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Make Meetings Work & Tackle Time Management Troubles

Manage your time and conduct the best meeting possible with these techniques and goals.
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Get the right people to your meetings & plan your agenda
Wrap your meeting up for success
Improve your self-discipline & time management
Value yourself & tools to manage your time

Meetings can be the best way to share information, make sure everyone's voice is heard, and create decisive action plans. But meetings can easily go awry and waste everyone's time. Take the lead to make sure that the time you spend in meetings matters. Use these best practices to develop precise agendas, keep people on track, and make meetings work.

Are you struggling to get everything done while others seem to do it all with ease? Time management is a valuable skill, but it can be difficult to master. Learn how to take advantage of proven time management techniques, such as setting SMART goals, managing daily interruptions & filtering your tasks to add quality time back into your day.

Course 1: Make Meetings Work

Meetings matter. Learn how to lead & plan them.

  • Invite the right people to your meeting
  • Plan & use an agenda
  • Achieve your meeting objectives
  • Plan for the unknown

Course 2: Tackle Time Management Troubles

Activate your self-discipline for better time management.

  • Identify your time management starting point
  • Overcome your procrastination
  • Multiply your time with tools & smart management

This two course bundle will teach you how to lead constructive & relevant meetings and manage your time to get things done. It includes dynamic video, interactive practice lessons, tips from industry leaders & downloadable PDFs. Each component is designed to be completed in short time allotments, or all at once, to suit your schedule. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete both courses.

You want to be the best team leader. Gain the tools you need to lead meaningful meetings & manage your time wisely.

Course 1 - Make Meetings Work

Try a New Recipe

Meetings are like cookies! With the proper preparation and the right mix of ingredients, you'll end up with a palatable solution everyone can enjoy.

Make Decisions

Prepare Objectives

To produce workable outcomes, 80% of your work will be done before the meeting. Find out how to prepare to get your meeting on track before it happens.

Invite the Right People

Practice discerning who should be invited to a meeting based on the scenario and meeting objectives.

Set-up for Success

Plan the Agenda

An agenda helps everyone prepare for the meeting. Discover how to develop a clear agenda that's easy for everyone to follow along.

Use an Agenda

Use this sample meeting agenda to help you write and plan your own.

Facilitate the Process

Assign Key Roles

Chances are if you're organizing the meeting, you'll be facilitating it as well. But there are other roles you'll want to assign before the meeting happens. Understand who you'll need to invite and which roles you'll need to clarify ahead of time.

Develop a Facilitation Toolbox

Explore six different facilitation strategies you can utilize to get the most out of your meeting.

Plan Action & Reach Closure

Take Action

After the meeting concludes, you'll want to create an action plan geared towards achieving the meeting objectives. Find out the key steps to creating an action plan and how you can build one with your team.

Plan for Distractors

Meetings don't always go as planned, especially if people fall into informal roles and bad habits during a meeting. Take a humorous look at meetings with a video from Tripp and Tyler.

Put It to Work

1 More Thing about Meetings

Consider this final piece of advice on asking for feedback after you've concluded a meeting.

Tips & Tools to Make Meetings Work
Make Meetings Work

Assess your readiness to make meetings work. You need an 80% to pass.

Course 2 – Tackle Time Management Troubles

Start Fresh

Effective time management skills are essential to your business & personal success. Time is the one resource that renews every day, so it's never too late to start fresh & learn to be more productive.

Activate Self-Discipline

Identify Your Starting Point

To understand how you can better balance your time, you need to know how you currently spend it. Find out how to identify where your time management skills need work.

Plan for Progress

Be proactive, begin with the end in mind & put first things first. Learn how to use these three steps & the importance of goal setting to get your time management on track.

Set SMART Goals

SMART goals are a way to set & create goals that are actually workable. Master the SMART goals & you'll be well on your way to better time management.

Write SMART Goals

Practice identifying the missing element of a SMART goal & writing it in yourself.

Give Yourself Space

It can be hard to form SMART goals for the big, lifetime goals you might have. In that case, Brendon Burchard suggests you give yourself space to learn about the DUMB goal.

Overcome Procrastination

Take Control of the Clock

Time management means you probably need to wrestle with procrastination. Learn about the different types of procrastination & see which kind you often struggle with to understand where you can make the most effective change.

Know the Difference

Put your understanding of procrastination to the test by sorting the procrastinators into the three different types.

Deal with Emotions

Emotions play a role in how effectively you can manage your time. Dive into a podcast with Chris LoCurto & Rory Vaden to learn more about the emotional aspects of time management.

Multiply Your Time

Value Yourself

You & your time are limited commodities. Find out how to respect your time & value yourself more in the process.

Manage Interruptions

Interruptions can take up valuable moments in your day. Figuring out how to manage interruptions, both before & after they happen, can add time back to your schedule.

Manage Meetings

Feel like you're wasting your time in meetings? Find out how to reclaim that time & make meetings more efficient.

Utilize Your Tools

Odds are you have quite a few powerful time management tools at your disposal; you just have to know how to use them. Discover different techniques to make readily available time management tools work for you.

Filter Tasks

Practice filtering tasks so you're only spending time on the ones that actually need your attention.


Check out these words of wisdom from Mark Twain & Peter Drucker on time management tips.

Follow Through on Best Intentions

Overcome LODI

The Law of Diminishing Intent can stall any good idea or project. Understanding why LODI happens & what you can do to keep it at bay will keep you moving forward.

Try 10 Tips that Work

Explore ten effective tips from Don Debolt & Deb Percival for managing the clock.

Put It to Work

1 More Thing about Time Management

Think about this final piece of advice on the 80/20 rule as you develop better time management.

Tips & Tools to Tackle Time Management Troubles

Use the tips & tools in this printable PDF to help you tackle time management troubles.

Tackle Time Management Troubles

Assess your readiness to tackle time management troubles. You need an 80% to pass.

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