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Life Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator Certification

Life Purpose Workshop Blueprint: Help Others Find Their Passion, Rewrite Their Story & Fulfill Their Life Purpose
Joeel & Natalie Rivera
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Utilize a proven, step-by-step system with all content, outlines and materials needed to facilitate successful relationship workshops
Receive detailed activities to use with your audience and clients, on topics such as social influences, roles, personality, passion, talent, limiting beliefs, life story, life purpose
Be able to teach what you learn with confidence
Enhance your life coaching, speaking, or workshop business

Students who complete this Life Purpose Quest Facilitator Certification will receive an official CERTIFICATION from Transformation Academy. This course is also accredited by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134), and 15 CPD or CEU credits are available upon request. Details for how to request the official certification and optional 15 CPD/CEU credits will be provided at the end of the course.


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Are you passionate about helping others Discover their Life Purpose, Live with Passion and meaning, turn their pain into purpose, and Fulfill their Destiny?

Are you a speaker, life coach, counselor, workshop facilitator or other professional who wants to add more value for your clients and a new income stream for your business?

Would you love to run life purpose workshops and be able to reach more people?

Become a Certified Life Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator!

This course is designed to provide you with a complete blueprint for offering a Purpose Quest Workshop, including:

  • Curriculum & Materials

  • Workshop Activities & Handouts

  • Complete PowerPoint Presentation

Plus you’ll learn powerful workshop facilitation techniques as well as strategies for customizing this program to be run as a:

  • Retreat

  • Multi-day event

  • Smaller workshop

  • Virtual group program.

You can even use the processes with one-on-one clients if you prefer!

So, why offer life purpose workshops?

Workshops are a great way to reach more people, establish yourself as an expert, and generate revenue!

And why the life purpose topic?

We live in a time in which we have more opportunity than ever before to access resources, learn anything we want, do what we love and follow our passion.

We also live in a time of unprecedented change—and change is scary for most people. It challenges our worldviews, makes us question our assumptions about what’s possible, and sometimes thrusts us into challenges that disrupt our lives.

And the result is that more and more people are finding themselves asking life’s biggest question:

  • Why are we here?

  • What is the meaning of life?

  • What is my life purpose?

People from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, religious, and life experiences are waking up to the awareness that…


They know they are not fulfilling their potential. They seek to live a life of more meaning. They feel compelled to give their pain a purpose and use it to make a difference. But, they hold themselves back because they tend to tell themselves stories of why they can’t do what they want, stories of the bad things that happened to them, and stories of the way they are “supposed” to live, rather than tell the story of their potential, the gifts they’ve been given, and the dreams in their heart.

And as a Life Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator, you will have the tools to guide them on a journey into themselves to reveal the gifts they have to give to this world and rewrite their life’s story.

The Purpose Quest process will take them through the 6 Stepping Stones of Life Purpose:

  1. They’ll explore their CHILDHOOD INFLUENCES to identify where they learned to play the roles they act out on the stage of life.

  2. They’ll look at their PERSONALITY TRAITS for clues of who they’re meant to be in this world.

  3. They’ll embrace their PASSIONS and develop the interests they never allowed themselves to explore.

  4. They’ll identify their natural TALENTS and the skills they’ve developed that will serve them along their journey.

  5. They’ll look back at the meaningful and life changing experiences along their LIFE PATH to see where the trajectory of their life has been taking them.

  6. And finally, they’ll banish any limiting BELIEFS that are holding them back from their potential.

By the end of the workshop, the participants will put the 6 stepping stones of purpose together like puzzle pieces that reveal the big picture of their life’s greater purpose.

We have been guiding people on a journey to discover their life purpose for over a decade and we’ve trained thousands of life coaches how to use our processes to help their clients live a life of meaning and reach their potential. And now we have compiled all of our best life coaching tools and workshop activities into a blueprint you can use to run your own life purpose workshops, whether you use our powerful Purpose Quest process or customize it to meet your needs.

So, who are we?

We are Joeel & Natalie Rivera. At the time of this recording we have over 85,000 students from 191 countries. Our courses are all based on our educational background in psychology and education, our experience as life coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs, as well as Joeel’s background as a psychology instructor, his Master’s in Counseling and his research on happiness for his dissertation for his PH.D. in Psychology.









Welcome and Being a Life Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator

Welcome, we are excited to have you with us as we know that this course will help you transform lives and expand your business. In this lecture you will learn what you will receive from the course.

Stepping Stones Along the Purpose Quest

In this lecture we will go over the stepping stones to helping your clients find their purpose that you will address during the workshop.

How to Use This Course

In this lecture we will go over how to use this course to meet your needs.

Why Workshops?

Workshops can be a powerful service and tool to add value to those that you serve, diversify your income, and exponentially grows your business. In this lecture we will go over how workshops can transform your business.



Purpose Quest Activity Documents

Resources for the core Purpose Quest activity.

All WORKSHEETS/Handouts for Stepping Stones Workshop Activities

All worksheets used during the workshop are attache to this lecture.

Transcripts of Purpose Workshop Content

All transcripts of the workshop demonstration are attached to this lecture.

PowerPoint Presentation for Workshop


Taking Your Clients on a Journey

In this lecture we will go over how to take your clients on a transformational journey!

DEMONSTRATION: Welcome to Your Purpose Quest

In this lecture we will demonstrate over how to introduce your workshop and welcome your participants.

DEMONSTRATION: The Purpose Quest: Life Story Activity

Learn about what this Purpose Quest Journey activity is going to look like!


In this lecture we will demonstrate how to introduce your life story activity in your workshop.

DEMONSTRATION: The Roles You Play on the Stage of Life

In this lecture we will demonstrate  The Roles You Play on the Stage of Life activity with your participants.


In this lecture we will demonstrate how to help your participants discover their personality.

DEMONSTRATION: The 12 Personality Archetypes

In this lecture we will demonstrate how to take the personality one step farther by going over the 12 Personality Archetypes.


In this lecture we will demonstrate how to help your participants deicover their passions and interests.

DEMONSTRATION: How to Develop Your Passion (and Why Purpose is Better)

In this lecture we will demonstrate how you can help your participants develop their passion but more importantly how they can develop their purpose.

DEMONSTRATION: Step 4: TALENTS, Skills and the Growth Mindset

In this lecture we demonstrate how to help your participants understand their  TALENTS, Skills and how to develop the Growth Mindset

DEMONSTRATION: Identifying Your Talents and Skills

In this lecture we will demonstrate how to help your participants identify their Talents and Skills


In this activity you will look at your life's timeline to see where it has been leading you.

DEMONSTRATION: Step 6: BELIEFS Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

In the lecture we will go over how to help your participants overcome limiting beliefs.

DEMONSTRATION: Destination: Purpose

In this lecture we will demonstrate how to help your participants solidify their purpose.

DEMONSTRATION: Writing the Next Chapter: Creating a Vision

In this lecture we will be demonstrating how to help your clients write the next chapter of their journey by creating a compelling vision of their future.

Workshop Closing

In this lecture we will go over how to close your workshop in a powerful way!


Targeting This Workshop to Your Audience (Knowing Your Niche)

In this lecture we will go over we will go over how to target this workshop to the population that you are trying to serve.

Adjusting the Workshop to Meet Your Audience’s Needs

Meeting your participants needs should be your top priority since the workshop is not about you but about the value you bring to your audience. Therefore, in this lecture we will go over how to costumize the lecture to meet your clients needs.

Workshop Types and Lengths

In this lecture we will go over how to offer the workshop in different lengths and how to costumize it.

Offering This Workshop in Different Lengths

In this lecture we will give you the tools so that your able to present your workshop in different lengths depending on your needs and your audience needs.


Introducing Yourself

Introducing yourself in a way that connects you to your audience will facilitate real transformation. In this lecture we will go over a powerful strategy to start your workshop in a powerful way.

Timing and Location

Picking your time and location can either make or break your event. In this lecture we will give you insights in picking your time and location.


Transitions are essential because our brain needs to reset when we go from one topic to another. In this lecture we will go over the power of transitions as well ideas.

Using Videos & Worksheets

We love using video and worksheets as it helps reinforce the material and make it real to participants. In this leacture we will go over how to use them so that your participants get the most out of the event.

Effective Use of PowerPoint

PowerPoints can be a powerful tool for those that are visual learners. In this lecture we will go over how to use it effectively in your workshop.


Engagement is a critical part of the energy in the event and how much value people will get out of the event. In this lecture you will learn how to increase engagement during your event.

Laser Coaching

In this lecture you will learn how to use lazer coaching in your workshop to make sure that you are able to get to the point and have maximum impact.

Laser Speak

In this lecture you will learn the skill of lazer speaking so that you can manage group activities and workshop time effectively!

Overcoming Stage Fright

One of people’s biggest fear is public speaking. In this lecture we will go over how to overcome that fear so that you can deliver an amazing workshop!

Benefit of Free or Discounted

There are many benefits of hosting both free and paid workshops. In this lecture we will go over the specific benefits and how they may fit into your business model.

Selling from the Stage

Learn how to give presentations that gently guide audience members to WANT to do business with you! (Without feeling or sounding "salesy"!)



Congratulations, you finished the course! You now have all the tooos to be able to go out there and implement what you have learned. In this lecture we will go over you next steps and where you go from here.

How to Request Your Official Certification
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