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Life Purpose Coach Sales Presentation Blueprint

Complete presentation for marketing life purpose coaching and getting more clients.
Joeel & Natalie Rivera
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Present an epic speech on "Live Your Passion, Discover Your Purpose"
Gently guide your audience to become your client
Feel comfortable "selling" without sounding or feeling "salesy"
Attract new clients that know, like and trust you
Grow your Life Purpose Coach business

***THIS PROGRAM IS INTENDED FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVE ALREADY TAKEN OUR LIFE PURPOSE COACH CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. If you would like to create your OWN custom introductory speech/workshop on your own topic, take our course “Get Life Coaching Clients with Workshops and Public Speaking”.***


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The biggest question we get asked by our Certified Coaches is:


In our decade of experience, we’ve found there is 1 MARKETING STRATEGY that works above all else… SPEAKING in front of your potential clients!

You see, people like to do business with people they know, like and trust. The best way to let your potential coaching clients get to know you is to meet them in person and show them who you are and what you can do for them. The best way we have found to do this is to offer an INTRODUCTORY program related to your coaching topic. During this presentation, you have the opportunity to provide tremendous value by teaching the audience powerful tools for growth. And, at the same time, you are able to encourage them to follow-up after the event by hiring you as a coach.

And the best part is, you can present your coaching services without sounding (or, more importantly, feeling) “salesy”!

This course provides a COMPLETE PRESENTATION, including:

  • Full PowerPoint presentation

  • Complete template and all content to present

  • Handouts for your audience

  • Sample video presentation of the entire program as we present it

And the best part is that it is PROVEN to effectively get new life purpose coaching clients into your program. We have used this EXACT presentation to recruit thousands of students to our Discover Your Purpose program and hire us as Life Purpose Coaches. We’re giving you the whole she-bang!

You can customize it or use it verbatim. It’s up to you!

So, are you ready to get more clients and have a thriving coaching business? If so enroll now, we look forward to seeing you in the course!


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So, who are we?  

We are Joeel & Natalie Rivera, serial entrepreneurs, authors,  speakers, and educators. We have over a decade of experience in the  field of psychology and life coaching and our greatest passion is  empowering others to live life on their terms, fulfill their potential,  and embrace their greater purpose. All of our programs are designed  based on our experience in coaching, social services, psychology, and  education, as well Joeel’s Masters Degree in Counseling and research on  happiness for his dissertation for a PhD in psychology. We have over  70,000 students from 190 countries.   



This course is intended for coaches who have taken our Life Purpose Coach Certification course.

Why Workshops

This video explains why workshops and presentations are a great way to grow your coaching business and get new clients. It also delves into different ways you can use this presentation.

How to Use This Course

This video explains how this course works, the different sections, and what you'll need to learn in order to customize this program for your own purposes.

Q&A, Support and Workbook Exercises

Find out how to get the answers to any questions you may have as well as utilize the extensive workbook material and exercises contained in this course.

Shifting Your Perception of Sales

This course is intended to help you see the value you offer and feel confident offering it to your potential clients, as well as to make this offer without feeling or sounding "salesy".


Important Course Materials

Complete Purpose Coach Presentation Template

This document contains the entire outline and all content for the purpose coach introduction presentation. See EDITABLE DOCUMENT lecture for editable Word file.

Complete PowerPoint Presentation

This is the complete PowerPoint presentation that goes with the speech outlined and demonstrated here. See EDITABLE DOCUMENT lecture for editable Word file.

Worksheet/Handout for Attendees

Worksheet/handout for attendees of your presentation that include activities for the 6 elements of passion. See EDITABLE DOCUMENT lecture for editable Word file.

Summary Sheet Handout and Sales Sheet

This document is your sales sheet, to be handed out at the end, which also includes a convenient summary of the complete purpose program. See EDITABLE DOCUMENT lecture for editable Word file.

Presentation Sample: Introduction and Positioning

Positioning Yourself TRAINING

Learn how to introduce yourself in a way that establishes a bond with your audience and presents yourself as being credible.

Positioning Yourself DEMO: Who Are You?

The first step is to let your audience know who you are, what expertise you have to offer, and connect to them.

These videos show us presenting the content of the presentation the way we would do it.

Positioning Your Audience and Workshop TRAINING

Learn the importance of letting your audience know you understand their needs and show them why they are in the right place.

Positioning Your Audience DEMO: Who Are They?

The second step is to position your audience, which lets them know that
1) you understand them and 2) that they are in the right place because
this presentation is going to meet their needs.

Positioning the Presentation DEMO: Why Are They There?

The third step is to position your presentation or workshop and let the audience know why they are there and what transformation or OUTCOMES they will receive.

Presentation Sample: The Big Picture

Introducing the Big Picture

This is your opportunity to go over, briefly, your complete program--like offering a sampler platter. Then you will show how the main topic of your presentation or workshop fits into the bigger picture. This section is part of positioning your presentation because it shows them WHY the main topic (PASSION) matters--which is because it's the key element to discovering your life purpose.

Big Picture Part 1: Childhood Influences

Examine where your roles and beliefs came from and who or what influenced your development.

Big Picture Part 2: Passions and Interests

In life there are things you absolutely love to do, things you feel naturally drawn to and things that spark our interest--and these are keys to our purpose.

Big Picture Part 3: Talents and Skills

Using a combination of natural talents and acquired skills is the perfect combination to achieve your greater purpose.

Big Picture Part 4: Personality

Understanding your personality unlocks insights into why you like what you like.

Big Picture Part 5: Life Changing Experiences

By looking at your life's turning points on a timeline you can see patterns and direction.

Big Picture Part 6: Coincidences

By looking for inspirational synchronicities we can see signs encouraging us along our path.

Big Picture Part 7: Eliminating B.S.

By getting to the bottom of your B.S. (belief systems) and eliminating the limiting ones you free yourself to follow your purpose.

Big Picture Part 8: Clarifying Your Purpose

Put it all together (and on paper) to see what all of these factors are pointing your towards!

Big Picture Part 9: Writing Your Manifesto

Writing a manifesto is like a declaration of intention or a personal battle cry!

Presentation Sample: Main Content--LIVING WITH PASSION

Going Deep Dish: What You Will Learn Today

Going DEEP DISH is giving them complete and valuable content on the MAIN TOPIC of your presentation, which is 1 of the elements of your Big Picture. In this case, the main topic is LIVING WITH PASSION. Start by telling them what you're going to cover.

PASSION 1: Childhood Wonder: Insights from Your Younger Self

By remembering what inspired you as a child you can rediscover lost parts of yourself.

PASSION 2: Your Passion: What Do You Love?

By doing more of what you love you bring more passion to your life.

PASSION 3: Your Gifts: What Do You Have to Offer?

You feel the most alive and passionate when you're being your best self.

PASSION 4: Your Dreams: What Do You Really Want?

Are you committed to the right things?

PASSION 5: Your Values: What Do You Stand For?

Often the greatest passions are what pisses us off--what we want to see different in the world.

PASSION 6: Your Commitment: How Can You Live in Integrity?

Your dreams are calling you. Are you answering?

Presentation Sample: Closing

Case Studies

Give your audience evidence that your program works.

How to Apply This to Your Life

Let your audience know how they can apply what you've taught them to their lives, so they can see the value.

Making Your Offer

Now it's time to let your audience know how they can take it further by enrolling in your program or hiring you. Don't worry, we show you how to do it without feeling "salesy".


Congratulations and Tips


Bonus: Additional Resources You Don't want to Miss

In this lecture we provide additional resources to support you on your journey.

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