This course will introduce you to the software and get you up and running editing videos like a pro.

Don’t let the software and the technical side of creating videos stop you from expressing your creativity. Learn to unlock the power of DaVinci Resolve today!

Welcome to Davinci Resolve

How to download DaVinci Resolve

In this tutorial I'll show you how to download and install DaVinci Resolve

Download Footage - The Hunt
Download Footage - Raw Samples
Opening DaVinci Resolve - The Home Window
The Media Tab

The Media Tab is used to navigate and import media from you computer into DaVinci Resolve. This tutorial will also cover some of the organization and media management features of Resolve.

The Edit Tab

The Edit Tab is where all of DaVinci Resolve's editing functionality lives. In this tutorial we'll go over the interface and get familiar with some of the basic concepts of the Edit Tab

The Color Tab

The Color Tab is where all of DaVinci Resolve's color grading functionality lives. In this tutorial we'll go over the interface and get familiar with some of the basic concepts of the Color Tab

The Deliver Tab

The Deliver Tab is DaVinci Resolve's render engine. This is where you will queue up and export out all your projects.

Learning how to Edit

Using Timelines

Timelines are the foundation of where you edit in Resolve. In this tutorial I'll show you how you can add and create timelines and change their settings.

Adding Media into a Timeline

There are several different ways that you can add media into a timeline in Davinci Resolve. In this tutorial I will go over each of those methods and explain the advantages behind each one.

How Layers Work

Layers are how you organize your content from within a timeline in Davinci Resolve. In this tutorial I'll show you how to add and delete different layers as well as how their basic functionality works.

The Editing Tools

DaVinci Resolve has developed some really cool editing tools that allow you to manipulate your footage in some very efficient ways. In this tutorial I'll step through all of the editing tools and show you how they work.

The Inspector Menu

The Inspector Menu in Davinci resolve is where you can see and adjust specific attributes of a selected clip. In this tutorial I'll show you how to get around that menu and how it works.

Applying Transitions

Davinci Resolve has a helpful library of video transitions. In this tutorial I'll show you how to apply those to your footage. I also won't judge you if you decide to use the cheesy ones like the star transition, but thats your choice ;P

Adding Text or Titles

Text elements in Davinci Resolve are referred to as "Titles". In this tutorial I'll show you how to add text to your project as well as what the different provided templates are used for.

CASE STUDY - The Hunt - Follow along edit practice

In this case study I step through an entire project editing the hunting footage from the downloadable assets. I'll show you how all the concepts we've covered come together to help you tell your story. I will also show you some editing principles that you can use to help manipulate footage to make your story more efficient. Enjoy!

Watch "The Hunt" my final edit

Learning how to Color Grade

The Color Grading Process

What exactly is Color Grading? Lets talk a little about what that process looks like.

Understanding Color Theory
The Camera Raw Tool

The Camera Raw tool is used to tell Davinci Resolve how to interpret RAW footage that is being used in a project. This is important to get the correct color information from a clip.

The Color Checker Tool

If you filmed your footage using a color checker in frame, the color checker tool can be a very useful tool to use to get your footage corrected really quickly.

Color Wheels - The Workhorse of Resolve

Color Wheels are one of the foundational tools you use to color and grade your footage. In this tutorial I'll show you the intricacies of how they work as well as the difference between Log and Primaries.

The RGB Mixer

The RGB mixer determines the output strength of each channel in your clip. In essence its a tool that lets you selectively change color saturation in each channel.

The Motion Effects Tab

The free version of Davinci Resolve unfortunately doesn't support motion effects.

The Curves Tool

Curves are similar to color wheels in the way they can let you manipulate and color an image. I'll show you the several different kinds of curves that exist in Resolve and how you can use them to adjust your image.

The Qualifier Tool
Power Windows

Power Windows are similar to masks, and allow you to specify where in your image your adjustments take place.

Motion tracking adjustments to your clip

DaVinci Resolve has one of the best motion tracking tools on the freaking planet. In this tutorial I'll show you how to track adjustments to moving elements in your scene.

The Blur/Sharpen Tool

Here I will show you how the Blur Tool works.

The Key Tab (Alpha Channel Control)

The Key Tab contains an interface that allows you to manipulate the alpha channel of the node you have selected.

Transform and Data Burn menus
Using Video Scopes! - Meet your best friend

Video Scopes are extremely powerful and usually under utilized because people don't understand what they do. Lets remedy that so that you can learn how helpful they can be!

Using Nodes - The Legos of Resolve

A lot of people can get tied up on learning how to use the Node System in DaVinci Resolve. Never fear! I'll step you through how these work and what that means for how you can manipulate your image. It'll be awesome.

Using Parallel Nodes for the win!

Nodes are a really useful tool because of the different ways you can combine adjustments. One of those ways is through using a Parallel Node Structure which allows multiple adjustments to be applied at once.

Layer Nodes for the win!

Another useful structure that you can use is the Layer Node Structure. This allows you to create a complex multi-node grade and then determine how much of that combination is passed through to your image. Take a look to learn some really powerful techniques!

CASE STUDY - The Mercedes Shot - Practice Follow Along

Project Case Studies - More Coming Soon!

#1 - Thriftbooks Case Study Asset Download
#1 Thriftbooks Case Study

In this case study I take an under exposed ProRes 422 clip and show you just how much you can pull it back up and make it shine, I think you'll be surprised! The original clip is provided in the download link so that you can practice along as you watch the case study.

Davinci Resolve 15 — Updates!

Overview of Resolve 15
Whats new in the Media and Edit tabs
The new Fusion Tab - VFX in Resolve
What's new in the Color tab
The new Fairlight tab - Audio mixing in Resolve
Whats new in the Deliver tab
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