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Marketing Campaign Strategy from A to Z

Learn how to launch a Marketing Campaign from start to finish
Jasmine Wang
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How to plan a digital marketing campaign from start to finish.
Use multiple marketing channels to reach a marketing campaign goals.
Create campaign messages that are tailored to your target audience.
Understand how to measure a campaign
Launch your marketing campaign with customer centric messaging

Brought to you by real world marketers from Udemy’s marketing team! 


What is a “marketing campaign”? And—just as important—how do you design a good one? We created this course to answer these crucial questions and more. Marketing Campaign Strategy from A to Z walks is an introductory level course that walks you through how to create a marketing campaign and plan from start to finish.   

Marketing is a key part of any business. Whether you are just getting started in marketing, have been managing an email channel, or you’re an entrepreneur, Marketing Campaign Strategy from A to Z helps ensure that your campaigns are customer centric

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the steps involved in planning and executing a marketing campaign

  • How to leverage the marketing funnel to identify your marketing campaign goals

  • Develop a campaign strategy statement that’s grounded in understanding your customer.

  • Use the Marketing Mix to highlight the right benefits for your audience

  • Introduction to digital marketing channels like email and paid ads that can be leveraged in your campaign

  • Develop basic A/B testing plans and learn other common marketing analytics terms.

  • Plan a launch a winning Marketing Campaign Strategy and Plan

  • Understand the components of a Creative Brief to effectively work with designers and copywriters!

  • And more!

This course has exercises, answers to frequently asked questions, quizzes to test your knowledge, a wealth of resources and real-world examples that we’ve faced when running marketing campaigns. Moreover, each lecture is quick, to-the-point and designed to fit in your busy schedule. Anyone can benefit from marketing skills—all it takes is five minutes a day!

Why this course?

In this course we walk you through the steps we take when creating a marketing campaigns.  Our course is designed to complement channel-specific marketing courses on Udemy. You’ll find that once you’ve learned the “why” and “how”, you can apply it to boost the performance of any marketing campaign across any channel.

In this fast-paced age of digital marketing, many marketing campaigns get lost in the numerous new marketing channels now available while producing lackluster results. (Email! Ads! Social Media! Where to start?) By gaining a strong understanding of your marketing strategy (product, target audience and strategic messaging), your marketing campaigns will be customer centric and focus on solving the customer problem. Upon completing this course, you’ll learn how to build a north star for your campaign so that every decision you make brings you closer to your campaign objective!

Finally, you get to learn from us (Cynthia & Jasmine)! Between us, we have over ten years of marketing experience from working at companies like Udemy, Google and ebay. Moreover, we’re always here to help and we believe an online course should offer more opportunities for questions and not fewer. We also bring solid classroom teaching experience to the table so we know to break down complex topics into easily digestible chunks and to make learning as fun and painless as possible!

So let’s do this! Enroll today and start marketing! We’re excited to meet you. 



Welcome to the course! We're excited to have you join us and we'd love to give you an overview of what's ahead. 

What is a Marketing Campaign?

Marketers run a lot of marketing campaigns, but how many can actually explain what a marketing campaign is? We have the answer here. 

Reality Check: Marketing Campaigns in the Wild

Our first segment of "Reality Check"!! This is where you get to ground the skills you learn in real-world experiences—where it's often messier, more complicated, but crucial to know. In this lecture we will discuss how the skills you're learning can apply whether you work at a Fortune 500 company or a 10 person startup. 

Exercise: Your Dream Product

Jasmine completes the first exercise where she describes her dream product to Cynthia. Download the worksheet after watching the lecture and try it out yourself! 

The Product

Intro: The Prerequisites

In order to design a strong marketing campaign, you need to first know some crucial pieces of information about your product—these are the Prerequisites. 

Value Prop

The value prop is the essence of your product and what it promises its customers.

Target Market

Who is your product for? Who are your potential customers? 

Point of Differentiation

Know what makes your product different from your competitors and make sure your customers know it too. 

FAQ: I Have Questions...about the Product!

FAQ! As a new marketer, Jasmine has a lot questions and Cynthia has answers. In this lecture—how do we learn more about a product? Also, there's so much marketing jargon! How do we learn the lingo? 

Exercise: Know Your Product

Jasmine describes the value proposition, target audience and point of differentiation for her dream product. Download the worksheet after watching the lecture and see if you know your product! 

BONUS! Positioning and Positioning Statements
Cheat Sheet: Essential Marketing Vocabulary

Speaking of marketing lingo, we've prepared a handy cheat sheet (and external resources!) to make sure you know the words to succeed. 

The Opportunity

The Campaign Goal

Marketing campaigns need goals, watch and learn how to identify the best one for you. 

Exercise: Your Campaign Goal

Jasmine works through her campaign goal with some much-needed coaching from Cynthia. Download the worksheet after watching the lecture and practice writing campaign goals! 

The Customer

Intro: Find Your People

Defining who your campaign is for, what you want them to do and getting real about how familiar they are with your product will help structure your campaign strategy.

Target Audience

Let's dive into who your campaign is for.


"Segmentation"—a crucial concept of marketing. How can you customize your campaign even more for specific groups in your target audience? This lecture is a must-watch.

Desired Consumer Action

What is it you want your target audience to do? If you guessed it would be tied to your campaign objective—you'd be right! 

Marketing Mastery: Let's Talk the Marketing Funnel

To become a master marketer, one must first master the Marketing Funnel. Watch and learn! 

Quiz: Target Audience & Marketing Funnel

Match the given audience description with where they are MOST LIKELY in the marketing funnel:

Double Feature: "I Have Questions...about the Alignment!" & "Reality Check"

Jasmine wonders, in the real world, how much time marketers actually have to move a customer through the marketing funnel. A special double feature FAQ and Reality Check! Not to be missed.

The Strategy

Intro: Solve the Customer Problem

As Master Cynthia says," Do or do not, but always solve the customer problem." 

Key Belief "I Statements"

Empathy is at the heart of a good marketer. 

Exercise: Role Play

Jasmine practices writing "I" statements for her customer and Cynthia keeps her on the right track. Download the worksheet after watching the lecture and try it out for yourself! 


Dispelling the mystique of the Marketing Mix! How to highlight the right Benefit for your customer. Not to be missed. 

Quiz: Mix It Up

For each question, we've provided a Key Belief of a different customer. Choose the best Benefit to highlight for that customer! 

(Remember: 4 Ps of Marketing—or the Marketing Mix—are Product, Price, Promotion and Place) 

Reason(s) to Believe

Learn to help your customers understand why they should believe you. 

Net Takeaway

What do you want your audience to walk away with after engaging with your marketing campaign?

Reality Check: Common Pitfalls

Cynthia, in her infinite wisdom, warns us from common pitfalls so we don't have to make those mistakes. What to do if you feel like your business goal and customer problem don't align? How do I expedite customer through the marketing funnel? 

Midway Review


It's time for a review! 

Quiz: Midway Check-In

The Message

Intro: Translating for the Customer

Now that you know who your target audience is and what you would like them to do, what do you need to communicate to achieve this?

Primary Message

How to craft one of the most difficult elements of a marketing campaign. 

Marketing Mastery: Secondary & Tertiary Messagees

It doesn't have to stop with the primary message. 

The Channels

Intro: Communication is Key

How will your message reach your customers? Answer: Marketing channels! 

Major Channels: Email

Email—a powerful tool, to be used responsibly. Learn from the master of email marketing. 

Major Channels: Paid Acquisitions

Paid ads: broad appeal—at a steep cost. 

Major Channels: Onsite

What to do with your digital storefront? 

Marketing Mastery: Multi-Channel Marketing

A true marketing master wields multiple channels in unison. 

FAQ: I Have Questions...about All the Channels!

FAQ session! Jasmine asks if more marketing channels are always better. 

Quiz: Channels

The Metrics


A campaign's success is in the numbers. 

Reality Check: Back to Your Objective

Cynthia's invaluable advice from the real-world on the importance of proper campaign measurement. 


There can be multiple ways to reach your campaign objective and testing can help you figure out which one works best.

A/B Testing

Cynthia breaks down A/B testing. A/B testing splits the audience 50/50, each one exposed to a different marketing initiative to see which one does better by your metric.


Pre/Post testing measures the impact of your campaign by looking at what was happening before you launch yours campaign, during your campaign, and after your campaign. 

Examples of Tests

Resources to further your understanding of different tests you can employ to measure the success of your campaign. 

Protip: If You Have an Analytics Team...

How marketing analytics if you have an analytics team to work with. 

Protip: If You're On Your Own...

How marketing analytics can work if you're striking out on your own. 

The Plan

Putting Your Campaign Plan Together

Everything we've learned comes together in a campaign plan. 

Exercise: Jasmine's Campaign Plan

Jasmine wrote a campaign plan! Let's see how she did. 

Cynthia Reviews Jasmine's Plan

Cynthia's critiques for Jasmine's campaign plan—they're constructive! 

Inside Scoop: FULL Marketing Campaign Brief

The Creative Brief

Intro: Bring Your Campaign to Life

A campaign is only as impactful as it is visually and creativity striking. 

Exercise: Creative Brief Walkthrough

Jasmine wrote a creative brief! 

Inside Scoop: FULL Creative Brief

The Launch

Ready to Launch

Congratulations!! You've made it to the end. And now...your final assignment.

Final Project: Your Campaign Strategy & Creative Brief
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