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Mastering Office 365 (2018)

How To Take Full Advantage of Office 365: The Modern, Secure, Business Cloud Suite
Chip Reaves
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Understand and effectively use Microsoft Office 365
Set Up Email & Outlook Online
Store, Share, and Collaborate With OneDrive & SharePoint
Communicate With Skype for Business
Use Office 365 Mobile Apps
Coordinate Teams with Groups
Customize Office 365 With Apps & Templates

Learn To Organize And Maintain Your Virtual Office Using Microsoft 365: The Powerful, Everything-You-Need-In-One-Easy-Bundle Online Suite

Office 365 is far more than classic Microsoft Office.  Easy, collaborative tools like OneDrive, Groups, Planner, and Forms combine with traditional Microsoft apps to form a powerful productivity-boosting tool – and in this course we’ll show you how to tap into all the power Office 365 has to offer!

The world’s most popular cloud productivity suite continues to improve and evolve, and this Bigger Brains training course includes all the new tools and features!

This Course Not Only Gets You Oriented and Organized – It Shows You How to Use The Power Of the New Cloud Based Suite To Maximize Your Productivity, From Anywhere, Anytime

The popular and familiar tools are all here – including all the applications and tools that have been the foundation of the computer-based business revolution. But with 365, it has a new level of agility and integration that businesses and people have longed for.

Whether You Have An iPhone, Android, Windows PC or a Mac, Office 365 Works Seamlessly With Them All

Office 365


What exactly IS Office 365? In this introductory module Chip and Ben cover what Office 365 is and the key technologies included in any Office 365 subscription.    

Office 365 Home Page

Let's begin our look at Office 365 by understanding how to get TO Office 365 on the web, and the different parts of the Office 365 home screen.    

Office 365 Navigation Bar

In this module we continue our look at getting around in Office 365 by discussing the top navigation bar and the Apps launcher.     

Outlook Email Basics, Part 1

In this lesson we begin our look at accessing our email in Office 365 via the Outlook web app.    

Outlook Email Basics, Part 2

We'll expand our look at Outlook online's email functions in this module, including different types of replies, using Pin, creating new emails, and understanding Drafts.    

Search and Folders

Outlook online offers a lot of tools for organizing your emails, and in this module we'll look at two of the most common: search, and folders.    

Categories and Mentions

In this module we continue looking at how to organize our email, this time using categories (tags) and @Mentions.    

Focused Inbox Sweep and Clutter

Three of the best tools Outlook offers for making email more effective are Focused Inbox, Sweep, and Clutter, and in this lesson we'll cover all three.    

Email Archive

Not all email lives in your Inbox - some emails are sent to the Archive, either manually or based on automatic company policies. This module shows how to access and search the email Archive.    

Tasks and Flags

Got an email that you need to act on? This module will show you how to use Flags to change your emails into Tasks.    

Calendar Basics, Part 1

Outlook isn't just for email -in this module we'll begin looking at the calendar functions in Outlook.    

Calendar Basics, Part 2

We conclude our look at basic calendar functions by exploring how to add calendar items, share calendars, and view "Interesting" calendars.    

Calendar Search and Print

In this module we look at how to use the Search and Print functions in your Outlook Calendar.    


People, formerly known as Contacts, is the built In tool in Outlook online that manages your list of emails, addresses, and other contact information.

Adding and Sharing Calendars

In this lesson we take a closer look at how we can add multiple calendars, and share them with others.    

Delegate Access

When you work closely with someone and you want them to be able to respond to your emails and meeting invites on your behalf, what you need is delegate access - in this lesson Chip and Ben look at how to set it up.

Intro to OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud-based file storage system, and in this introductory module Chip and Ben start with the basics of what OneDrive is, and how it compares to similar cloud storage products.

Using OneDrive Online, Part 1

Chip and Ben start exploring how to use OneDrive online, including how to navigate the OneDrive interface online. 

Using OneDrive Online, Part 2

In this lesson we continue our look at OneDrive online by looking at different types of file viewers, and click-and-drag options.

Using OneDrive Office Apps

You can access your OneDrive files directly from your desktop Office applications, without having to download them to your PC. In this lesson Chip and Ben explain how that works, as well as how to   do the same thing from the Microsoft Office mobile applications.    

Using OneDrive Sync Tool

When you need to access your OneDrive files on your local PC or Mac, you'll need the OneDrive Sync App, and in this lesson Chip and Ben look at how to set that up. 

Sharing and Co-Authoring

When your files are stored on OneDrive, you can share them with other people and even allow others to co-edit the documents with you. In this lesson Chip and Ben   show how that works. 

Stop Sharing

Shared too much? In this module Chip and Ben discuss how to STOP sharing files from OneDrive.    

Versioning and Recycle Bin

OneDrive stores past versions of certain files, so you can return to previous versions if you make a mistake.  In this module Chip and Ben show how to use versioning in OneDrive, and also how to find and restore files from the OneDrive recycle bin. 

Office Apps, Part 1

In this lesson Chip shows how to use the online Office apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, including the limitations and benefits of the online apps.

Office Apps, Part 2

Let's continue our look at the online Office apps, including demonstrating use of the online Excel survey function, and how to use Office 365 to install the desktop version of the Office applications.    

Mobile Apps

Word, Excel, Outlook, and other Microsoft apps are also available for phones and tablets, and in this lesson we'll look at a variety of mobile Microsoft apps you can carry with you.    


Your pocket scanner - Office Lens is a great tool for scanning documents or whiteboards with your phone or tablet, and linking it back to your Office 365. In this lesson Chip will show you how to use Lens on your Android or iPhone. 

Working Offline

Although Office 365 is a cloud-based platform, many features do work when you are offline. In this lesson Chip and Ben review things you can do with Office 365 when you have no internet access.    

Intro to Skype for Business

Skype for Business is Office 365's tool for chat, audio & video calls, and more, and in this lesson Chip and Ben walk us through the things you can do with your Skype for Business.    

Using the Skype App

Most Skype for Business functions do require using the Skype for Business app, so in this module Chip and Ben show how to use the most common features of Skype for Business.    

Using Skype for Business Online

Skype for Business is part of Office 365, but only a few functions work from the online version of Office. In this module Chip and Ben show the things you can do with SfB when you are online. 

Intro to Groups

Office 365 Groups is a powerful collaboration tool built into Office 365 and Outlook, and in this lesson Chip and Ben show what you can do with Office 365 Groups. 

Calendar and Conversations

In this module Chip and Ben explore the shared conversations and calendar you get in Office 365 Groups.

Group File Sharing and Notebook

Every Office 365 Group includes a file sharing area and a group notebook, and in this module Chip and Ben explain how those work.

Group Connectors

You can expand your Office 365 Groups with Connectors - this lesson explains how they work.    

Managing Groups

In this lesson we'll explore how to find, join, create, edit, and delete Office 365 Groups.    

Groups Mobile App

The Office 365 Groups mobile app lets you access all your Group features remotely - this module shows how it all works. 

Intro to Planner

Microsoft Planner is a powerful task-management and planning system, and in this module Chip and Ben cover the basics of what Planner is and how it works. 

Working with Cards

In this lesson Chip and Ben explore all the features of task cards in Microsoft Planner. 

Working with Buckets

Organizing your buckets properly is an important part of Microsoft Planner, and in this lesson Chip and Ben will show you how it works.

Managing my Plans

In this module Chip and Ben look at how to use Planner Boards and your Planner Hub to organize and view your Plans and tasks.

Planner Updates

In this updated module Chip and Ben look at some new features in Microsoft Planner, including multi-person task assignments and Board filtering options. 

Intro to SharePoint

Sharepoint is the "Swiss Army Knife" of office productivity, and this lesson explains the basics of SharePoint Online in Office 365. 

Creating a Team Site

In this module Chip and Ben setup a Team Site for group collaboration. 

Communication Sites

In this module Chip and Ben create a Communication site and discuss the differences between Team and Communication Sites as well as how to edit SharePoint Pages. 

Adding Pages

In this final module on Office 365's SharePoint, Chip and Ben look at how to add pages and web apps. 

Teams and Channels

We begin our look at Microsoft Teams with an introduction to Teams and Channels. 

Chat and Meetings

In this module we continue our look at Microsoft Teams with a look at how to use Teams for Chat and Meetings. 

Best Practices - Teams and Channels

Beyond how to just use Microsoft Teams, this module explores best practices with regards to using Teams and Channels. 

Best Practices - Notifications and Chat

This lesson continues our look at Teams best practices with a look at best practices for Notifications and Chat. 

Best Practices - Files and Meetings

We conclude our look at Teams best practices with advice on managing Files and Meetings.

Rules and Policies, Part 1

Microsoft Outlook can be even more powerful when you automate some tasks - this module begins our look at those Rules and Policies.

Rules and Policies, Part 2

In this module we conclude our look at Outlook's Rules and Policies.

Signatures and Replies

Outlook online includes the ability to setup email signatures and auto-replies, and in this lesson Chip and Ben explore how they work.

Advanced Email Settings

Customize your Outlook online by adjusting your settings - in this lesson Chip and Ben explore the email settings that are available in Office 365.


Yammer is another communication tool from Microsoft, great for building your own social network platform with external users - in this lesson Chip and Ben explain how it works. 

App Store

You can extend your Office 365 functionality by adding apps and templates from the Office 365 app store, and in this lesson we'll take a look at how it works. 

Other Apps

Many Office 365 apps are not covered in detail in this course, but in this lesson we provide an overview of two of the most common: Microsoft Sway, and Power BI, as well as looking at other apps which can be added to your Office 365 plan. 

Azure, PowerApps, and Flow

Three powerful tools which are available in Office 365 are explored in this module: Azure, PowerApps, and Flow.


FindTime is a handy tool for finding available meeting times with anyone outside your organization. 

Microsoft ToDo

In this module we explore To-Do, a new task tool now included as part of Office 365 (formerly known as Wunderlist). 

Microsoft Forms Basics

Microsoft Forms allow us to collect information from people via web forms, and in this module Chip and Ben look at how to create your first form. 

Microsoft Forms - Quizzes

Chip and Ben wrap up their look at Microsoft Forms by creating a Quiz in Microsoft Forms. 

Delve and My Analytics

In this module Chip explores two AI functions inside Office 365 which are designed to   help you get to information and documents that can make you more productive: Delve, and My Analytics. 


Stream is Office 365's video hosting and management tool, and in this lesson Chip & Ben show how it works. 

Administering Users and Subscriptions

This lesson begins our look at the administration functions inside Office 365.

Basic Email Administration

In this module we look at the basic admin functions inside Office 365, particularly the most commonly used admin settings for email. 

Security Compliance and Trust

We conclude our look at Office 365 administration by looking at the security, compliance, and trust center functions inside Office 365. 

Getting Help

In this lesson we wrap up our extensive look at Office 365 by showing how to get help when you need it.

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