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Learn What’s New in Office 2013

Learn all about the latest suite of Office programs from the experts in this Microsoft Office 2013 tutorial.
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After completing this course you'll be ahead of the curve with the latest Office 2013 programs.

In this Office 2013 course ClipTraining provides an in-depth look at the core 4 Office programs newest features. (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) We then continue with an overview of "What's New" for the entire Office Suite. (Access, InfoPath, Publisher, OneNote, Project, Visio, Lync, SkyDrive and SharePoint 2013)

With 50 Videos, this course features over 3 hours of content.

Take this course to get up to date quickly with the latest suite of Office programs from Microsoft. You'll learn from the e-Learning experts at ClipTraining all about the new features of Microsoft Office 2013. This fast moving but easy to follow course will have you on your way to becoming an Office pro.

Introduction and Auxiliary Materials

Introductory Lecture
In this lecture clip we will provide an introduction to ClipTraining and information on how to best use our training materials.


Introducing Office 2013
Ready to find out what’s new in Office 2013?  This introductory clip sets the stage for the series that follows.  Learn about the software covered and an overview of topics to be discussed.

Word 2013

Whats New in Word 2013
The changes to Word 2013 are gradual and easy to learn.  In this clip we show off the new way in which Word opens and gives you the chance to open recent files and templates.  Also learn about account integration in word, the “Welcome Back” feature, the new Ribbon Display Options and also Touch/Mouse mode.
Changes on the File Tab
 In Word 2013, the File tab is not new, it was introduced in Word 2010.  What is new are the commands and features located backstage on the File tab.  For example, selecting Open brings up a whole new look as does the new Share tab.  See the new commands on these tabs and more demonstrated and explained.
Exploring New Commands
As expected, Word 2013 contains new commands.  Check out this quick clip to a few of the most useful ones like: New ways to add rows and columns to tables, Hiding paragraphs of information with one click, the new Design tab, new ways to add pictures and video.  Discover how easy it is to use these features in a few short minutes
Understanding New PDF Capabilities
A new features to Word 2013 is the ability not only to open PDF files in Word but also to edit these same files.  Learn how easy this is to do in this fast moving clip.
A Look at Graphic Enhancements
One of the nicest improvements Word 2013 is the  ability to acquire pictures right from within Word.  While this has existed to a degree before, the new Insert Pictures dialog lets us insert royalty free photos and illustrations and clipart from Office.com, Bing image search, Flickr or your own SkyDrive.  Also in this clip see how to the new Apps for Office feature can help you find apps that search images as well.
Working with Videos in Documents
 Up till now, Word has not really been video friendly.  Now with the new Insert Video dialog we can quickly add videos into a Word document. Find out how easy it is use this and add videos to your documents.
Using Live Layout
Once we insert pictures into Word, we are then faced with the dilemma of how to move these pictures around the document.  The new Live Layout feature assists in seeing just how our photo or clip art will look as we move it around the document.  Also see how the new Layout Options dialog brings familiar text wrapping features to the fore.
Reading Mode Improvements
When you need to focus squarely on your  document and want little to nothing else on screen including the tabs and ribbons, Word 2013 Reading mode can help in this regard.  We’ll show you this look and the limited commands that are available and how to use them in just a few short minutes.
Presenting Documents Online
A new features to Word 2013 is the ability to present a document to pother users online.  A full demo of this is shown in this clip.  Watch how easy it can be to present documents online and learn this new feature in minutes with this quick clip.

Excel 2013

What's New in Excel 2013
At first glance we are relieved to see that the interface looks familiar overall. We have a new button on the ribbon that allows us to collapse or entirely hide the ribbon and our New Sheet button looks a little different. But that’s not all, we have some minor changes to the Backstage view as well.
Understanding Flash Fill
In this clip we’ll see how the AutoFill tool has been expanded to allow us to fill data in a flash.
Using Quick Analysis
In this clip we’ll see how quickly we can analyze our data using a Live Preview tool.
Working with Recommended Charts
In this clip we’ll see how Microsoft takes away the challenge of deciding which chart type to use. Excel will give us recommendations based on our selected data.
Utilizing Chart Customization Buttons
In this clip we’ll see how easy it now is to customize our charts on the fly.
Exploring PivotTable Enhancements
In this clip we’ll see how Excel helps us to build our PivotTables by supplying us with many recommended table layouts.
Working with Multiple Table PivotTables
In this clip we’ll see that we can now create PivotTables on multiple related tables.
Drilling PivotTable Data
In this clip we’ll see how to view our multiple table PivotTable data in a more granular view by drilling down, from a higher view by drilling up and how we can cross drill to view related data.
Creating Stand-Alone PivotCharts
In this clip we’ll see that we can finally create PivotCharts without having to build the PivotTable first.
Exploring Slicers for Tables
In this clip we’ll see how we can easily filter our table data using Slicers, which were once only available for PivotTables.

PowerPoint 2013

What's New in PowerPoint 2013
Learn what’s new including inserting pictures from Office.com and Bing Image Search, new sleek theme templates in widescreen format (16:9), new transitions, and ways to share your presentation by the Lync Sharing Add-in.
A Tour of the Interface
Take a quick tour of the brand-new polished looking interface including the new Start screen that gives you quick access to start your next presentation using local and online templates, the variants built within a theme called SuperThemes, a recent presentation, or a blank one.  The tour also includes a look at the new flattened ribbon interface, and changes to the way notes and comments appear.
Exploring Ribbon Display Options
Learn how to make the best use of all available screen space by quickly hiding the ribbon. The Ribbon Display Options include three choices: auto-hide Ribbon, Show Tabs, and Show Tabs and Commands.
Exploring Enhanced Presenter View
Presenter view shows full slides on one display for audience viewing while the presenter can see the slide, notes and additional tools on another display. Explore the new, improved tools including, viewing the taskbar, a timer, jump to slide, zoom-in on a slide, viewing the current slide and upcoming slide, and onscreen laser pointers and pens.
Using New Commenting Features
Learn how to give feedback by creating and replying to comments in the new Comment Pane view. Viewing options, how to show and hide are also discussed.
Working with Task Panes
Making formatting changes to text, shapes, pictures, charts, and tables just got a lot easier to use. Learn to navigate the new task panes and make quick formatting changes to your slides.
Creating MPEG4 Presentations
PowerPoint 2013 now supports the multimedia format MPEG4. Learn how to export your presentation as an MPEG4 video. Many export options are explained including display type and recorded timings and narrations.
Understanding Charting Features
Learn how a single click over the chart areas can quickly transform your chart. The new formatting options include chart elements, style and color galleries, and values and names choices. 
Utilizing the Eye Drop Color Tool
Let the new eyedropper tool do the work for you. Learn how you can capture the exact color from an object, within PowerPoint or anywhere on the screen, and apply it to any shape or text.
Using Smart Guides
Take the guesswork out of aligning objects on your slides by using the newly enhanced smart guides and static guides. Smart Guides automatically help by appearing when objects, such as text boxes, shapes and photo’s are close to even spacing and when they are spaced evenly. Static guides are great for aligning to certain areas across all slides or only specific slide formats within the slide master area.

Outlook 2013

What’s New in Outlook 2013
Take a tour of Outlook 2013 and see the enhancements to email, the calendar and contacts.  There is a new clean and less cluttered look with email by only having the Navigation Pane, Message List and Reading Pane displayed.  The File tab, also known as backstage view, has changed but still contains most of the same commands.  Also take a look at peeks or quick previews while looking at the other areas of Outlook.
Messaging Enhancements
The Message List now lets you preview the message so you can see which messages need to be tackled first.  Also in the Message List you can make quick actions by flagging, deleting or marking messages read or unread.  Now you can reply to messages with one click by typing your response right in the Reading Pane. 
Understanding People Cards
The new default view for contacts is People Cards.  This view give you more information about a contact right on the screen.  You can create a meeting, send a message or edit the contact information right from the People Card view.
Exploring Updated Calendar Features
The calendar view has a new look including your local weather.  You can add up to five cities to view the weather in that location for the next three days.  A Lync Meeting can also be created right from Outlook.  While creating a meeting, you can view information about the attendees to see recent emails and social updates.
Working with Site Mailboxes
A Site Mailbox is a place to store your documents and emails in one location.  Exchange stores the emails and SharePoint stores the documents to make sharing information for projects easy.  Once a Site Mailbox is created it can be added to your navigation pane making it easy to access.
Using Improved Search Features
There are many ways to search for mail, calendar appointments, people or tasks.  Search folders can be created to find email messages based on the same criteria each time viewed.  There is also a people search to help find contacts as well as filtering to find information fast by conditions such as messages with attachments.  The instant search is another way to find items in your email, calendar, contacts, tasks or notes.
Configuring the Inbox– In Outlook 2013
You can configure your Inbox by adding folders to store messages.  Now you can rearrange the folders in the order you need and they do not have to be alphabetical.  Plus you can add the most important ones to your favorite’s area.

Utilizing Peeks
By point to the Calendar icon, peeks allow you to see a preview of your calendar.  You can peek at your favorite contacts or your upcoming tasks without changing to that view.  You can dock the peeks so while in email for example, you can see your calendar, favorite contacts or your tasks.

Additional Apps in the Office Suite and More

What’s New in Access 2013
We see that not much has changed.  We’ll find that PivotTable and PivotChart views have been removed, and that we have Layout view added to Forms, which is a very welcome addition! There are also some minor changes to the Backstage view, but overall the Access interface has remained much the same.
Using Access to Build Apps
In this clip we’ll learn what an App is, where it’s stored and how to create it.
Understanding New Access Capabilities
In this clip we’ll see the App interface, how to navigate and how to use different areas of the Access App.
What’s New in InfoPath 2013
InfoPath 2013 has the same look as the other Office 2013 products with the Quick Access Toolbar, the Ribbon and the new File tab.  If you are familiar with previous versions of InfoPath to create forms, then the learning curve will be easy since most of the functionality is the same.
What’s New in Publisher 2013
Like other applications in the Office 2013 suite, Publisher 2013 has been updated to include the new Office look.  This clip briefly explores Microsoft account integration, Touch/Mouse mode, the new Insert Pictures dialog and improvements to the scratch area among other features. 
What’s New in OneNote 2013
Discover how OneNote has taken some giant steps forward with Microsoft Account and SkyDrive integration.  You’ll find the clean new look backstage on the File tab easy to work with.  The new features demonstrated and explained  include Full Page View, new Notebook organization, Ribbon Display Options and the brand new Send to OneNote dialog.  There’s a lot to see in just a few minutes.
What’s New in Project 2013
At first glance, we’ll notice that the interface looks very familiar. There is a new Report tab, which is a welcome addition, and a new quick view button for Reports at the bottom of our window. We’ll also notice some minor changes to the Backstage view, but overall the interface is familiar.
What’s New in Visio 2013
We see that the new interface has remained mostly the same. There is a new Process tab, a new search feature for stencils, some minor changes to the Backstage view as well as a few other changes. Overall we are happy to see the familiar ribbon interface we are comfortable with remains intact.
What's New in Lync 2013
This end-user communication tool allows you to have IM, precence information and even have audio/video conferencing all through Lync.  This clip will walk you through the Lync 2013 interface and show you how easy it is to get started.
Incorporating SkyDrive with Office 2013
One common theme running throughout all the Office 2013 applications is the tight integration of SkyDrive.  Discover how SkyDrive can enhance the Office experience and extend it’s capabilities.  Explore several  features of SkyDrive in only 5 minutes!
What’s New in SharePoint-2013
At first glance we are taken aback! The new interface is very different! Not to worry, the Ribbon interface and Quick Launch are still intact. As we move into Lists and Libraries we see that there is a new Timeline view, the option to add New Items has been moved to the top of the list and the View Changer has been moved. After watching this lesson you’ll be moving around in SharePoint 2013 just fine!
Using Office on Mobile Devices
With the trend toward mobile devices, business users the world over are clamoring for Office on mobile devices.  Office 2013 answers that call.  This clip opens by first discussing Office compatibility with different operating systems.  Next, watch Office in use on a touch screen tablet and then next on a mobile phone.  This clip may help you determine of one of these devices with Office 2013 is right for you.
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