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Mastering Agile Project Delivery and SCRUM

Jetpack your Agile career within an hour
Jitender Batra
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Understand the difference between Waterfall and Agile Methodologies
Deep appreciation of Agile framework
Understand SCRUM framework and apply those concpets within their projects
Develop User stories

This course is designed for anyone interested in learning about Agile project delivery and SCRUM framework.

Whether you are a beginner or already using Agile, this course will jet-pack your Agile career path. The course will guide you through the principles of the Agile project delivery  and also give you all the required ammunition to successfully deliver agile project using the SCRUM framework.

The course is spread over 3 Section and 10 video lecture and should take just under one hour to complete. As a bonus it also includes s Agile Cheat Sheet which can be downloaded and pin up around your workplace summarizing the agile project delivery principles.

The course includes:

  • Introduction to Agile
  • Advantages of Waterfall and Agile Methodologies
  • Background and Evolution of Agile
  • The principle of Agile and planning for Agile projects
  • Introduction to SCRUM framework
  • SCRUM Events
  • SCRUM Team
  • SCRUM Artefacts
  • Introduction to User stories
  • Definition of “Done”

Promotional Video

Promotional Video

Course Overview

Course Overview

This provides summary on the course and outlines the learning objectives.

Introduction to Agile

2 - Introduction to Waterfall vs Agile

Designed to give basic understanding of the concepts around the two key software development methodologies - Waterfall and Agile.

It also talks about some of the key advantages and disadvantages using these two methodologies.

3 - Agile History and Background

Lecture 2 is intended to provide some background information and evolution of the Agile software development

4 - The Agile Principles and Planning

Lecture 3 is intended to provide information around:

  • The 12 Agile manifestos
  • What is involved in Planning Agile projects

SCRUM Demestified

5 - Introduction to SCRUM

Lecture 4 is focused on providing the Introduction of SCRUM framework and some of the key Principles of the SCRUM Framework.

6 - The SCRUM Team

Lecture 5 provides all the information around the key members of the SCRUM team.

At the end of this lecture, students will have a clarity around each individual roles within the SCRUM team and their associated responsibilities within the SCRUM project lifecycle.

7 - SCRUM Events

Lecture 6 is devoted to provide the information around the key SCRUM events which takes pace during the project lifecycle.

At the end of this lecture, students will have understanding of the following events and the value associated with these events:
  • Sprint
  • Sprint Planning
  • The daily scrum
  • Sprint review
  • Sprint retrospective

8 - SCRUM Artefacts

Lecture 7 is focused on providing the details associated with the key artifacts produced during the SCRUM framework.

  • Product backlog
  • Sprint backlog
  • Increment
9 - User Stories

Throughout the course, “User Story” has been mentioned quite a few times.

So, what are user Stories and what is their role within the SCRUM framework. This lecture is going to discuss in detail what are user stories and what are effective ways to write user stories.

Bonus Material

10 - Definition of Done

Lecture 9 explains what does "DONE" means in SCRUM framework. It highlights the importance of why everyone working within the project needs to have a common understanding of what "DONE" means.

11 - Agile Cheat Sheet

Downloadable Agile cheat sheet

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