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Life Coaching Business MASTERCLASS (5+ Courses in 1)

Complete Guide: Build a Life Coach Business & Get Life Coaching Clients Consistently with a Package that Sells Itself
Joeel & Natalie Rivera
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How to stop getting stuck on the hamster wheel of client chasing
How to stop wasting time and money on marketing strategies that don't work
How to stop being the best kept secret and finally make the difference you are meant to make as a life coach
Know exactly how to structure your coaching in a way that get clients and gets them results
Finally identify your ideal coaching niche that shares your gift with clients you love
Highly target your tribe of ideal clients so you can find them easily and they feel drawn to you right away
Create life coaching packages that offer the specific results your clients ALREADY want, making it an easy sale
Use free introductory sessions in the RIGHT way so you provide massive value and your client WANTS to enroll with you at the end, without feeling salesy
Learn the 3 marketing strategies that ACTUALLY WORK for life coaches (hint: they're not Facebook, Email, or Websites)
Learn how to leverage other people's clients/audiences through joint venture partnerships
Learn how to speak in front of an audience of your ideal clients and have them dying to enroll in your program (using soft-selling techinques)
Write marketing copy for your elevator pitch, packages, and website that speaks your clients' language and converts to sales
Learn how to run simple, profitable digital marketing campaigns using landing pages, webinars, and email automation


We are top Udemy instructors in the personal development and Life Coach category. Our courses have been taken by over 100,000 happy students from 191 countries.

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(NOTE: This course includes 5 of our courses that are available individually. If you are enrolled in any of those courses, portions of this program will be redundant.)


So, what is it that makes some coaches tremendously successful, while most life coaches struggle?

The answer is that a successful life coach know the answer to the#1 question we are ALWAYS asked, which is “How do I get more life coaching clients?”

You see, life coaching is a labor of love… but it’s also a BUSINESS, and the truth is most life coaches are first time entrepreneurs and they don’t know how to create a life coaching business.

  • Have you done what it seems everyone says you need to do as a life coach—created a website, Facebook page, and business cards… but you’re frustrated because you’re still not getting enough clients?

  • Do you feel like you’ve wasted time or money on marketing strategies for your life coaching practice that don’t work, or never tried any because you feel stuck and overwhelmed?

  • Or, do you feel like you’ve reached a plateau as a life coach—you’ve got some clients but you’re ready to take it to the next level?

The good news is that getting clients you love as a life coach and getting them consistently can actually be easy, enjoyable and inexpensive (or even free)!

What we’ve learned in over a decade in the life coaching field and after training tens of thousands of life coaches is that there are certain business strategies that work for life coaches 10X better than any other methods…

… and we want to help you save you years of trial and error so that you can create a thriving coaching business.

We want to make sure you don’t become another life coach who gets get stuck being a best-kept secret,playing it small, when you could be making a real difference in the lives of those who need you.

That’s why we have created this complete guide by combining 5 of our top-selling life coach courses that teach entrepreneurship for life coaches, plus powerful additional marketing content, all into 1 course!

It’s time to demystify and un-complicate marketing!

Most “gurus” say that in order to market your life coaching you need a blog, logo, website, email campaign, marketing system, social media followers, Facebook ads and more and more time consuming (and expensive) things. But the truth is that marketing does not have to be complicated or overwhelming. In fact, the 3 top marketing strategies for that have been proven to work for life coaches don’t even involve digital marketing at all, and they’re totally free!

But, the MOST IMPORTANT part of the program isn’t about learning the best strategies for HOW to market your life coaching… the most important part is WHAT you are marketing.

This course will teach you how to STRUCTURE a life coaching business…

… and create an OFFER

… that is SO well targeted

… and gets SUCH great results…

… that all you have to do is get your message in front of the right audience and it SELLS ITSELF.

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out as a life coach or you’re looking for proven strategies to scale your business,this Life Coaching Business Masterclass will teach you everything you need to know in order to:

  1. Get super clear about your life coaching niche and identify your target market of ideal clients so you can stand out as an expert in your niche.

  2. Create a signature life coaching package that offers your clients the specific results that they want, so they know exactly what they are going to get out of working with you.

  3. Offer free or discounted coaching introductory sessions that get your potential clients results and convert them into long-term clients.

  4. Use joint venture partnerships to collaborate with other people or businesses who already have a relationship with your ideal clients.

  5. Speak in front of an audience of your ideal life coaching clients, utilizing a proven strategy for offering massive value while gently guiding them to WANT to do business with you, all without feeling “salesy”.

  6. Create a powerful elevator pitch so you never get stuck not knowing how to describe what you offer again.

  7. Write marketing copy that speaks your life coaching clients’ language, including website copy that sells.

  8. Create simple, profitable digital marketing campaigns using landing pages, webinars, and email automation.

So, who are we?

We are Joeel & Natalie Rivera. We have been life coaches for over a decade and we’ve trained tens of thousands of life coaches! We have over 100,000 students from 191 countries. Our courses are all based on our educational background in psychology and education, our experience as entrepreneurs and life coaches, as well as Joeel’s background as a psychology instructor, his Master’s in Counseling and his research on happiness for my dissertation for my PH.D. in Psychology.

Welcome to the Life Coaching Business Masterclass!

Welcome and Introduction

Learn what this course is about and meet the instructors.

How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes Most Life Coaches Make

Learn the 3 biggest mistakes most life coaches make, how we learned these lessons the hard way, and how this course will help you avoid them.

Roadmap to Success

Learn more about what is in this course, how to get the most out of it, and what is covered in the different modules (whole courses included in this one program!).


Introduction to Niche Coaching

Learn why niche life coaching is the #1 secret to being a successful life coach.

Getting Started

What is Niche Coaching?

In this lecture we will go over what niche coaching is. Many people confuse niche coaching with the ability to differentiate yourself from your competition, but niche coaching is much more than that. Find out what a niche even IS and how narrowing your focus is THE key to success!

Why Niche Coaching?

There are many coaches in the field of life coaching, but most of them fail to get their business thriving. We will give you the reasons why you want to go into niche coaching and the power behind it. Niche coaching can truly transform your life and we will tell you why. 

Examples of Niches & Sub-niches

Many people assume that there are only a handful of niches in coaching. However, that is furthest from the truth. In fact we will show you that their are many thriving niches that you may have never considered. It is good to look at them as they will demonstrate that even if you are considering a very unique or weird niche that you may have an opportunity to truly create a thriving business.

Criteria for a Successful Niche (and passion isn’t enough)

In this lecture, we will go over four mandatory criteria that you need to have in order to have a successful coaching niche. Keep in mind that it is essential that you take the time to assess them because regardless of how much energy or money you invest in making your niche work it is destined to fail if it does meet these criteria.  

Criteria for a Successful Niches Part 2

In this lecture, we will go over a number of helpful criteria. They are not mandatory for your success but they will help you accelerate your success if you meet them.

Our Coaching Evolution Story

Get to know us (Joeel & Natalie), the journey we traveled to life coaching, and the story of how our coaching niche evolved over time.

Your Niche

3 Real Life Niche Coaches

Sometimes the best way to gain clarity about what a niche coach really is, is to hear real life examples--and we've got 3 great ones!

Intro to Choosing Your Niche

In this lecture we will go over the important steps you'll be taking to find a niche of your own. 

Brainstorming Your Niche

The source of your perfect niche can come from MANY different places... so brainstorm aspects of your expertise, skills, challenges you've overcome, and life experiences that may hold clues to your gift!

Your Tribe

What is a TRIBE?

What is a "tribe" and why is it important to understand if you want to be able to get life coaching clients? Find out!

Who is Your Tribe?

Based on your niche, who is your tribe--the people who need you most? Relate to your story? Speak your language?

Identify Your Ideal Client

It's not just about who your niche coaching is for... its what clients are right for YOU!

Your Point of View and Your Personal Brand

In order to be a successful coach you MUST be willing to be your true authentic self, put yourself out there, and own your point of view! Find out why your message is CENTRAL to your personal brand.

Identify Your GIFT

We all have a powerful gift, however, sometimes we can't even see that it is there. In this lecture we will empower you to see the gift that you have so that you can share it with those that are eager and open to receiving it. Knowing this gift will help you finalize your purpose-driven niche.

Connecting To Your Tribe

Marketing: Speaking Their Language

Find out how having a highly target tribe is the key that unlocks success with ALL forms of marketing... marketing can be easy, inexpensive, and fun!

Finding Your Tribe IN PERSON

Explore ways to find your tribe of clients in person.

Finding Your Tribe ONLINE

Explore ideas for where and how to connect to your future clients online.

IMPORTANT: Testing Your Niche—Viability & Profitability

Now that you've identified your niche and your tribe, it is VITAL that you assess and test whether your niche is both VIABLE and PROFITABLE.


Introduction to Life Coaching Packages

Learn why offering life coaching packages based on RESULTS, rather than generic, individual life coaching sessions, is the secret to selling life coaching.

Getting Started

Why Create Coaching Packages?

Packaging your coaching services is absolutely vital for long-term success and creating a thriving coaching business! Find out why.

Identifying Your Journey

Identifying the journey YOU took to get to where you are today is the first step to creating a program that can walk clients through that same journey.

Packaging Your Gift

Dig deeper into HOW you can help your clients get the RESULTS they desire by exploring the steps, phases, keys or milestones along the path, depending on whether your niche is based on your knowledge, skill, life experience or a process.

Packaging Your Recipe

Identify your model or recipe for success so that you can guide your students through this PROCESS (yes, you have a process!).

Developing Your Curriculum

Once you have an outline, it's time to fill in all the details of your full package curriculum and all of the materials you'll need. Blueprint included!

Package Structure

How to Structure Your Package

Explore different components of package structure, such as in-person or virtual, individual or group, frequency and duration, add-ons and elements, and pricing.

3 Coaching Package Models

There are 3 main models of coaching packages: One-on-One Sessions, Leveraged One-on-One, and Group Coaching. Find out which one is best for you!

One-on-One Package Options

When offering one-on-one coaching packages, there are several ways to package your sessions, including simple bulk sessions, VIP sessions, long-term package, and outcome based packages.

Elements of a Package

What different elements or add-ons are you going to include with your package? Find out your options.

Offering Multiple Packages

Once you have one package, there are several ways you can add on additional packages, whether that means having multiple tiers of the same package (with added value) or creating new offerings within the same niche.

Set Package Pricing

Determining Your Value

It is important for you and your client to understand the true value of what your coaching package will do for them.

Evaluating Where You Fit in the Market (Determining What to Charge)

Conduct market research to compare how your coaching package compares to other similar businesses/coaches. This will help you assess the relative value, and therefore pricing, of your package.

Setting Your Price

Look at industry pricing, your market research, and the value of each element of your coaching package to establish a final price for your program.

The Money Game (What You Need to Make and Different Ways to Do It)

Playing the Money Game is a way to look at your financial goals and different ways to reach them.

Client Ascension Process

The Client Ascension Process

Find out how to take the ideas you had for offering multiple packages and create a COACHING LADDER that allows your clients to "ascend" the ladder and stay with you longer, while meeting more of their needs.

The Problem Solution Method

The key to an effective client ascension process is to understand what problems your clients STILL have. Find out how!

Additional Revenue Streams

Once you have a package developed, it's great to identify additional ways you can present the information OR additional information or products you can create. By doing so you can generate additional streams of revenue to diversify your income.

Present Your Package

Presenting Your Package

Once you have a coaching package, you need to put it out there... and the most important part of HOW to put it out there is the WORDING you use to describe it. HINT: you need to write your description in your tribe's language.

Naming Your Package

Your package name is the first thing your potential clients will see--therefore it needs to make a great first impression and capture the point of your package. You also need to create a compelling tagline or subtitle.

Package Descriptions

There are several key elements to your package description. In this video we provide an example and a template to use to write your own package description.


Find out why including a guarantee with your package is so important!


Introduction to Free Sessions

Learn why free or discounted introductory life coaching sessions are the perfect way to transition leads into paying clients.

Getting Started

Methods for Offering Free Sessions

Explore your options for offering free sessions and decide whether you want to offer a "qualifying session" or a "full introductory session".

Alternative Non-Sales Methods

Explore alternative ways of using free session to enroll paying clients that do not involve making your offer during the session

Free or Paid?

Find out the benefits of offering free sessions and whether you want to charge for your introductory sessions or not.

The Importance of Serving Not Selling

Find out why getting clients is NOT about selling. It's about serving!

The Importance of Pre-Qualifying Clients

Explore strategies for prequalifying clients and making sure the people you offer free sessions to are a good fit.

Design a Compelling Offer

Naming Your Offer

What's in a name? EVERYTHING! Create a compelling name for your free session.

Outcomes and Limiters

A compelling offer needs to focus on desirable outcomes and scarcity. Found out how.

Enrolling Clients in the Free Session

In order to have ANY clients take you up on your free session offer, you have to make it easy for them to enroll.

Structure Your Coaching Session

Structuring Your Coaching Session

Find out why structuring your coaching session, using this detailed blueprint, is so important for offering free sessions that convert into paying clients.

Step 1: Develop Rapport and Set Expectations

Find out how to make a connection with your client as well as establish expectations, including planting the seed that will allow you to discuss your coaching program later without feeling awkward.

Step 2: Determine Goals and Problems

Help your client gain clarity about the problems, goals, desires, and pain.

Step 3: Explain the Benefits of Coaching

Show your client how coaching with you would help them solve their problems.

Step 4: Offer Results through Coaching

Offer tremendous value to your client by diving deep into a coaching activity or process that will get them results.

Step 5: Establish Commitment and Future Pace

Help your client see a vision of themselves accomplishing their goal and test their commitment to following through.

Make Your Offer

Step 6: Transition to Your Offer

Learn how to gently bring up your coaching program in a way that feels comfortable and that the client is eager to hear what you can do for them!

Step 7: Closing the Sale

Learn how to discuss the costs of your coaching program with your client.

Overcoming Objections (Including High-End Clients)

Learn how to address and overcome common objections, including specific objections and strategies for handling high-end clients and high-cost programs.

What to Do When They Say “No”

Find out what steps to take at the end of the session when the client has decided NOT to enroll in your program, so that you end on a high note.

What to Do When They Say “Yes”

Find out what steps to take at the end of your session when the client has said "YES!" and wants to enroll in your program! 


Introduction to Joint Ventures

Learn how to use joint ventures, collaboration, affiliates, interviews, and more as strategies for connecting to your ideal clients (at zero cost).

Getting Started

The Power of Partnership

Partnership and joint ventures can impact your business and expand your reach in so many ways that you might not realize! Find out how.

Identifying JV Partners

The key to joint ventures is to identify who is already connected to your target market and how you can provide them value through a partnership.

Forms Of Collaboration

Referral Partners

Learn this simple and effective strategy for establishing referral partnerships.


Joint ventures can be as simple as a mutually beneficial trade!


Learn how to capitalize on and leverage affiliates and their marketing skills!


Whether you want to interview guests or be a guest on a podcast, webinar, radio show, or YouTube channel, find out why and how to develop relationships through interviews.


Cross-promoting, in person, through email campaigns, or through webinars, is the most common form of joint venture, and for a good reason!


Presenting to another business' audience is a great way to get new clients and customers; find out how.


Collaborate at the highest level by creating a new product, service, or event with your joint venture partner.

Finding Partners

Finding JV Partners

Explore the best places to find JV partners, in person and online, as well as the best strategies.

Networking Secrets AND Your Elevator Pitch

Find out how to network the RIGHT way and find JV partners that are the right fit, as well as master your elevator pitch!

Designing Your Partnership

Planning Your Joint Venture

Plan all of the aspects of your JV partnership, including communication, the benefits you're offering, goals, commissions, costs, timing, resources and responsibilities.

Short vs Long-Term Strategy

Some partnerships can be approached right away, while other relationships need to be developed more slowly. Find out whether you need to implement a short-term or long-term strategy.

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