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Learn to “Kick Like a Black Belt” for All Levels

Learn the step by step process to improve your Front, Roundhouse, Side, Back and Spinning Kicks for any Martial Artist
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Understand the intricate details of how to perform foundational kicks such as: Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Side Kick, Back Kick & Spinning Hook Kick
Perform their kicks with power and precision
Effectively apply kicks to sparring, forms training or self defense
Kick like a Black Belt!!!

Welcome to “Kick Like a Black Belt"!

This course will help take your kicking skills to a whole new level.

Are you a Martial Artist who is interested in improving your kicking abilities?

Are you amazed by the incredible power and speed that some Martial Artists have?

Do you struggle with the certain kicking techniques in your training?

Are you a Martial Arts professional who is looking for an innovative way to help your students?

Well, if you answered YES to any of the above questions this is the course for you!

As a Taekwondo practitioner for over 30 years and teaching for the majority of that time I love teaching Martial Arts. My name is Master Chris Berlow. I've had my own school for almost two decades and have helped both adults and children reach their full potential in and out of their training. I'm extremely passionate about giving my students a deeper understanding of the techniques. Nothing inspires me more than helping students develop the intricate details of their kicks.

Taekwondo is known for its dynamic and powerful kicks and we're going to share those secrets with you!

By the end of this course you'll definitely be kicking like a Black Belt! In this program we'll break down foundational kicks that are practiced by many practitioners of different Martial Arts throughout the world.

This course will take your kicking to a whole new level. Guaranteed!

Content and Overview

First thing you need to know is that there is no "FLUFF" here! We get right to the point! All video's are high def and professionally produced to help you "Kick like a Black Belt" before you know it.

By the end of this course you'll learn how to successfully execute and understand the intricate details of:

  • Front Kick
  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Side Kick

As well as more advanced kicks such as:

  • Back Kick
  • Spinning Hook Kick

Each kick covered in this course will be broken down lesson by lesson to build upon each other so that you can develop your kicks in a systematic way. After each lesson there is a synopsis of the key points as well as exercises to practice and tips to remember.

Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick and Side Kick all start out with the first lesson devoted to proper foot positioning. In order to execute the kicks effectively you must maintain the tight foot on each following step.

Back Kick and Spinning Hook Kick are broken down to multiple steps in the beginning. As you advance in the lessons the steps merge together and, eventually, into one fluent kick.

Success Tip: The most important tip that will help you benefit from this course is to never go on to the next lesson until you feel comfortable and confident with the previous one. All of the lessons build upon each other and the success of your kicks will depend on your understanding of the previous step.

All the lessons in “Kick Like a Black Belt" are instructed by Master Chris Berlow. Master Berlow is an avid Martial Arts practitioner and instructor, an outdoor enthusiast, author, co-author and entrepreneur. All HD videos were filmed and edited by Offir Kilion. Mr. Kilion is a graphic artist, photographer and videographer. In addition, he owns and operates a successful graphic design company that offers the finest services available.

Together, they teamed up to bring an array of online programs to students all over the world.

OK. Enough talk and it's time for action!

Register today and let's get you to “Kick Like a Black Belt"!

Introduction to "Kicking Like a Black Belt

Introduction to Kick Like a Black Belt

Front Kick

Front Kick Step One: Proper Foot Positioning

Students will gain an understanding of the proper foot positioning for a Front Kick as well as exercises to practice.

Front Kick Step Two: Extension and Chamber

Students will learn how to extend their front kick and pull it back while maintaining proper foot positioning.

Front Kick Step Three: Hip Motion behind a Front Kick

This section will help the student position their hands properly so they could apply their hip into their Front Kick and have improved power and height.

Front Kick

The key elements of a Front Kick

Roundhouse Kick

Roundhouse Kick Step One: Proper Foot Positioning

Students will learn the proper foot positioning of a roundhouse kick and exercises to practice. this is a crucial step in the process. Don't go to lecture two unless you are confident with lecture one.

Roundhouse Kick Step Two: More Pivot and Hip Over

In this step, the student will pivot 90 degrees from the target, commit a little more with the hip and extend the roundhouse out and pull back to a proper chamber. Key note: Maintain Proper Foot Positioning.

Roundhouse Kick Step Three: Hand Switch and Pivot More

In step three of roundhouse, students will switch their hands in their kicking stance putting pressure on the kicking hip while pivoting more and reaching in with the kick. Remember, must have proper foot positioning.

Roundhouse Kick Step Four: The Finished Product: One Motion Roundhouse Kick

In this lesson, students will learn how to bring their knee up higher to trigger the pivot making a fluent roundhouse kick. It is important to be sure to keep the knee pointed at the target and always maintain proper foot positioning.

Roundhouse Kick

The key elements of a Roundhouse Kick

Side Kick

Side Kick Step One: Proper Foot Positioning

In this step, students will learn the proper foot positioning for a side kick. This is a crucial step in developing our Side Kick and Back Kick. Please do not move forward until you have practiced this lecture and feel confident with the foot position for your side kick.

Side Kick Step Two: Low Front Leg Side Kick

Students will learn how to position their body in a reverse stance to extend their side kick knee level while maintaining proper foot positioning.

Side Kick Step Three: Using the wall

In this step, students will learn how to practice their side kick using a wall for balance. The knee will come up higher and the lower part of your leg will need to be parallel to the floor as you perform this step.

Side Kick Step Four: The Flip

There are two parts to step four.

First one is to practice the front leg side kick with full extension and faster speed. (Always maintaining proper foot positioning.

Second part is The Flip: Students will learn to bring the knee from the back bringing the energy upward causing the body to become weightless and pivoting 180 degrees naturally. This is setting the students up for their turning side kick.

Side Kick Step Five: The Flip with a Kick

In step Five, students will focus further on The Flip and add a low extended side kick. Remember, students must maintain proper foot positioning throughout the flip.

Side Kick Step Six: The Finished Product

You've Done it! Great job! Now let the kick fly. Whatever your flexibility is will determine the hight of the kick. Students will use the flip and extend as they are settling in from the pivot. At this step, it is important to maintain proper foot positioning as well as proper chambering after the extension.

Side Kick

The many intricate details of a side kick

Back Kick

Back Kick Step One: Six Steps of a Back Kick

In step one, students will be introduced to Back Kick and will perform by breaking the kick into six separate steps.

Back Kick Step Two: Four Steps of a Back Kick

In step two, students will now start to combine some of the six steps to four steps to begin creating the fluent back kick motion.

Back Kick Step Three: Three Steps of a Back Kick

In step three, students will break down their back kick to three motions. The key element in step three is the commitment of the third motion where students will start driving their hip into the kick.

Back Kick Step Four: Your Back Kick in Two Steps

In step four, students will break down their back kick to two motions. Step one is to Pre-Pivot, snap your head, and drop your center. Step two is to extend the bottom leg so power comes from the hip into the extension. Crazy power is developed as a result.

Back Kick Step Five: One motion Back Kick with applications

In step five, the back kick comes together in one motion. Students must remember not to over rotate. Always land to the outside of the target area. This lecture also includes some alternative training tools as well as a sparring application of a back kick.

Back Kick

Spinning Hook Kick

Spinning Hook Kick Step One: Introduction and Front Leg Hook Kick

In step one, students will be introduced to spinning hook kick by two preliminary exercises using the front leg. The purpose of this lesson is for students to feel comfortable with the hook kick motion.

Spinning Hook Kick Step Two: Effortless Effort

In step two of spinning hook kick, students will be introduced to the concept, "Effortless Effort". This is essential in performing a high quality spinning hook kick. In this lesson students will also add another dimension to the exercises performed in step one.

Spinning Hook Kick Step Three: Four Steps

Like we did on Back Kick, we will break down the spinning hook kick to four steps. Most important is that the students remember to pre-pivot in step one. Students will also learn the importance of a "Pigeon Toed" position to be able to put their hip into the kick.

Spinning Hook Kick Step Four: Two Steps

Students will break the Spinning Hook Kick to two steps. the key element is that the students maintain the "Pigeon Toed" position throughout the kick.

Spinning Hook Kick Step Five: One Motion

This is the lesson that students have been waiting for. The key here is that the students keep the proper foot positioning as they let the kick fly. Effortless Effort is the key here.

Spinning Hook Kick

Questions to confirm that you understand the intricate details of Spinning Hook Kick.

Course Conclusion

Encouragement of practice and refinement of technique.
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