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Mailchimp : A Guide To E-mail List Building For Beginners

The hassle-free guide to using Mailchimp to build and grow an e-mail list from scratch
Gertrude Nonterah
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Super useful features in Mailchimp that will help you grow AND distinguish your brand
How to run your e-mail list for FREE
How to navigate the Mailchimp dashboard with ease
How to create e-mail sign up forms that convert
How to embed your forms on your website and even on social media for easy and convenient sign ups.
How to create templates for your e-mails so that you will save time and money.
At the end of this course, you'll know Mailchimp like the back of your hand. Trust me.

***NEW UPDATED VIDEOS FOR 2016/2017* : I just uploaded brand new videos of the current (October 2016) Mailchimp functionality so that you’re getting the newest info on Mailchimp.***

***Please scroll down to preview 3 lectures of this course ENTIRELY FREE – including an entire webinar I did on using Mailchimp + the Magic Action Box on WordPress***

Mailchimp : A Guide To E-mail List Building For Beginners

I created this course because about 4 years ago I signed up for a Mailchimp account wanting to collect e-mails from blog readers and I was at a loss as to what to do.

The learning curve was steep and painful.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s what you’ll learn at the end of this course :

  1. What plan you should sign up for in Mailchimp (I will show you how to can run an e-mail list for absolutely FREE)
  2. Where everything is in Mailchimp so that you won’t have to spend days or even weeks trying to figure it all out
  3. How to create & manage lists within Mailchimp
  4. How to create e-mail templates that will save you time and money (you’ll thank me for this later.)
  5. How to embed e-mail forms into Facebook and even Twitter so that you can collect e-mails from your followers easily and conveniently.
  6. I add a resource list at the end of the course which will take your e-mail writing from blah to brilliant. I will be updating this as time goes along.
  7. You will have access to all future course updates as well.

Why should you care about Mailchimp or building an e-mail list ?

Because the money is in the LIST.

As a blogger or business person, your e-mail list is the greatest asset you have. Don’t take it from me. Ask the numerous successful entrepreneurs who have connected, built tribes for their blogs or businesses and gone on to make thousands of dollars from their e-mail lists.

Why e-mail when social media is so popular these days ?

What about social media ? Yes, social media has exploded in the last decade . There are many bloggers/entrepreneurs marketing on social media channels that are wildly successful. That’s great but the truth is as bloggers/online entrepreneurs, we do not actually own our social media audiences.

The social media platform does which means if they shut down tomorrow, there goes your audience along with it.

Thus, if social media is your only strategy, you could easily lose out because Facebook and Twitter can change the rules on you in a minute (and they do all the time).

Your e-mail list however , you own that and nobody can ever take that away from you.

We all cherish our in-boxes and we’re selective who we let in. So if you learn this e-mail marketing thing right, you will put yourself light years ahead of everyone else and you will succeed.

Go ahead and click on the “Take This Course” button above and let’s get started.

I know you will find everything here useful. Don’t hesitate to leave me comments or questions if you have any.

If you find this course useful , please leave me a great review so that other people can find this course and become a Mailchimp Master like you.

Thank you for taking this course !

Before we get started


Welcome to Mailchimp Mastery ! This lecture gives you an overview of what to expect in the course.

I'd love to connect with you personally
Why you SHOULD have an e-mail list

Why exactly should you have an e-mail list ? I'll tell you why in this document.

BONUS : How to use Mailchimp & The Magic Action Box Plugin {FULL WEBINAR}

Getting Started

Set up your account and choose a plan

You don't need to break the bank to get started with Mailchimp. In this lecture,I'll show you how to sign up for a FREE Mailchimp account.

Navigating the Mailchimp Dashboard

In this lecture, we'll go over where everything is on the Mailchimp dashboard.

Creating & Managing Your E-mail List

How to create a list in Mailchimp

We go over creating an e-mail list in this lecture.

How To Set Up A Sign Up Sequence For Your List
Remember To Check This Box When You Set Up Your Sequence !
How To Create Groups Within An E-mail List

You can create specific groups within your e-mail list. This lecture will show you how.

Using Mailchimp Embedded Forms

Learn how to customize embedded forms in this lecture.

How To Import Contacts From An Excel Sheet
Embed Your Sign Up Form Into FB or Twitter

You can integrate your Mialchimp forms into Facebook, Twitter and several other services. Learn how in this lecture.

Other Mailchimp Form Integrations
Mailchimp Snap Allows You To Connect To Your List on a Personal Level

Creating Templates, Sending E-mails & Tracking Your Performance

Create a Template for Your E-mails in Mailchimp

Creatign templates for your e-mails will save you a considerable amount of time.

How To Craft Your First E-mail In Mailchimp

You are now ready to create your very first e-mail.

How To Replicate A Campaign Across Lists
How To Set Up An Autoresponder
Setting Up An Autorsponder - Make Sure You Do This Last Step !
How To Track Your E-mail Performance

Learn to track the performance of your e-mails so that you can better tailor your e-mail marketing efforts to what the data says.

How to send an e-mail to your list without signing in to Mailchimp - NEAT HACK !
Send RSS Feed Updates To Your List Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
Resource List

A resource list to help you write better e-mail headlines and better e-mails in general.

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