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Marketing with Video (Like a Pro) with PowerPoint & Camtasia

Best marketing with video > Create Kinetic Typography, Explainer Video, Whiteboard Video & Parallax Video
Partha Bhattacharya
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Learn skillful marketing with video starting with creating powerful sales script.
Magically transform sales script text from Notepad to animated text video
Create amazing kinetic typography video from scratch
Create explainer video with animated texts and animated clip arts
Create whiteboard animation video in Camtasia Studio
Create awesome parallax video to showcase products or anything
Record, edit, merge and produce noiseless voice with background music
Source high-quality free images, fonts, vector clip arts, music and sound, and PowerPoint templates

This course is your gateway for top-class marketing with video using PowerPoint and Camtasia Studio.

You’ll know some of the best ways to use PowerPoint and Camtasia Studio to design and start delightful marketing with video that people love to watch. Learn creating amazing animations in PowerPoint, which you then convert to awesome marketing videos.

Scroll down this page and preview the marketing videos you’ll learn making in my course.

No fluff, no trick, just solid skills to learn and master marketing with video … that frankly no one would tell you.

At the outset, you’ll learn the secret techniques to write video sales scripts that immediately draws viewers’ attention. You’ll be writing powerful scripts for marketing with video, even if you never wrote any.

Next, you’ll proceed to master the skills of making animation videos in both PowerPoint and Camtasia Studio. The words to note here: master the skills.

That’s right.

Master special techniques for marketing with video … only experts know. In no time you’ll start making sleek professional marketing videos as under (see the preview videos below):

  1. animated text video after converting a text file,

  2. kinetic typography video in PowerPoint,

  3. explainer video with animated text and animated clip art,

  4. whiteboard animation video with scribbling hand, and

  5. parallax video with animated texts.

There is a lot more you’ll learn in my course on marketing with video, like sourcing free images, fonts, clip arts, music, etc. And you’ll also learn how to create noiseless audio for use in your videos.

What’s great about this course is that you can download all the templates for marketing videos that I use in PowerPoint. You get them for for free and then use them for your needs.

So why wait! Enroll in my course, Launch Best Marketing with Video Using PowerPoint & Camtasia, now and avail the No-Questions-Asked 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee!

You'll Learn Making All These Videos - A Preview

What Type of Video Would You Make
Preview the Types of Videos You'll Learn Making

Use PowerPoint to create amazing video for marketing. This preview video shows you the types of amazing videos you'll learn making in this course. Remember, you get all the PPT templates for FREE. That means, you can transform any of these videos for your needs.

How to Write Video Script That Works

4 Reasons Why You Need a Script for Video

A script is the central piece of any video. Here are 4 reasons why you should write scripts before you make videos.

Should You Prepare Script for Both Sales & Training Video

Many people feel they need not prepare a script for training video, while others feel that sales script is NOT a pre-requisite for an engaging video. Are they right? Find out in this lesson..

Proven Formula for Great Video Sales Script

We all like formula, don't we? So here is a proven formula for sales video script that unfailingly engages your viewers. Guaranteed.

Get Free Expert Advice for Your Video Sales Script

No learning is as good as having a guru holding your hand, helping you cross the turbulence. How to know them? This lesson tells you that.

5 Handy Tips for Writing Engaging Video Script

If you are one that feels script is as important or maybe more crucial than the video itself, you'll find these 5 tips really helpful.

Sourcing Free Items for Making Video

Free Non-Attributable Sources for Stunning Images

Images from these sources are not only free and stunning; you don't need to attribute them. Isn't that great?

Free Attributable Sources for Stunning Images

There are some free image sources that need attribution. But they have such a wide range of images that you just can't ignore them. Find more in this lesson.

Free Clip Art Resources for Making Explainer Video

Explainer videos are largely made with clip arts, and in this lesson you'll learn how to pick and choose free clip arts from multiple web sources.

Free Super-Impressive Fonts from Google

Text videos look impressive when you use some cool fonts. And viewers like them. Where would you get these fonts for free? There are several sources, one of which is Google Fonts.

Sourcing Free Royalty-Free Music for Your Video

You surely know that background music and sound effects improve video quality appreciably. This lesson shows some great free royalty-free resources which you can use for your needs.

Sourcing Free PowerPoint Templates

You can boost your PowerPoint videos when you use templates created by experts. I do this often, and other professionals do as well. So here are some free resources of PowerPoint templates.

PowerPoint Power Features You Should Know

2 Most Useful Features for Making Quality Video with PowerPoint

At the heart of any good video is rendering 'motion' to the different elements in the video. Which are these PowerPoint features that fulfill this requirement? Watch this lesson for that.

Producing Video with PowerPoint

While making video with PowerPoint is a great help, the same is true for producing video as well. In this lesson I deal on the important PowerPoint features to produce video.

Creating Exciting Text Animations in PowerPoint


Preview the animations what you'll learn doing in this section. I'll add more animations in future..

5 Types of Animations You'll Mostly Use

In PowerPoint you can create animation in any which way you want. However, for making e-learning videos you’ll mostly use 5 types of animations.

4 Simultaneous Text Animations to Single Text Element

At the beginning you may start with one or 2 animations to a single element. But as you progress you'll realize the power of PowerPoint when you render multiple animations simultaneously to a single element. In this lesson I show you giving 4 animations to every text element simultaneously. Download the PPT template for your use.

Creating Reverse Animation to Horizontal 3D Texts

PowerPoint allows you to conjure up any animation you can think of. For example, in this lesson I show you how you can make reverse animation to horizontal 3D texts. The PowerPoint template is available free for download.

Chart & Graph Animations in PowerPoint


Here is the preview of chart animations you'll learn doing in this section..

Exploring Different Chart Types

PowerPoint gives you a wide range of chart options for using in different situations. We will take a look at them. Plus I'll also discuss a free PowerPoint plugin for a range of diagrams and charts which will help you in making e-learning video..

Designing Charts Any Which Way You Want

Simply creating a chart is one thing. But if you design it properly, the same chart will look impressive. And needless to say, it will impress your students as well..

Create Exciting Chart Animations for Your Video

More often than not, e-learning videos depend on charts and graphs to teach lessons. It is seen that if you animate the charts in tandem with the video lecture, the students find it easy to understand the lessons. In this lecture I'll cover some simple ways to animate charts in PowerPoint. To make your work easy you'll also get the same PowerPoint presentation I've used in this lesson..

Create Hand Drawn Chart The Easy Way - 1

Give hand-drawn effects to the charts in PowerPoint easily. Learn the techniques in this lesson and in the next.

Creative Hand Drawn Charts The Easy Way - 2

In this lesson learn yet another way to easily convert your PowerPoint charts with hand drawn effects. You can download the PowerPoint presentation for your use.

Eye-Catching Animations for Hand Drawn Charts

Create eye-catching animations for the different elements in the hand drawn charts. Download the PPT slides for your use.

Making Text Video from Sales Script in PowerPoint Using Transitions


Preview this video for what you'll learn making in this section.

Text Video from Sales Script - Part 1 & 2

First 2 steps to convert sales script to text video covered in this lesson.

Text Video from Sales Script - Part 3

The third step in making text video from sales script covered in this lesson..

Text Video from Sales Script - Part 4

In this penultimate lesson, Part-4, learn some more techniques to refine your text video.

Text Video from Sales Script - Part 5

This is final part of making text video from sales script. Download the PowerPoint template and use it for you own video.

Polishing Text Video - Making It Eye-Catching

This time the text video is made on a dark background. Plus the font family and its style are also changed. Also the transition type is changed. The result? An eye-catching video with the same sales script! Download the PPT template and use for your need.

Creating Explainer Video with Kinetic Typography in PowerPoint

3 Types of Explainer Video You See on the Web

Take a peek at 3 main types of explainer video you currently see on the web..


Preview this video to know what you'll learn doing in the following lesson

Kinetic Typography in PowerPoint on Dark Background

I show you the steps to create kinetic typography on a dark background with different fonts, colors, and different animations and transitions. Get all the templates for free, and download them for your use.


Preview this video to know what you'll learn doing in the following lesson..

Kinetic Typography in PowerPoint on Light Background

Unlike the previous lesson, this time you'll see kinetic typography on a light background with different fonts and different shades of grey color. Download the template for your needs.

Creating Explainer Video with Animated Texts & Clip Arts in PowerPoint


Learn making this explainer video in this section with both text and clip art animations..

Animating Vector Clip Art in PowerPoint - Example 1

After you've sourced vector clip arts (refer earlier lessons) you can now create exciting animation with them in PowerPoint as explained in this lesson. Don't forget to download the clip art animation template.

Animating Vector Clip Art in PowerPoint - Example 2

SVG clip art (Scalable Vector Graphic) is more commonly available on the web. But it cannot be used in PowerPoint. So you have to know how to convert that to something you can do in PowerPoint. Learn that in this lesson, plus download the PPT template with yet another example of clip art animation.

Explainer Video with Animated Text & Clip Art

In this lesson you'll learn combining animated text and animated clip arts to make explainer video for your needs. Plus, download the template used in the lesson for your use.

Eye-Catching Parallax Video in PowerPoint


Learn making this parallax video with PowerPoint in this section. The PPT template comes FREE with this lesson..

Creating Simple Parallax Effects

Parallax effect is not only a modern idea, it's also a great leap toward awesome designing. In this lesson students learn the basic designing steps of parallax effect in PowerPoint..

Creating Awesome Interior Decor Video with Parallax Effects

This lesson demonstrates parallax effect using 3 elements - 2 images and a rectangle shape - in the slides. Plus there are text animations in the slides. Students get the PPT template FREE with this lesson.

Creating Math Lesson in PowerPoint

Solving Quadratic Equation

In this lesson I show you how to use PowerPoint's features to solve a simple quadratic equation. Once you know the tactic you can create lessons on more advanced math lessons in PowerPoint..

Calculating Area of Circle

This video is yet another example of creating math lesson with PowerPoint. I've included a complete PowerPoint presentation with 9 slides to show how you too can create math video lessons easily.

Record, Edit, Merge, Produce Noiseless Audio

Knowing Audacity - the Free Audio Tool Par Excellence

Know Audacity, the open-source free audio tool for nearly all your audio creating needs.

Editing Voice Recording to Make It Noiseless

After you record your voice it's time to make it free from noise. Learn the simple tricks that you can do in minutes to make your voice recording noiseless.

Merging Voice & Background Music to Create Final Audio

Though it may appear complicated, merging voice with any number of background music or sound is surprisingly easy. But you've to know the tricks of doing that.

Screencasting with Camtasia Studio


Preview this video for what you'll learn making in this section.

How Versatile Is Camtasia - An Overview

Take the first step of knowing how best to use Camtasia for creating e-learning video..

Creating Animated Whiteboard Video in Camtasia in 6 Steps

Learn the 6-step techniques to create whiteboard animation video with scribbling hand..

Final Making of Whiteboard Text Video in Camtasia

In the last lesson you learned how the 6 steps of creating animated whiteboard video in Camtasia. Now in this lesson, take a step forward and learn how to assemble all the animated sections to create final whiteboard video. Also, get the free resource of scribbling hand video which you can use for all your video needs.

Taking It Forward - Summing Up

PowerPoint Is a Treasure Trove for Marketing with Video

As a result of continuing development, PowerPoint today is literally a grand video making tool than what it has been even a few years back. When you implement the lessons you learn in this course, you'll realize the true power of PowerPoint for marketing with video.

Piecing All Together

This is a round-up for this course, and also gives tips on how to take it forward after learning this course.

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