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Life Coach Training (ChangeDynamics Coaching) Life Coach CRT

Learn The Science Of Life Coaching Breakthroughs. (Part 1 Change Dynamics Life Coach Certification) Life Coach Training.
Justin Quinton
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Be able to make deep lasting identity level change as a life coach
Know the science to creating psychological breakthroughs
Get over your fears and insecurities around "not being ready" or "not qualified enough"
Expand your skills and achieve mastery as a coach to create DEEP results for your coaching clients.
No longer feel stuck, or like you’re stagnating with your coaching business
Serve more people and create a wider impact as a life coach
Have confidence in your ability to work with the toughest coaching clients
See a clear blueprint and step by step methodology for coaching anyone through any issue
Know the right mindset and business tools to consistently grow your coaching business with ease.
Identify and understand human development and growth with more clarity then most professionals
Build a strong reliable life coaching practice, with raving clients who trust you as the authority in what you do

Life coach certification like never before with this brand new course by master coach Justin Quinton!

What is the #1 mistake struggling coaches make, which prevent them from creating a thriving life coaching practice and a lifestyle they dream of?


A fear that they’re not good enough. That they’re not qualified enough or don’t have enough experience yet to life coach.

A fear that they will be judged when they coach.

A fear of charging their worth; of selling to their life coaching clients; of accepting only dream clients.

A fear to be rich, happy and successful (yup, you read that right), and so they unknowingly self-sabotage their own success.

If you have any of these fears, you’re not alone.

But, here’s the thing.

When you started your life coaching practice, most people probably told you to focus on getting coaching clients or maximizing productivity.

That’s not the best advice. Here’s why.

Truth is, if you don’t prioritize eliminating all subconscious fears before doing anything else, then you are heading straight for a burn-out… if you haven’t burned out already.

Because no matter what clever marketing strategy you use, or how many hours of hard work you put in, or how much networking you throw yourself into to attract life coaching clients…

If any of these fears are still bubbling inside of you — even by a tiny bit — then your coaching clients will feel that & you’ll struggle to achieve the income, impact, and freedom you desire.

What if you could eliminate all limiting fears with a surefire roadmap that could increase your impact and income as a life coach, consultant or trainer…fast?

Part 1 Change Dynamics is the map every life coach needs to have to create a thriving life coaching practice that delivers income, impact, and freedom.

So whether you’re a seasoned life coach or just starting. After this course, you’ll know exactly how to achieve amazing results in not only your coaching clients lives, but yours as well.

Inside you will find:

– New psychological discoveries and metamodels that fully explain human development.

– A full explanation of why some therapies work while others don’t, and how to not embarrass yourself or fail in a coaching session.

– Unique strategies to get those “ah-ha” breakthroughs with even the toughest coaching clients.

– The 8 key foundational steps that every successful life coach does to create an amazing coaching practice.

– A collection of the most effective strategies successful coaches practices in their life coaching business today

– Entertaining, massively informative and condensed lectures you’ll want to watch over and over.

This new training is for the life coach who wants to reach the next level…

So allow this transformational life coach training to empower you to impact more people and create positive change in this world.

After Part 1 Change Dynamics coaching methodology you will feel a sense of confidence that you know what it takes to be massively successful in your life coaching practice as well as in life. With this life coach training, you’ll have an exact roadmap to create a life coaching business with high-paying, committed, dream clients that give you freedom, income, and fulfillment.

There is a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if for some reason this isn’t for you so you have nothing to lose. 

Stop waiting to make the difference you know you can make in life. Take the first step today for your career tomorrow and sign up now!

Welcome to Part 1 Change Dynamics Coaching Methodology & Certification

What To Expect With Part 1 Change Dynamics

This breaks down what you can expect with just Part 1 of Change Dynamics Coaching certification

Stages: How To Understand People Better Than They Know Themselves & Coach Them

How to feel ready and confident that you could coach anyone!

This lecture explores how we can feel confident as coaches knowing that we can help and understand anyone we come across in our life coaching practice.

Spiral Dynamics - The Map Of Psychological Development & Your Map For Coaching

This lecture explores one of the most advanced and fascinating psychological theories to date. By using spiral dynamics as your meta model of understanding within your coaching practice you will be able to work with and deeply understand people better then they understand themselves. This is a essential part of this life coaching methodology

The Best Stage For A Coach To Be In

This is the final stage we will talk about within Change Dynamics Part 1 Coaching Methodology. This stage development should act as the goal for coaches to reach themselves and bring their clients too

OPTIONAL Additional teaching and more in depth breakdown of Spiral Dynamics

This is an additional and alternative explanation to Spiral Dynamics that comes from the Actualize Academy Podcast. Due to the complexity of this coaching model, its suggested that you go through this as well if you want to ensure a through understanding within your Life Coaching business.

How To Psychologically Evolve Yourself & Others

This lecture explores how to coach yourself and coach others into a new stage development.

States: The Science Of Creating Coaching Breakthroughs With The Toughest Clients

The Philosophy Of Change. Our Role As Coaches Leaders & Helpers

Life Coaching States Introduction

Why Most People Are Resistant To Help & Change

Some insights as to the resistance we all have to change

The 4 Moods Of Influence - How To Coach Resistant People

Forget about needing your client to be "ready for change"... This completely unique strategy will change the way you look at coaching and therapy forever.

Bonus Lecture On States & Solutions

This is an additional lecture on the influence of your state on thinking especially when searching for solutions in life.

Skills: The Tools & Principles Required For Effective Life Coaching

If You're Afraid To Start Coaching, Here's What You Need To Know...

This lecture breaks down two different typical approaches you'll find in the life coach world. As well has how to take the lessons from both into your coaching business

The Fundamental Element Of Coaching & Change

This lecture breaks down all therapies, coaching practices, and psychological tools and explains what's at the core of why they work or not with coaching clients.

The Most Effective Tool In Life Coaching & Therapy

If you're serious about being a life coach, you cant skip out on this...

Establishing Yourself An Expert Coach

Within any coaching or helping interaction is a dynamic behind the scenes. This lecture introduces the importance of establishing a proper coaching dynamic for success in your life coaching practice

Steps: The Complete Breakdown Of The Change Dynamics Coaching Methodology

The Step By Step Breakdown Of The Change Dynamics Coaching Methodology

This is the complete 8 Step process used to create psychological breakthroughs. This summarizes and organizes the previous information into a series of fundamental steps you cant use to ensure you're not only effective but also unbiased, and helpful in the long term.

Bonus Content

Congratulations and Moving Forward With Your Coaching Practice

A closing message about my ambitions for you and your life coaching journey

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