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Develop end-to-end project on Informatica Cloud.
Execute complete process using Informatica Cloud
Work on various aspects of Informatica Cloud including transformations, tasks, scheduling, performance etc.
Learn architecture of Informatica cloud

This course will guide you through various aspects of Informatica Cloud. This course contains modules starting Architecture to development aspects.

There is detailed discussion on various aspects of admin, development activities including discussion on various types of assets, transformations, tasks etc available in Informatica cloud.

After finishing this course you will be able to work on various modules of Informatica Cloud.

Introduction to Informatica Cloud

Introduction to Informatica Cloud

In the Lecture Number 1, we will start our learning with understanding of Informatica Cloud. This video tutorial will take you thought the basic of Informatic Cloud. We will talk about the Architecture of Informatica Cloud. We will also talk about the difference in architecture of Informatica Cloud and Informatica Power Center. If you are aware of Informatica Power Center, it will be very easy for you to understand and co-relate the differences in architecture.

We will also discuss about the project which will be implemented as a part of the training. Basic over view of Project is also presented in the video.

Topics covered are:

1. Architecture of Informatica Cloud

2. Comparison with Informatica Power Center

3. Explanation of Project to be covered.

Creating Flat File and Salesforce Connection

Having understood the basics of Informatica Cloud in this Lecture, we will talk about one of the most important aspect of Informatica Cloud i.e the integration part. Integration means, how do we make Informatica fetch data from various applications like Salesforce, Flat Files.

Along with this the video also explains about the Project which will be executed as a part of the training.

This is Video Number 2 of Informatica Cloud Study.

Topics covered are:

1. Understanding basics of SF

2. Creating Salesforce Connections

3. creating Flat File Connections.

4. Explanation of Project

Data Integration

Data Integration section

With our understanding from section 1, let us now move to Data Integration Section of Informatica Cloud. In this section we will understand various types of Integration Mappings which can be created in Informatica cloud.

This Lecture includes:

1. Discussion on Data Integration Section

2. Various types of Assets present in Cloud

3. Creating Mappings Asset

4. Running Mapping Asset

5. Checking Running Jobs

Discussion on an Error and Usage of Incoming and Outgoing Fields in Informatica

Note: You can skip this video if needed.

In this video there is a general discussion on an error. Later in the video discussion of Input anfd output port is discussed in this video

Continued discussion of Lecture 4 and Creating Synchronization Task

In this video we will learn some more advanced aspects of Informatica Cloud.

This is Video Number 5 of Informatica Cloud Study.

Topics covered are:

1. Creating Synchronization task

2. Creating a Schedule

3. Discussion on Log files

4. Continued discussion of Video 4 about the error.

learning the Transformations

Learning the Transformations

In this Lecture we will learn various types of transformations of Informatica Cloud. If you are new to informatica, you can learn Filter, Aggregator and basic transformations in Lecture 7 and Lecture 8 first.

Topics covered are:

1. Joiner Transformation

2. Explanation of Joiner Transformation

3. Lookup Transformation

4. explanation of Lookup Transformation

5. Sequence Generator Transformation

Transformations continued

This is Lecture Number 7 of Informatica Cloud Study.

Topics covered are:

1. Project Scenario Explanation

2. Field Mappings

3. Tracing Level

4. Router Transformation

5. Filter Transformation

6. Normalizer Transformation

More Transformations

This is Lecture Number 8 of Informatica Cloud Study.

Topics covered are:

1. Project Explanation - Scenarios

2. Mapplet Basics in Cloud

3. Aggregator Transformation

4. Sorter Transformation

Transformation Cont., Mapplets and Discussion on Salesforce

This is Lecture Number 9 of Informatica Cloud Study.

Topics covered are:

1. Salesforce Explanation

2. Salesforce Scenario

3. Mapplet Scenario

4. Bundle Explanation

5. More explanation of Lookup Cache

6. Union Transformation

Administration and Session Task properties in Cloud

Discussion on Administration section

This is Lecture Number 10 of Informatica Cloud Study.

Topics covered are:

1. Using Parameter File

2. More about Administrator Services - Information about Various services

3. Bundles

4. Projects

5. More about Router

6. Explanation of Project

7. Explanation of SCD

8. Loading Dimension Tables

Session Task Properties

This is Video Number 11 of Informatica Cloud Study.

Topics covered are:

1. Mapping Tasks

2. Sessions task properties - explanation of each property

3. Incremental Aggregation

4. Error Handling

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