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Life Coaching Associate Certificate: Integrative Wellness 1

CBT Integrative Wellness Life Coach Certificate: (CBT) Therapeutic Arts, NLP, REBT, Counseling
Patrick Howell, CBT, Mindfulness Life Coaching
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This is an Animation Representation Training™ designed specifically for visual and auditory learners
Apply the IW Wellness Model as a mode of self healing
Integrative Wellness Associate Coach training enables students to become an Associate Life Coach while receiving 10 Professional Development Credit Hours (CPD)
*Prior to enrolling please watch the free lectures to make certain Animation Representation Training™ matches your learning style*
Apply CBT to help your clients get unstuck from difficult situations
Apply Arts Therapy to help your clients get unstuck from difficult situations
Apply Positive Psychology to help your clients get unstuck from difficult situations
Use the IW Model to apply the techniques with their own clients in their professional practice
Understand the principles and framework that underpin the IW Associate Coach Model

Animation Representation Training™  designed specifically for visual and auditory learners

*Prior to enrolling please watch free lectures to make certain Animation Representation Training™ matches your learning style

Fully Accredited Integrative Wellness Associate Coach Certificate.

Upon completion of this accredited course you will be eligible to apply for the designation of Associate Integrative Wellness Coach. All certificates are issued at the discretion of the Integrative Wellness Coaching Association. 

Certification requires successful completion of the entire course, completion of all practice assignments, and the fulfillment of a practice coaching log.

 *Additional IWCA administrative charges may apply. 

This course is also fully accredited by a globally recognized CPD body for 10 Continuing Professional Development Credit Hours.

Please note that certification is optional. It is by no means compulsory, or a prerequisite for taking the course.  Should you wish to opt for the Associate Coaching diploma, full details will be given at the end of the course. 

The Integrative Wellness Model, or the IW Model, is a cutting edge therapy system designed to benefit everyone.  Whether you are using the model as a self help application to heal yourself, or if you’re a therapist, counselor or coach, wishing to expand and build on your existing skill sets, this course is for you.

The IW Model is built on a framework of mental health principles, that when applied correctly, will facilitate positive, profound change, enabling you to flourish as an individual and experience a state of self actualization.

The Integrative wellness model incorporates six specific modalities;

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – work begun by Dr. Aaron Beck in the 1960’s, where short-term, goal-oriented therapy is used to change patterns of thinking and behavior.

  2. Positive Psychology –  the science of Human Flourishing, also referred to as “The Science of Happiness”

  3. Arts Therapy – using the creation of art as a way to deal effectively with the struggles of day-to-day living, as well as for general personal development

  4. NLP – a method of influencing the brain’s reaction to stimulus through the use of language and modeling

  5. R.E.B.T, or Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy – a form of Cognitive behavioral Therapy, that teaches how to examine and challenge unhelpful thinking, and self-sabotaging behaviors.

  6. Life Coaching – the practice of providing supportive guidance to clients, with the focus on goals, the realization of dreams and aspirations and overcoming life’s challenges.

This most wonderful and modern of therapies, teaches us that it’s not events, or things that upset and disturb us, but rather how we view these events, or things.  In essence, how a person thinks, influences their feelings.

When a person believes illogical and irrational beliefs about themselves, others, and the world, psychological problems and mental distress will often be the result.

We have created this course, in such a way that everybody can benefit from this amazing therapy approach.  No special knowledge of psychology or therapy is needed, as this introduction course has been written for beginners but will be useful and informative for professionals too.

An open mind and a willingness to rethink the way in which you view yourself, others and the world is all that is required for you to gain maximum benefit form the IW Model.

The IW Model is effective for a range of emotional issues as well as personal development and overall well-being.

These include:

  • Development of happiness

  • Personal growth, life goal issues, performance at work issues

  • Realizing your true potential

  • Decreasing depressive symptoms

  • Various forms of anxiety, especially social anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Phobias

  • Panic attacks

  • Eating disorders

  • All types of addictions 

  • Problems related to impulse control

  • Problems related to emotional control

  • Personality disorders

  • Anger management

  • Pain management

  • Stress management

  • Coping with health or disability problems

  • Child behavioral issues

  • Family relationship issues

  • Issues specific to couples

As you can see, the IW Model is a versatile approach, helping people with a wide range of psychological and life issues.

Included in the course, you’ll find a number of outstanding resources to help you apply the principles of the IW Model easily and effectively.

Just some of the things this associate coach course covers:

  • An introduction To The Integrated Wellness Model (IW Model)

  • The Principles of The IW Model

  • Activity: Sentence Stems

  • Limitations of Using a Single Modality

  • The Benefits of an Eclectic Approach

  • What Sort of Thing Can The IW Model help With

  • Using The IW Model on Yourself – Part One

  • Using The IW Model on Yourself – Part Two

  • Living in The Moment Using The IW Model

  • Using The IW Model for Optimal Living

  • Using The IW Model To Gain Clarity and Insight

  • Using The IW Model To Reduce Your Stress Levels

  • Creativity and Artful Expression in The IW Model

  • An Example of Creativity as an Application Within The IW Model

  • Creative Thinking for Business Using The IW Model

  • Mind Maps

  • Using the IW Model in a Therapeutic Setting

  • Using IW for The Treatment of Phobias

  • Examples of The IW Model in Practice

  • Conclusion

  • Diploma and Accreditation Instructions

Integrative Wellness Coach Course Intro Section

Animation Representation Coach Training Delivery Method

Meet your instructors for the course!  Libby Seery and Patrick Howell

Wellness Associate Coach Course Introduction

Welcome to the introduction of the IW Model

About Integrative Wellness Life Coaching

In this lecture you will be introduced to the IW model.  You will discover the six modalities that form the majority of the model and learn how they fit nicely together. 

Quick Win Sentence Stem Intervention

A Sentence stem is a partially completed sentence that CONTAINS your desired outcome, but leaves BLANK the method for achieving it.  This first exercise in this IW model addresses growth from the whole person perspective. 

Case Study
Sentence Stem Coaching Intervention

This is where you can find all the resources for the course and much much more!

Practical Elements of the IW Model

Initial Wellness Assessment

In this lecture we look at the Wheel of Happiness and how effective it is

The Principles of the IW Model

In this lecture we'll explore the underlying principles of the Integrated Wellness Model and how they lead to wellbeing and happiness. 

Limitations of Using A Single Modality

Here we will discuss using the Right Tool for the Job.  Being limited to just a single tool makes it very hard to adapt to the diversity of issues that a given person could experience. 

The Benefits of an Eclectic Approach

Learn how an eclectic approach to therapy enables a practitioner to tailor a bespoke approach to presenting issues

Principles of Wellness Coaching

Applying the Integrative Wellness Model

Using the IW Model on yourself - Part 1

This is the first of two lectures where we look at the IW Model as a self help application

Using the IW Model on yourself - Part 2

This is the second of two lectures where we look at the IW Model as a self help application

Applying The IW Principles To Your Daily Life

Life Coaching Interventions

Student Activity: Using The IW Model To Gain Clarity and Insight

In this lecture we'll look at how you can use the IW Model to gain clarity and insight in your day to day life

Living in the Moment Using the IW Model

True Integrative Wellness relies on the ability to "experience" the here and now. To consciously spend time in the present moment, as opposed to ruminating on the past, or thinking of what's to come. In this exercise you will take part in a mindfulness exercise.

How we Use Mindfulness with Our Clients

This lecture covers how we use Mindfulness with our clients as IW Practitioners

Using the IW Model For Optimal Living

The IW model coalesces with applied positive psychology to increase the chances of optimal living. In this lecture you learn a powerful IW intervention that promotes happiness and flourishing. 

Student Activity: Using The IW Model To Reduce Your Stress Levels

The IW Model can help you effectively reduce your stress levels and invite a sense of calm into your life

Creativity and Artful expression in the IW Model

This is the first lecture which looks at the benefits of art therapy and expression within the IW Model

An Example of creativity as an Application Within The IW Model

This lecture takes a look at the use of vision boards and how they can be used to explore and develop our goals and realise our true potential

Creative Thinking for business using the IW Model

As we've already learned, the IW Model is used for self development as well as therapeutic reasons. This lecture takes a look at the intervention of creative thinking in the business world

Mind Maps

Mind maps are incredibly useful for many reasons.  Here we explore just a couple of things they can help with

Using the IW Model in a Therapeutic Setting

In this lecture we cover the IW Model in its role within a therapeutic setting and look at how it gets used and for what issues

Using IW Model for The Treatment of Phobias

This lecture is for you is you want to use the IW Model to overcome fear or anxiety surrounding phobias!



This is the lecture where we summarise your learning so far and recap what we've covered in the course

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