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Master Your Mindset & Brain: Framestorm Your Way to Success

Excel in any situation. Tweak your mindset in brain-smart ways. Master class in reframing based on neuroscience.
Anette Prehn
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By the end of this course you will know the three-step Framestorm method, understand the key neuroscientific principles behind it and be able to apply it powerfully in your daily life

Do you also find yourself in an ever-changing business environment? In the midst of complex decision-making processes? And with expectations of constant peak performance? If so, this course is for you!

The course helps individuals and teams grow their mental flexibility and self-regulation so that they can succeed in business. When you take this course, you:

– learn a unique three-step reframing method, Framestorm

– understand the key neuroscientific principles behind Framestorm and how to apply them

– get inspired via a lot of powerful cases

Framestorm is a registered, brain-based and elegant multiple reframing method. It helps you to cope with – and transform – mental hindrances. And it helps you move from resisting and feeling stuck, angry, sad or fearful to feeling optimally resourceful and at choice.

If facilitating change, staying cool under pressure, collaborating with others and/or decision making and problem solving is your business – or if you want to boost your innovation and communication skills – this course is definitely for you.

In a typical “Anette Prehn fashion”, this course makes complicated things seem easy to grasp and wonderfully fun to apply. If you liked “The Neuroscience of Reframing – And How to Do It”, you are going to love this master class. For more about Anette Prehn’s down-to-earth training style and the gain of the participants, feel free to check out the testimonials of “The Neuroscience of Reframing – And How to Do It” or visit www.anetteprehn.com/testimonials

Introduction to Framestorm


This video introduces you to the course "Framestorm Your Way to Success In Business" which is a Reframing Master Class. Why should I pay to get access to this course, now that I have taken Anette Prehn's free course "The Neuroscience of Reframing - And How to Do It" already? This video tells you why.

Framestorm A Big Change

This lecture shows you how a Framestorm changed the perception of a big IT transformation. We are here touching upon the well-known phenomenon “resistance to change” – a very common experience in organisations – and how to be brain-smart in times of change, whether you are a change manager, an employee or a colleague of someone who gets fearful or worried when it comes to change.

The Framestorm Method

Framestorm A Difficult Relationship - And The 3 Steps Of Framestorms

This lecture introduces you to the 3 steps of Framestorm which can be remembered by their A-B-C order. Parallel to this, a third Framestorm case is introduced. It shows you how a Framestorm can help you cope with difficult relationships in your (business) life.

The Questions Of A Framestorm

Now that we understand the 3 steps of a Framestorm, how then do you actually do Step 2? This lecture introduces you to the questions worth asking during a Framestorm - and what characterises the "mindset" of a great Framestorm. To help you can an overview and operationalise Step 2, you will find 2 pdf documents below containing all the questions.

PDF: Questions For Your Framestorm

This pdf contains the questions that form the body of Framestorm's Step 2.

PDF: Questions For Your Framestorm - Two Levels

This pdf contains the core questions of a Framestorm, divided into two groups/levels: The realistic/concrete level. And the metaphorical/twisted level.

The Down-To-Earth Explanation of Framestorm

Why on earth does reframing work powerfully in the brain? What is the down-to-earth explanation? You'll find it in this lecture.

How to Kickstart a Framestorm

The Neuroscience of Framestorms

The 1st Neuroscientific Principle Behind Framestorm

This lecture shows you how Hebb's Law works. If we want to be in charge of our own personal and professional change, it is crucial that we understand how and when neurons fire together and fire apart, creating powerful habits that seem like "reality" to us.

The 2nd Neuroscientific Principle Behind Framestorm

A frame is a memory and memories are particularly plastic (i.e. open to change) when they are recalled. We make deliberate use of this principle in Framestorm, where we add new emotional flavour to the memory and turn its "volume" up or down.

The 3rd Neuroscientific Principle Behind Framestorm

Attention means to "reach out for". In Framestorm we reach out for particular interpretations of situations and thus give life to them.

The 4th Neuroscientific Principle Behind Framestorm

Emotions "race" reframing information in your brain. By preparing yourself for an upcoming situation with a Framestorm, you can stay calm and resourceful instead of losing energy when the challenge kicks in.

The 5th Neuroscientific Principle Behind Framestorm

Priming means that exposure to a stimulus influences our response to a later stimulus. Step 2 and 3 of a Framestorm contain deliberate priming activities that sow relevant seeds in your brain.

How Change Is Possible: Self-directed Neuroplasticity

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? "Yes, you can!" says neuroscientists. The secret behind is called "self-directed neuroplasticity" - the new kid on the block that holds the key to personal and professional change.

Applications of Framestorms

Arenas for Framestorms
Interview With Anette Prehn About Framestorm. By Samad Aidane, neurofrontier.com

Listen to Samad Aidane's interview with Anette Prehn about Framestorm. Samad runs the websites: www.neurofrontiers.com and www.guerrillaprojectmanagement.com. His interviews with experts and thought leaders from around the world can also be found on ITunes as podcasts.

More Framestorm Cases

Framestorm A Messy Desk

This lecture is for everyone feeling messy sometimes – and for the ones striving for order too. It shows you how a Framestorm can be applied in an everyday business situation – and not only change perceptions but also boost resourceful action.

Framestorm What Other People Say/Think

No matter who we are or what we do, we are at the receiving end of other people's judgements constantly. How can we cope constructively with the negative and status-threatening judgements of others - not the least when we agree with their analysis deep inside?

Framestorm Feeling Insufficient

We can all feel insufficient sometimes. How can you use Framestorm to boost your resourcefulness in such situations?

Article and Quiz

Create Reframing Mindsets Through Framestorm

This article by Anette Prehn was published in The NeuroLeadership Journal 2012.

It describes the Framestorm method, presents relevant Framestorming cases and introduces the key neuroscientific principles behind the method.

Framestorm Quiz

Test your knowledge of Framestorm and the neuroscientific principles behind it.

Section: Core Learning

Concluding Lecture

Anette Prehn draws the conclusions of the course, vivifies the path of Framestormers and shows you how you can become a Certified Framestorm Facilitator. Free style lecture :)

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