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Like a Superhero Guide to Super Motivation and Happiness

How to Supercharge you Motivation, Success and Happiness rapidly, incorporating, NLP, Hypnosis and Common Sense.
Ian Gilbert
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To become more motivated and content
To start achieving great results rather than putting off activities
To overcome barriers and live your life fully
Learn how to manage your mental state
Have fun whilst gaining a fresh perspective on personal challenges

The Learn Likes a Superhero guide to Super Motivation and Happiness is designed for pretty much anyone who wants to get more out of life.

Chock full of enjoyable, simple and proven techniques from Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and more esoteric places.

This course can help you make the step from wanting to do something different to actually finishing and more importantly exceeding at something.

Let's be honest we can all do with a little extra happiness and motivation and that's exactly what this course sets out to do. Containing enough variety to give almost everyone a boost.

Laid out in 7 stages that can be completed daily or weekly. Each group of activities are designed to help you achieve a more satisfying, rewarding and enjoyable life simply and effectively.

If this course doesn't supercharge your motivation and happiness I don't know what will.

Maybe Cake.

Superhero Guide to Super Happiness Welcome

About the course

A simple introduction in to how this course is structured and how you can work through it, in stages or in blocks.

Day 1

Thought for the day - Want Vs Need

This thought for the day covers the first step toward happiness and motivation, essentially understanding the difference between wanting and needing something.

Super Charger Exercise - Your Hierarchy of Needs

This first Super Charger Exercise introduces you to a really effective way of discovering what you really need over what you just want. As well as helping you start to establish you plan for the future and discover what actually motivates you to succeed.

Trance-formation session - A fresh morning

A simple introduction into the hypnotic sessions, designed to just give a great acceptance of what you actually have in life and what this means to you.

Day 2

Thought for the day - Realise your opportunities

This thought for the day introduces you to the concept of paying more attention to what you actually have rather than what you don't.

Super Charger Exercise - Framing and Reframing

This super charger exercise shows you fresh ways of changing your perspective and how to appreciate things genuinely for what they are as well as learning how to make the most out of any situation.

Trance-formation session - What Makes you happy

This hypnotic session takes you through those things in life that make you smile and motivated.

Day 3

Thought for the day - Build it and they will come

This thought for the day shows you the importance of self belief and motivation especially when starting a challenging journey.

Super Charger Exercise - Cinema of The Mind

This super charger exercise introduces the Cinema of the Mind and shows you just how powerful positive visualisation can be.

Trance-formation session - Cinema of the mind

This hypnotic session takes you through a particular favourite process of mine. Designed to help you overcome procrastination and overcome barriers, the VK Interrupt or Cinema of The Mind.

Day 4

Thought for the day - How do you eat an elephant?

This thought for the day provides you with an approach to starting a challenge, no matter how daunting no step is as important as the first.

Super Charger Exercise - Set SMART Outcomes

This super charger exercise will show you how to create exciting and achievable goals using the SMART technique.

Trance-formation session - Working towards Achievement

This hypnotic session is designed to keep you on track and motivated towards your future success and happiness.

Day 5

Thought for the day - Tidy up your mind

This thought for the day coverers taking charge of your inner voice and removing any clutter that is standing in your way.

Super Charger Exercise - Circle of Friends

This super charger exercise introduces you to the practice of Modelling which isn't how to look good in photos but how to learn from the best and make the most of your contacts.

Trance-formation session - Spring Cleaning

This hypnotic exercise provide you with a great way of removing unwanted clutter for you life and your surroundings. Giving you the opportunity to really focus on what matters to you.

Day 6

Thought for the day - Stretch your expectations

This thought for the day covers what it takes to achieve your goals and targets creating and achieving goals one day at a time.

Super Charger Exercise - Future Pacing

This super charger exercise takes you back to the future showing you how daydreaming and creating solid future goals can help you achieve more than you imagined possible.

Trance-formation session - See It Believe It Achieve It

This hypnotic session follows smoothly on from the Back to The Future exercise taking you through a great journey forwards in your future to keep you motivated and giving you something great to aim for.

Day 7

Thought for the day - Super Affirmations

This though for the day introduces you to the power of positive affirmations. Not just talking to yourself in the mirror, these techniques actually work.

Super Charger Exercise - Anchoring

This super charger exercise takes you a little deeper into the concept of Anchoring and how you can use it in multiple areas of your life.

Super Charger Activity - Learn Like a Superhero - Anchoring

This element is taken from the course Learn Like a Superhero, Think Like a Supervillain and takes you through step by step how to create a perfect anchor

Trance-formation session - Climb a Mountain

Every achievement needs a starting point. This hypnotic session takes you through a number of essential motivational concepts written not only to get you started but also to keep you going all the way through to success.

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