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Manifesting to Your True Heart’s Desires MASTER COURSE…

REGRESS to Access the Life of Your True Dreams!
Shannon Yung
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These course materials will help you to first, Create the Life of Your True Dreams by ACCESSING Your Past Lives... as well as Creating Avenues for You to Go Down with Regards to Your Interior Guidance System in a Systematic Sense of Creation; through the Use of Your Senses towards Automatic Creation/ Manifestation Materials and Coaching!
After taking this course, you will have had the opportunity to ACCESS Past Life Information/ Guidance; Knowing's of Who You Were, Are and In Whom You Now Want to Be...

Are You READY for Really Great CHANGE in Your Life? Meaning, Are You Now Ready to STEP UP and Into Who Your REALLY Want to Be; in Accordance to Whom You Really ARE, from Deep Inside of You.. and Not in Accordance to Who Someone Else Wants for You to Be here Now, for Them? And if You ARE… then just, How Do You Suppose that You Will Begin in the Doing of JUST THAT?

Well, I can simply SHOW you the Ways to Your True Heart’s Desires and to Whom You REALLY Are from Deep Inside of You; in Accordance to Who You Once WERE, but Not Only that… but that, WE Can then ACCESS All that Much More from Within this Series here Now (DOing “AS” this); which just Means, (to Step Up and Into) ALL of this… And You Will Begin to See, BIG CHANGES Come Into Your Life and Into Your BEing here Now too!

So What We are going to be Doing is some Actual “Regressive Therapy”, in which We Take You to a TIME/PLACE/SPACE in which you then (ARE Able to ACCESS Yourself); just So Much More than You ARE Now Able to…

So SEEK within this COURSE, if You ARE Looking for New Ways or NEW AVENUES to Go Down from within Your Spiritual BEing’s and Knowing’s… and Simply Access there, Soooo Much More from within this Time/Space Dimensionality and We, the Angels and (Myself) CAN Bring You to a Much BETTER Understanding of Yourself; and In ALL that You both Desire and Deserve!!

These Course Studies INCLUDE: A Look into Your Past Programming’s and INTO Why You ARE the Way You ARE, And Why You DO the Things You DO… and So Much More…

So Join Us Now for this SPECTACULAR Event in Processing You ALL, for here today and Always then! ~ The Angels from Within the Angelic Realms/Your Spiritual Guides of Love and Light, via Our Spiritual Channel/Processor, Shannon Lynn (Yung)

What Hypnosis Is/Is Not... What Past Life Regression Is and What You Can Expect!

Are You Ready to ZOOM Past Everything You Ever Thought Was Possible?


Hypnosis is a highly relaxed state of PEAKED AWARENESS, where we are able to Access the Subconscious Mind to bring things to LIGHT... and to Change/REPROGRAM the Unwanted things in our Lives, so that we can make Real Changes in Our day to day Living!

Hypnosis is a Science of the Mind; meaning that Hypnotherapy or "HYPNOTIC" means BRINGING THINGS TO LIGHT... and then, offering suggestions etc... (to Bring Out the BEST IN YOU) through Hypnotic Guided Imagery exercises and such! 

Soooo, Once We Access You, to and through this use of HYPNOTIC REGRESSION THERAPY... this is where we can BRING ALL OF THIS forth on out into your Now Outer World here, so that You can begin in the LIVING of this ALL right here and now...


First, Hypnosis is NOT MIND CONTROL in the sense that Someone TAKES OVER YOUR MIND... that is Impossible to Do, for No One HAS CONTROL Over Your Very Own Mind, but YOU...

Second, IT IS NOT SCARY or anything of the sort... in fact, it is ALL very Normal and Natural just like going to sleep at night; only this time, I will be able to Access you through this Hypnotic state or FRAME OF MIND... that's it!

ALL Normal and Natural, just like driving a Car from A to B... and Arriving at the Destination, not knowing exactly HOW you got there; this is a state of High Relaxation and Movement... Meaning that even though, you didn't feel anything (THAT WASN'T NORMAL AND NATURAL); doesn't mean, that you were not Hypnotized or in a (NATURAL AND NORMAL STATE OF HYPNOSIS) at the time of Driving YOUR VEHICLE...

PAST LIFE REGRESSION... What You Can Expect!

Okay, so now REGRESSIVE THERAPY is only different IN THESE WAYS; that Once, I GET YOU INTO THIS (REGRESSIVE HYPNOTIC STATE)... I then, am able to not only Access you here to and through Hypnotherapy; BUT HERE is where I can help bring forth attributes or THOSE THINGS IN WHOM OR WHERE you have been and/or come from!

Everyone experiences Regression in their own way... To get the most out of (Regressive Therapy), just keep an open mind and don’t analyze your experience... Just let go and Allow! You will have plenty of time for that later... 

Simply let the information flow into your mind without questioning it... (Just LET GO and ALLOW, just let whatever will be, "be just that"); Don't get Stuck on YOUR OWN EXPECTATIONS of what you want it to BE!

When I instruct you to step through the light or through the doorway/through the PORTAL into your Past, you may Experience one of several different reactions:

You may see yourself quite clearly... * You may see quick impressions... * You may only seem to "know" without seeing... * You may not see anything, but feel as if someone is telling you what is happening...

Regardless of your initial reaction upon entering your own past, you will experience it as need be; meaning that you will be lead or directed to exactly where you need to go in regards to your present life, or in helping with your here and Now today! 

As the regression progresses, you will find the impressions become stronger; If you actively analyze the process while in session, you will only retard the impressions... Your mind is on a journey through (YOUR SOUL'S EXPERIENCE'S); let it travel freely... Analysis can wait until your session is finished, after you have collected all the data...

These next two modules of the Course/Process are for Cleansing, Clearing and Rejuvenation; meaning, that once we have moved past ALL of these materials and then on into the Past Life Regression... You will have a much better Understanding of the Way(s) that things Work! 

The Ways that (Our Mind's) PROCESS Different Events in our Pasts, and in this (just How to Bring it forward, right into the here and now's)... in order to help with Our Own here TODAY's; (In Not Only the Access, but the Learning and the Growth) from within this Whole EXPERIENCE... There is just, So Much LEARNING and Growth Available; (And it ALL Happens WITHIN "US")...

Now, before Your Next 3 Modules; be sure to read "Your Course Lecture/Description Materials" FIRST... These video's are your hypnotically driven/guided Events in True Creation/Manifestation Tools to help You EXCEL forward in Your Life, here today!!

And Be Sure to CHECK OUT the "Added Resources"; there is a great deal of Amazing Information on Regressive Hypnotherapy!! (ALL Divinely Channeled for your benefit...)

* You will notice that I have added the same "Resources"/Course Material to the Beginning as well as the End Module of this Course... Reason being, many times... We just may not "YET" be Ready to Hear/Understand something fully, but When We come Back to it later; We Gain (Deeper Understandings) of the Same Materials! This may very well be, one of those times...

Let's Clear the Roadway/the Passageways of Any Stoppages and/or Blockages!

Chakra Clearing and Balancing; What it Is/What it Does for You!

(12 minute)

Chakra Clearing & Balancing; What it is/What it does for YOU!

"It Simply CLEARS the Roadways Of Any BLOCKAGES or STOPPAGES Leading to All of Your TRUE SUCCESSES Within"...

From within these CLEANSING'S & CLEARINGS... We then, are Called to ACTIVATE; Meaning, that Once You ALLOW this Processing of Events in True Creation and/or Manifestation... or in this, those True Creative Effort(s) that are then, Called forth INTO ACTION(s) here are AS FOLLOWS:

We Can Show Up here AS THIS... Or WE Can Bring this ALL forth into the Light of YOUR Dreams here, in this! Bringing this All into Fruition OR in this, bringing of These Light Passages Or FORMS of Grievances, so to Speak; In The COMING TOGETHER of These "Specific" Grievances/Light Source ACTIVATION'S as Such! 

And this, just means this... THAT ONCE "YOU" Are Now READY, In and From Within this ALL, here Now; Well then, LOOK OUT WORLD for He/She WILL BE Coming Down a Road/Passageway OF TIME... Simply BEing, because Of This! 

And that just means, that... ONCE YOU ARE GUIDED here to BE and/or to DO "AS" this; Well then, YOU too Can and WILL Be here to Continually PRODUCE the Results YOU WANT, simply because YOU HAVE IN THIS Now then, ((Stepped Up for It))... And then, in this, HAVE BEGUN Down a Long Continuous Pass-way or Passageway THAT SHOWS In You, Just HOW this is All Done here, BUT Never at the Expense of You...

AND ALWAYS, for the Good of You... and the BETTERMENT of the ALL's, in this, here Now too!

So this "SPECIFIC" Chakra Clearing & Balancing IS FOR YOU to Bring forth ALL OF YOUR Natural Attributes/Talents, so that YOU Can BENEFIT from ALL of Your True Guidance THAT Truly Is Available TO ALL OF YOU, in and Amongst These Processing's; Simply because, You have Wished and Wanted IT SO...

And then, from there; have Wished and Wanted IT Into Existence, here Now, today...

~ The Angels from Within the Angelic Kingdom of the Heavens!

So just Sit Back RELAX and Enjoy the Ride... Close Your Eyes and Just ALLOW the Experience of these Next 3 Audio Modules to Take You to EXACTLY Where You Need to Go for Help Within this Lifetime here, Right Now!

Further Cleansing's and Clearings; Let's Keep Clearing the Passageways!


(6 minute)

Now, this "Homework" that I am giving you... will help in:
Bringing forth, Not Only Visualization Techniques/Skills that will help with Our Processing You here... (to Bring You to a PLACE OF PEACE from Within Yourself and Our Work here) for Today and Always! But Not Only this, but it ALSO... helps Us With ACCESSING You, to Bring forth ALL of Your True Qualities that LIE WITHIN You here Now and for Always, here then! 

ALL of these Specific VISUALIZATION Techniques HELP WITH CLEARING Energies, so that We are Better Able to ACCESS You from Within... to Clear and Clean the Roadways of Any Blockages/Stoppages that You Might have from Within You! 

So, in essence... What We are Doing here is just like ((PRIMING THE PUMP of Your Imagination)), so that You Can MUCH MORE EASILY Visualize and to See ALL of Your Core Truths Within... And for You to FEEL Completely Comfortable With Doing So, now that You Realize and SEE that This Work is Really Very Easy and Comfortable; and TRULY Nothing to Be Afraid Of! And I Am here to HELP, Always... Shannon

Now it does not matter that you believe in any of this, only that you… Just Be OPEN to it!

Again, just Sit Back RELAX and Enjoy the Ride... Close Your Eyes and Just ALLOW the Experience of these Next 2 Audio Modules to Take You to EXACTLY Where You Need to Go for Help Within this Lifetime here, Right Now!

Happy Sailing... UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!!

Are You Ready to Be Hypnotized/Are You Ready to Experience a Piece of Your Past?

Past Life Regression; A Look Into Your Souls Past/Reflection of the Soul Journey

Just wanted to Share with You ALL a Quick Story about One of My Past Life Regression Experiences as a Sylvia Browne Board Certified Master Hypnotist with Advanced Certification in Past Life Regression Therapy/Dr. Steve G. Jones & The American Alliance of Hypnotists!

In this Particular REGRESSION, it wasn't even so much "A Past Life" as it was a TRIP to ((The Other Side)); where I Experienced Myself in a Huge Library STUDYING, Exactly What I am here Doing Today!! Which is Specializing in "Cell Memory/Regressive Therapy"; it Really Is Very Cool to See this ALL having Manifested Right On Out Into My Day to Day Life here Today... As Exactly Who I AM, and in the Helping of All of You to Bring this forth here As Well!!


HYPNOSIS is a powerful ancient healing tool that has been used by healers, priests and shamans since antiquity... to aid in physical, emotional and spiritual healing. 

By bridging the gap between body, mind and spirit, hypnotists assist their clients in making positive life changes through; past-life regressions, cell memory healing, behavioral modification, and guided meditation...

Hypnosis allows us to explore our past lives for the purpose of personal research, discovery and healing. Many phobias and illnesses (physical or emotional) are directly related to a past life. When a conscious connection is made, healing begins. As a Spiritual Hypnotist and Soul Coach, I can guide you to The Other Side where it is possible to communicate with your Spirit Guide gaining insight into this life.

Sylvia Browne's insight into the wondrous art of Hypnosis has been taught to her Hypnotists. This mind, body and spiritual healing technique will help you bring balance and harmony to your life. Hypnosis is a relaxed state of peaked awareness where you are in full control of yourself at all times. Hypnosis is not a state of unconsciousness.
⦁ Do you have a strong interest in certain periods of history?
⦁ Do you wonder why you long to visit specific places, climates or cultures around the world?
⦁ Do you have a fear that is not rooted in your current life? (bridges, heights, escalators, crowds, etc.)
⦁ Have you ever met someone for the first time, but felt as if you already knew that person?
⦁ Have you ever visited a place for the first time, yet found it to be familiar or had the feeling of being at home?
⦁ Are you curious about the possibility of past lives?
⦁ Reoccurring dreams?
⦁ Do you wish to explore spirituality?
⦁ Are you searching for the key to resolving a health problem that cannot be medically explained, phobias, chronic pains, etc. I only have two words for you... Cell Memory…

Access Your Answers through a Regression Session!
CELL MEMORY is the total body of knowledge our spirit minds have gathered during all our past lives, infused and reacted to by every cell in the body the moment we "take up residence" in the fetus. It's the key to resolving countless health problems, phobias, chronic pains once we understand the process that creates it.
Take YOUR guided journey... into the unknown & undiscovered depths of your own soul, today! Now YOU too can experience this incredible spiritual tool!
Past Life Regression Hypnosis; (Reflection of the Soul Journey)

One of the most healing things you can do for yourself. Besides learning more about yourself, regressing to past lives can help you release fears, phobias and negative patterns rooted in the past. Take a guided journey, where looking at your souls reflection can and will help with your life now… A place where cell memory can be released, cleansed and then healed. As well as an access to positive past conditioning, learned behaviors and abilities that can be brought forward for help and healing, and for knowledge and growth in the empowerment of living your best life, today. Each session can also include the opportunity to contact your spirit guide and/or visit the Other Side.

A Regression is a Directed Journey back in time, beyond the life you now live. Hypnosis is used to open your mind to higher levels of memory and recall. I will guide you back to a place you once lived, and ask questions to stimulate your mind to remember that life. Regression Therapy will enhance your overall well-being, and allows you to see the entire book of your soul, where your current life is only one chapter. 

MORE Past Life Regression Information

Q: Do previous lives influence our lives here today?
Most definitely they do, although most people don’t realize it. Our likes and dislikes in this life are influenced by previous lives. Our personality has been deeply affected and built upon previous incarnations. Other areas that our past lives can tremendously influence include: physical health, appearance, race, creed, religion, value systems, wealth, habits, aesthetic talents of any kind, sex and I could go on and on, but I think you get the general idea. Everything in our current life is affected by our past lives.

In many cases, negativity on the Earth plane is perpetuated by the influence of past lives. Bigotry and racial hatred are prime examples. Almost everyone at one time or another has experienced such prejudices – with some of us even functioning as both victim and offender.

Take a look at your life and analyze it as an incarnate. You can discover how many of your interests, habits, likes and dislikes could be the direct result of a past life. Is your house furnished in a particular décor? Do you like certain foods more than others? Do you vacation in a certain place all of the time? Are you uncomfortable with a certain ethnic group? You may be surprised to learn how much influence the past can have on your life.

Q: Is there any real benefit to experiencing a Past Life Regression?
For the majority of us, I would say yes. The main benefit is therapeutic in nature, but unfortunately, most therapists who practice today don’t incorporate the premise of reincarnation in their methodology. Consequently, they bypass one of the primary healing modes – to relieve both physical and mental problems – for individuals; past-life therapy.

Past life therapy, through the use of hypnotic regression, has garnered some astounding results from those who utilize it. Most phobias that have no reason to exist or can’t be traced to an incident in someone’s current life are usually the result of a past-life experience. In fact, many traumatic incidents that a person has gone through in previous lives can be triggered by similar circumstances in their current life. Many illnesses, which doctors term “psychosomatic,” are often “carried over” from past incarnations.

For example, at a certain age, a famous actor started experiencing acute pain in the solar plexus region of his body. After seeing numerous doctors, none of them could find a reason for the pain, so he consulted a psychic. The psychic determined that this actor had been “run through” with a sword in that particular area of his body during a past life. Once he discovered this, the actor no longer experienced any pain. This is a key example of how a “carry over” from a past life can affect us.

To develop your recollection of past lives, hypnosis is considered the safest and most valid method. Almost everyone who undergoes a past-life regression feels better mentally and physically afterward, but if you take part in this process, be prepared for an emotional release. Some of the issues you can resolve from this method are: psychosomatic ills, phobias, habits, and a misguided life purpose, questions about your themes, relationship troubles and many more. The benefits are many…

FAQ Hypnosis
Q: What is hypnosis?

Simply, hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation, not a state of sleep or unconsciousness. When you are in a relaxed state you are able to focus within, where all your records of this life and past lives are stored, a data base if you will, so you can access all information needed. While in this relaxed state of peaked awareness you are in full control of yourself at all times. Your morals or ethics can never be compromised.

Q: Can anyone be hypnotized?
Yes! We go in and out of hypnosis daily. It might be called daydreaming, that relaxed state right before sleep, right before waking up, athlete’s high, reading, watching television, playing video games or driving on the freeway and not realizing how far you’ve gone, those are all natural states of hypnosis. Anytime you move from an outward perception to an inner awareness you enter a state of hypnosis. Hypnosis puts you in charge of your natural ability to go “within.”

Q: What does hypnosis feel like?
Hypnosis feels familiar! The by-product of all hypnosis is relaxation where muscles, nerves and the mind relax. Some describe it as feeling passive, or mellow, others feel as if they are filled with light or surprised by new perception: “I understood things I never could before.” When in hypnosis there is often a distinct experience of automatic, spontaneous thought or action as compared to the feeling you get with conscious choice. Returning to full consciousness (room awareness) makes you feel at peace with everything. Hypnosis is a common and varied experience. Each hypnotic experience may be different from what you expect or from the last one you experienced. This makes sense considering you aren’t in the same frame of mind all the time. Your friend’s experience may be different from yours. Hypnosis is personal; it’s like your fingerprint, unique to you. Hypnosis looks different than it feels. From an observing position, you may look like you are asleep or unconscious. In actuality, the person in a state of hypnosis is keenly aware of everything going on around them, (in the super conscious state.) It’s unlikely you will “feel” anything except a sense of relaxation. This keen focus may leave you feeling like you didn’t do anything particularly unusual, because we are in this state daily and it’s so familiar.

Q: Why do some people have doubts about hypnosis?
How do you know when you are hypnotized? Often times you don’t as we are hypnotized daily and it feel so familiar. Sometimes people think they haven’t been hypnotized after their session because they didn’t feel different. Once you experience a session allow the experience to settle in. Your soul knows the information you received in your session is valid. Stage hypnosis often misrepresents hypnosis. No one can control you, especially in that super conscious state! Some doubt the value of hypnosis because they themselves have not experienced its benefits. Some fear the unknown, others are afraid of being vulnerable or that they will be controlled or lose control and look foolish or tell deep dark secrets.

While in a hypnotic state your inner wisdom helps you to access all of your records of this life and all past lives. You have more control of yourself then in a conscious state. You will not “reveal” anything that you do not want to reveal.

Q: Can hypnosis be dangerous?
Hypnosis is as safe as sleeping. Practiced by you or a qualified hypnotist, hypnosis is safe and empowering. We have been “hypnotized” by our parents, teachers, mates or our own self-talk to believe “you” are less than, incompetent or a failure, that is harmful to you.

Hypnosis and/or past life regression session allows you to decide which suggestions to embrace or discard. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your behaviors and emotions. The awareness of a person in hypnosis is heightened not lessened. It helps you to release negative cell memory and bring forward positive cell memory!

Let Go Now... And ALLOW Your Soul to Journey! You have ALL of the Tools Now to Create for Yourself a Successful Past Life Regression Journey...

Just Sit Back RELAX, Let Go and ALLOW... Close Your Eyes and Just ALLOW the Experience to Take You to EXACTLY Where You Need to Go for Help Within this Lifetime here, Right Now!

The Expression of Your Souls Journey or Experience...

I thought that I would take the time now to SHARE With ALL of You... A Few of My Clients Experiences with Past Life Regression!! There is just So Much HELP & HEALING/Learning and Growth Available...

And it is My Wish that ALL of You, SHARE With ALL of Us... Your Experiences As Well; to Help Everyone to Grow, Succeed and EXCEL in Our Lives AS WE Each have Never Before... 

Before Now, that Is!!

Some of the names have been Changed for Their Privacy...

  • I found Shannon in a time of change and heartache. I took a chance and booked an appointment, at the time I did not know exactly what I needed to focus on or what I needed from the session. Hypnotherapy was not new to me, and from my past experiences I knew that each healer/helper is unique in their own way. I was excited and hopeful to have a successful attempt with Shannon. The experience was much more than I could have ever hoped or imagined. As the session progressed, new insights and realms seemed to open up very easily, without any feelings of doubt. I had suffered for years with a yearning to have a child but struggled with infertility. The emotional toll on myself and my relationships was a very difficult journey but after my session with Shannon, my perspective flipped and set me free of fear or doubt about what this lifetime holds. I'm very excited to continue my sessions, and highly recommend this amazing women whom I owe so much to in such a short time. I'm at ease for the first time in what seems like forever, to move forward with the best intentions and positive energy." Thank you, Much love,  Can't wait to see you again :) Iggy
  • Had a past life regression with Shannon. It helped me find peace with who I am and gave me profound insight into the deep healing I needed to find forgiveness with all my soulmates in this life. Highly recommended for those expanding into their best selves. 
    Laurie K. Anderson
  • My name is Charlene and I had the pleasure of having a past life regression session with Shannon. My reason for going is that my family has a documented history of reincarnation and the people reincarnated knew their stories. My daughter is the reincarnation of my great aunt and my sister the reincarnation of my grandmother, so these two were mother and daughter in past lives. I wanted to know what my story was. NOW I know :) thanks to Shannon for guiding me through this journey. It was a positive, relaxing and informative session. I would recommend anyone who would like to know what their story is, to go. CJ thank you
  • Just had an amazing past life regression done by Shannon Lynn Yung. So many things make sense now and I can start to heal. My heart feels light. Thanks Shannon!  Melanie Ursulescu Cossey, Port Moody, BC
  • Shannon Lynn, since meeting you two weeks ago and beginning the Tools For Life Creation Series with you my life has already begun to change in the most amazing and profound ways. I am more positive in my thinking and my doing. I have more purpose in my daily functions and in my dreams. I am happier and more alive and engaged in all I do.
    My interactions are better with others since I have read in your work book and the Tools For Life book that we are all one. I understand now that we all matter and not all of us are ready to be in a place to understand that themselves. It is as you have taught me; it is up to me to help them to find the way to a better life for themselves.
    I have also learned through your work book (The Tools for Life Creation Series Performance Package) and the Tools for Life book that I am here for a reason and that I have a purpose. I can now feel confident in following my dreams so that at the end of that journey I will be able to help others through my work. I am so excited.
    The past life regression hypnosis also helped me to see that a lot of the suffering I have been doing in this life time is not of this life time, but from a past life that no longer serves me in this life. It was such an eye opener for me and such an Ah-Ha moment for me that immediately after that regression my life began to change and manifest itself differently.
    Through your “Performance Package, Strategic Planning” work book, the hypnosis and the tools from your book, “Tools For Life or in the Creation of Your Best Life”, I have begun to change my thought patterns to positive, mindful, productive thoughts and can see changes all around me.
    I can only imagine the great and endless possibilities that lay before me once I really get the hang of the positive mindful thoughts that I will always have and carry with me. I see everything so clearly now and so differently that I see now how my negative thoughts have created all the things in my life to this day. Including some health issues I have been having for over 9 years. I can already see amazing changes in the way I feel physically and the pain is lessening each and every day. It is so amazing to witness.
    I know in my heart that it was time in my life to have ‘found’ Shannon Lynn. I was ready to re-hear these teachings. I always knew in me that these were the truths and that this was always available to me, but I had forgotten and was reminded with little clues until I came to Shannon Lynn. She has helped to open my eyes, my mind and my heart to my soul and to the souls all around me. It feels so good to be in touch again and on this path to great and wonderful things; this world is all of ours for the taking, but remember, we also must give back. We are all here together to make this world a beautiful and glorious place for all of us, now and forever. Erin, Kamloops

The following is also REGRESSIVE THERAPY; "This Life" Regression!

  • Hi, so Shannon is a great hypnotherapist; she is concerned and helpful. She helped me to see the connection between my body and my mind, and how I was giving into the sinking sick feelings that were not even true for me! So once I 'changed my mind' about all of these things that she helped me to see and to acknowledge from inside of me. Once she showed me all of this, then 'changing it' was much, much easier from there because I could then see the correlation between the two minds of mine; one was telling me one thing and the other acknowledged that this was correct in my thinking, when it was nothing like that. And once I found these true keys of success that she talks about from 'within me', only then was I able to change it in my life now for me.

Woohoo to that, so my today is much brighter for it and I am a changed woman because of it. And I am very proud of the woman I've become from all of this. And now I feel ready to take on 'greater challenges' because of it! So thank you Shannon and all that you do for all of us. Alice

  • Shannon is an incredible hypnotherapist who showed me what I was doing in not taking care of myself and my unique business opportunities and that once I stepped up for myself in creating my best life, then everything was shown to me in just how to create it or in how it just then showed up for me in ways that I could not even believe was happening. But before all of this it seemed to be just out of my reach until I finally took the plunge and grabbed the bull by the horns and created it here for myself. So when I finally took the time for myself to help me to create and to build all that I really wanted, we did that by first accessing my subconscious mind and then gathering all of the information that was there through a past life regression in cognitive behavior which she says means that once I accessed these tools from inside of me I was at that time able to bring this all forward to help me in the now of my life. And like she says, look out world here we will all come with bells on or here I come from within this accessing of all of these tools that I am now utilizing in creating my best life, the life of my dreams. She says all of this and more over and over, and I listened and took note, and am truly grateful for what all I have learned and now am utilizing and now I really am the master of my own life and I am also able to not only be creating the life of my dreams but I am actually living it! Thanks for everything, Mike
  • Hi Shannon I just wanted to leave you a little note to tell you what a huge difference you've made in my life, how you've changed my world in tremendous ways in all that you are and do for others. 

At one time I was unable to show affection to others in the ways that I now easily do. I can tell you why and how I can do this now! I can do this now because you showed me how that from within me I was capable, much more capable of just so much more than I was giving out for fear that I would be taken advantage of. 

So instead I just coward down to it, not letting anyone in my space or my life for that matter. But not anymore I'm no longer afraid of this, the fear has subsided. But not only subsided, but now has completely left. And now all that I face is being able to love sufficiently. Now I have the space and the capacity for so much more because of you and all that you do. And I'm so very grateful for all of this and I just had to tell you just what a difference you've made in my life and in my future. And so I just wanted to say thanks from the bottom of my heart. You are simply amazing and oh so helpful and kind, courteous and suggestive! Thanks so much, respectfully yours, Sarah

Now... I am sooo looking forward to hearing all of your experience's as well; so please do remember to SHARE (Your Souls Journey) here with US, so that We can ALL Grow, Succeed AND THRIVE... "For the Betterment of ALL, Always"

Peace, Love and Light to ALL... And Remember, You Are just Beginning Upon this GREAT VAST Journey Into Your Senses; Know that this is ALL Available for Each and the ALL of US, for here Today and Always Now too!!

So REMEMBER to "Go Within", Always... for ALL of Your Very Own Answers; they ARE Available for Each of Us there!!

And Be Sure to CHECK OUT the "Added Resources"; there is a great deal of Amazing Information on Regressive Hypnotherapy!! (ALL Divinely Channeled for your benefit...)

* You will notice that these "Resources"/Course Materials were added to the Beginning as well as this Module... Reason being, many times... We just may not "YET" be Ready to Hear/Understand something fully, but When We come Back to it later; We Gain (Deeper Understandings) of the Same Materials! This may very well be, one of those times...

You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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